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Confirmed: TSA bans gear bigger than phones from airplane cabins


TSA approved locks? Bollocks to that! Always lock with bloody secure padlock, don't want those TSA monkeys searching my bags without me watching.


Re: Metal detectors

The detectors do detect metal, if you watch when someone walks through it often lights up but not to a critical point and doesn't beep. My belt doesn't set it off as have walked through a couple times. However once had a t-shirt with 3 very small metal buttons, always set them off, guessing it was the type of metal used. Never wore it when flying!

Coins can too (UK ones at least). Even when i had a wad of notes in my pocket, not a random check.

But advice to travellers, don't be an idiot put it in the tray!! Nothing more annoying waiting to get through security when morons need patting down and we all have to wait for that to happen! Usually their bloody phones!

Team Microsoft: Device Police... 'Are you pumped? I'm pumped'


The need some training

Finally watched it last night - like the tech; even Windows 10, even running it on my Lumia phone.

However, boy are they awkward speakers - Panos barely smiled once - not even a Gordon Brown special. What a dour delivery, even "I'm so pumped" ewwwwwwwww they've bone from one extreme (Balmer) to the other.

You may have sorted the gadgets and software out but get some interpersonal skills, public speaking training!

Nice try, Apple. The Maxi Pad is no laptop killer – and won’t scratch the Surface


Re: so....

Agree that analysis is accurate as long range weather forecasts and racing tips.

But amount of sales albeit good for Cupertino is not what he question is about! Plenty of fanbois with money to burn on shiny shiny things.

Being an iPhone, iPad and Windoze laptop user; the iDevices are ok for simple tasks but rubbish in doing anything complex. If they'd put OSX on it, might be more useful.

IOS was never designed for this sort of use, simple things like storing documents with the App rather than a documents folder, trying to connect to an SMB share, a wireless printer....

Even sending an email attachment that isn't a picture is cumbersome task. My £50 Windoze phone running Win10 Preview was more useful than my iPad yesterday.

If I want a large tablet for work I'll get a Surface or one of the many competitors - or even one with Ubuntu on would be more useful"

Ministry of Justice IT bods to strike over outsourcing fears


Re: but also...

M!6 and GCHQ's evesdropping systems (see Snowden releases). They seem to have worked well.

There are others that I can't comment on as it would give the game away but I used to run a larger operation in a large whitehall dept that is still in house, still delivering massive solutions that touch all out lives but no-ones ever heard of. All Civil Servants, with some expert contractors as required.

The only time it goes tit's up is:

a) because it's being run for pennies and they won't even fund an A/C upgrade or UPS upgrades, let alone storage or servers: oldest servers are 8 years old (lots), youngest almost 5)

b) an outsourced provider fucks up the networking or gateways

c) the outsourced provider take over a year to package a simple desktop client - well still counting!

d) staff leave for far better paid jobs and can't be replaced because of recruitment freeze


Utter bollocks. More for less - well the pips are squeaking and outsourcing doesn't have any cost savings - show me a single case??????? Having working in and out of Govt - have seen the outsourcers fleece the taxpayer and deliver fuck all. I don't mean a poor service, I do mean FUCK ALL for £100M+ they should be in the Tower!!! and the fuckers that outsourced it in the first place. The last 3 govts are all as bad for this!

IDS finally admits what EVERYONE ELSE already knows: Universal Credit will be late


And the rest

Do you think that's the limit of it? NOPE!!! that's all that has been admitted and scrutinised by the PAC.

There's far more to come and on associated projects that have been canned within DWP

Apple seeds Golden Master iOS 7 to devs, calls Sep 18 ship date


Re: Thanks for the satisfactory level of detail in this report

Indeed, the Daily Heil ran with the 'headline' budget iPhone for $99.

Earth shattering news, not much going on in the world of course, slow news day.

Though of course, read the fine print...... On a contract Boooooooooooooooooooring

Gov IT write-off: Universal Credit system flushes £34m down toilet


Re: Couple of corrections, massive bias

errr the PAC is made up of all parties, just Hodge is the chair.

£34M (and the rest!!!!) wasted because they didn't do it properly and have nothing to show for it. As usual the companies involved have swarmed their staff in, made a bloody fortune and delivered SFA.

Though the fault lies in the DWP management and their utter incompetence to manage:

a) any IT project on a large scale

b) the IT companies (who are not charities doing it for the good of the nation, well not UK anyway)

IDS will be gone soon, they tried to get rid of him at the last cabinet reorganisation and some senior civil servants (dead wood) too. About bloody time.

