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Cyberstalker caught after months on the run


Lowde != victim

A few relevant points:

1. Lowde has a prior conviction (1999) for stalking/harassment and served 3 months in prison on that occasion.

2.Rachel is not Lowde's only victim. There are at least 7 or 8 other people I know of who have been subjected to the same treatment, including a web designer who has been harassed by Lowde for almost a year after doing nothing more than a bit of graphic work for her blog.

3. Lowde, we strongly suspect, has psychiatric problems. I won't go into detail but amongst the many false claims she's made one is that she is descendant of Captain Horatio Hornblower!

4. The ban on internet access is entirely reasonable in the circumstances as that is the medium used to carry out much of the harassment.

5. It was not just the Oxford Mail that supplied IP Address information, several bloggers also provided the same information, but only after she'd been convicted of harassment and only to assist the police in locating her so that they could bring her before a court.