Four ways the Guardian could have protected Snowden – by THE NSA

Big Brother

Re: Be careful Chris

But the Kent photographer fell foul of a couple of thick plods who overstepped their intellect with use of powers they barely understood and were a disgrace to the uniform.

However the Miranda debacle was orchestrated from a senior level and would've been sanctioned at a political level (implicitly or explicitly). This use of the "ways and means act" is beyond your average plod, just like the powers used against protesters at the fracking site. At least PACE applies to the latter.

They were ready for the fallout (therefore a planned operation rather than opportunistic) as loud-mouths like Louise Mench was on Newsnight doing her Mr Angry impression quoting stuff that at that stage hadn't been in the public domain (though she also made it up as she went along too - Fox news style).

'Symbolic' Grauniad drive-smash was not just a storage fail


Re: Not to mention

Par for the course for Government really. There's an awful lot of clever people doing IT. However they are junior and only following orders and must have thought "it gets me out of the office for a day".

It's the numpties in senior management and even worse the ministers who's to blame for this fiasco.

Wanted to be seen to be doing something.

"Yes Minister/Prime Minister, we'll get our top people on this right away"

All I can think of is Life of Brian "Centuwian, thwow him to the floor", "thwow him woughly"

Truly embarrassing really.

Hundreds of UK CSC staff face chop, told to train Indian replacements


Re: Isn't this illegal?

oh do feck off Rob. I was going to write a long reply but think former statement is about right.

When even a Conservative minister (Hancock) thinks you're wrong, oh he has a master in Economics...

What would he know.

Living with a 41-megapixel 808 PureView: Symbian's heroic last stand


Re: "BBC’s iPlayer arrived on Symbian first"

I was using it in 2008/9 on Nokia 5800Xpress. Downloading was the killer app for me, sitting on trains, planes etc catching up on TV which has only recently been available on iPhone etc. was first on N96

Still able to download on my N8 though streaming has gone but never used it much anyway.

Though mostly do that on my iPad now

Still don't know what to replace N8 with! Waiting to see what the summers PureView on Windows will be..... May get an 808 before that

Anonymous 'plonks' names, addresses of far-right EDL types on web

Big Brother


I think you missed the point of the collective/rabble/loose association/cells/spotty teenagers/ "Anonymous".

Harassed Oracle employee wins case, cops huge legal bill

Big Brother

Re: Good!

You sound like a bundle of laughs, think most would hate to work for/with a miserable selfish spiteful old witch like you sound. Though I'm sure there's some concentration camps somewhere in the world that could do with your touch.

BBC's new bosses - the lawyers - strike out Savile probe testimony


Spoken like a true raving nutter

The problem with right wing nutters like you LarsG is that you condemn anything that doesn't serve up your jaundiced, paranoid twisted view of the world as left-wing-bias.

The UK broadcasters (BBC, ITV/N, Sky) do a damn fine job of informing the public without being too partisan. They even go out of their way to give a platform to people of your ilk to give a "balanced" point of view, whereas Joe public would put you in a padded cell!

If you actually analyse the BBC political output, it often tips towards the right in its contributors. For example

Question Time has far more people of right wing persuasion then left - do some research here, not the Daily Mail either look at how many and who is on the panel. Right wing journalists like (the awful) Peter Hitchens and (frankly bonkers) Melanie Philips outnumber left wing ones by 2:1.

Andrew Neil presents another flagship politics program, hardly a leftie or even establishment.

Funny how all politicians from Harold Wilson to the modern day have criticised the BBC and ITV/N as being biased, must mean it's doing its job fairly well if it gets under their skin.

It obviously gets under yours too, so you're in great company of the liars, cheats, war criminals and charlatans that have had power in the UK both political and economic.

Suggest you switch off your TV, read the Daily Heil and blog along with other muppets like Guido Fawkes



AC 16:52

Is that Rupert or James - reveal your name!

Australian Prime Minister: Mayan calendar 'true'


Re: I can fell the anger rising within me

"rampant leftism is the root cause of a significant amount of the worlds evils"

and there was me thinking a lot of it was to do with famine, disease, religion, greed and despots - maybe your world!

"Julia Gillard is the embodiment of every thing that is wrong with leftism"

and Goat Jam is the embodiment of inane twattery

PM demands media clean-up, not keen on doing much himself


to translate - part 2

" now I'm going back to Chipping Norton to ride my mate Charlie's (Bloody nice bloke) horses with his good lady wife Rebekah. Looking forward to Rupert's up-coming bash, though I seem to have amnesia everytime I attend one of those, no idea why."

English Defence League website 'defaced, pwned' by hacktivists


Re: Not Helpful

tough shit. the EDL are a bunch of hate-filled, knuckle-dragging numpties. Their activists are the same thugs and shit-bags that support and work for the BNP/NF etc.

Those that don't support a harmonious law abiding society and preaching hate, causing violence, fear and division have no rights to complain about their rights. Hope they get the sort of justice they deserve - fuckers.

BTW this includes anyone in the above category, not just EDL.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. Ha-bloody-ha!

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


Re: Apple really are slimy scumbags

and you AC are so proud you've hidden your identity tsk tsk

glass houses and stones?

Pair face £250k fines for spamming mobes with millions of texts


Re: Hoorah!

like summary execution? too good for them!! rant rant and more unreasonable indignation.

Anyway, they are a bloody pest and I hope the ICO takes them to the f***ing cleaners!

I'd like to know what spam shite these two c*** are responsible for,

-You've had an accident....

-You can claim against PPI.....

- <insert name> ...you can now write off your debts... (some fucker gave them my name!!!! not just random!!, hmmm methinks a breach of the DPA, time to raise a complaint with the ICO!)

etc etc

McFlurry McMisdemeanour costs Welsh lass McJob

Thumb Up

Re: Extras

Mr C Hill, you beat me to it.....

Certainly makes up for the useless bastards at my local McDogBurger's where the servings are usually wrong, incomplete or generally stingy. "I thought I ordered large fries, not child portion in a large box"

I worked in McBastards a long time ago and I could probably still do a better job than the useless morons in that branch.

Anyway, the MD of the Welsh outlet is obviously a c*** I hope the news of this locally affects his profits significantly and then the manager can be fired for gross misconduct of bringing the firm into disrepute - also in the manual. RTFM you tosser!

EE screams UK iPhone 4G exclusive, rest of pack sobs quietly

Big Brother

Re: Errr...

but Ted, he got 6 likes (at the moment). More than your puritanical fanboi diatribe. Don't forget there are other 4G phones too.

In fact, no-one cares about your jaundiced opinion either - AC was at least sarcasm, which before you get all Dail Heil on us, is funny and is not the lowest form of wit!

New iPod nano and touch: Lightning strikes again


Re: The nano very reminiscent of the iPod mini!

@toadwarrior. What people? If they squint and have a leap of faith and contriteness only a fanboi can have? Utter bollocks!

Given the Lumia has been out some time now? Nokia should sue crApple. Given the shite they spouted about the Samsung tablet Nokia have a case. What's good for the goose...

Evil, evil, evil

Microsoft claims Windows Server 2012 is 'first cloud OS'


hugh, are you the panto villain/troll?

"Oh no it won't......................"

Apple 'offered Samsung $30-per-mobe' patent licence truce


Re: trades

So reputable in fact that you remain anonymous.

Certain odour of bovine excrement I do believe!

Tony Blair is a war-criminal, the same crimes as G.W. Bush ( therefore conspiracy to commit war crimes)

You are a bore

Microsoft and NYPD install big data crime-fighting system

Big Brother

Re: Mayor Bloomberg belongs in prison

"just like your paranoid ramblings - nutter!"

"Name one thing which I said, which was paranoid, and gives you the right to call me nutter. I will source every motherfucking thing I said."

I'm sorry, I should have said paranoid deluded nutter.

Patriots my arse, more fucking nutters that'll beleive anything other nutters tell them. You're all paranoid.

Yes there's corruption and misinformation in the world and the US is top of the league with it's bent media Fux News etc but there isn't an illuminati conspiracy. There's self serving incompetance such as the Patriot Act but that's supported by the same trailer-trash mentality anti-fed/jew/muslim/mexican/catholic/lefty moron that quotes the right to bear arms being the solution to all the ills

grow up


Re: Mayor Bloomberg belongs in prison

"Before you vote this down. Know that your vote won't change the truth."

just like your paranoid ramblings - nutter!

quick, the feds are coming for you! they're at the door!!

Europe's prang-phone-in-every-car to cost €5m per life saved


Re: neat

why do they need to bother - most of us already have at least one mobile phone which they can use and also a tracking device can be placed on a car if they really are interested in you.

Microsoft details latest Windows Phone update


Re: And yet...

Not crApple fanboi's - they don't need Flash either - so said St Smaug

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair


Couldn't agree more

The Lumia 900 on Android 4.0 would have been a force to contend with, don't think Samsung would have their top-dog status. As for the up and coming N808, at least it's on Symbian and not Windoze but on Android.... a killer piece of kit as well.

All of Europe's data in US servers? We're OK with that - EC bod


51st State

Once it was just Blighty, now everywhere is 51st State, well apart from Russia and China cos they have big toys too.

echoing what everyone else has said: "What the fuck is she on?"

Apple's online store goes offline


Oi, stop it!!!!!

All the speculating is already giving the fruity litigating gits enough airtime - at least El Reg has deigned not to have a live feed on their website like the rest of the fawning media - even the bloody Torygraph!

Angry of Buckinghamshire


Jeremy Hunt 'sympathetic' to Murdoch's BSkyB bid

Big Brother

Re: For a leftist organisation the Right sure do run it

dumbers, dumbers. Lefty interviewers?

John Humphries, Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Marr to name but a few.

I seem to remember Greg Dyke resigning over a run in with Blair and Campbell.

Yep the BBC gets it wrong sometimes and mostly it is too timid with all governments but nonetheless it holds politicians and others to account along with Channel 4 news and Adam Bolton on Sky.

Just because it doesn't agree with your jaded view of the world.doesn't make it biased. If you don't like it just in back to you middle England lemon-sucking cave and read the Daily Heil or Heil on Sunday. With Messrs Hitchens, Philips, LittleJohn and Moir etc enough to satisfy all puritanical, homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, red under the bed paranoia you have.

Japan to get Android phone with built-in radiation dosimeter


I remember when.....

...when Chernobyl was blamed to radioactive sheep in the UK. Nowt to do with Sellafield/Windscale of course. Self-cooking lamb is good for me.

Anyway why can't we have those detectors in the UK - we'd be able to track down all those dodgy radium dumps around the UK or where they just buried early nuclear stuff somewhere remote like Woolwich Common (now that would explain all the genetic mutants that live there!)

Hmmm Nuke disaster - good days to bury bad news and blame them for all the dodgy stuff in your own back yard!

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


Re: metricating the auto world

Bollox to driving on the right - just because some french general decided to be awkward and march on the right, doesn't mean we should. Being on the left was good enough for the Romans, it is good enough for me, along with aqueducts, medicine, roads..... blah blah.

Japan, Oz, NZ, SA, India, Pakistan, and umpteen other countries still and will continue to drive on the left.

Don't even bother mentioning Sweden's conversion, they drove LHD cars, so it was easy for them - bit of a stupid idea to drive on the left with LHD cars!

'Fake Carla Bruni' Twitter account spreads Thatcher death rumour



What's that got to do with the price of milk?

Utter bollocks too.

Don't forget Thatch was instrumental in preventing BT wiring up the nation with fibre to every household, at their expense! Think how different the landscape would look now for services.

All those people that still get a shite service over copper must thank her so much for that.

Ten... alternatives to Samsung's Galaxy S III


Re: srsly?

Though I agree that the new 701 with Belle FP1 is good, I'm very happy with Belle on my N8.

Still one of the best camera's around.

Just the right size and avoids being a slab

still the first and best multi-tasking OS

and a battery-life that makes most other smart-phone users weep - even with a screen-saver. that's on all the time, live widgets etc etc.

Not to mention all the things it does that Android, IOS and Windoze just can't do even now.

Most annoying thing that I can't get - British Airways App for e-tickets. Saying that most other smart-phone users should take a paper one just in case they can't find a charge point!

Nokia's 41Mp cameraphone shoots towards retail


Re: One huge problem

well don't use a camera phone then!

I get fantastic pictures from my N8 and can't wait for the 808!

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook


some of us have good eyesight and find large telly tubby fonts / icons annoyingly wasteful.

Roll on retina high-res displays thank you very much!

Apple sued for every touchscreen device by Flatworld prof


Re: Where do they find the cash?

"They don't. They find a "bottom dwelling scum sucker" prepared to take it on a "contingency basis" for around 30% of any future payout."

How could they? Apple have all them types as their evil minions/patent trolls. Ah wait.... Apple will counter-sue; as bullying companies as a troll is their game :p

I don't beleive in Karma but Ha fucking ha!

2,500 copycat hack attempts on abortion provider site – report


Re: Of those 2,500 US IP addresses....

You beat me to it JetSetJim,

Working by US rules, the UK is in it's right to ask for the extradition of these "hackers".

Would be an interesting precedent and probably would be an excuse to rip up the awful one-sided, ill-though-out treaty.

Minister blows away plans for more turbines


Re: Laugh? I nearly cried.

Resounding endorsement of Nuclear power safety?

Or just fucking lucky it wasn't worse

Arizona bill makes it illegal to 'annoy or offend' online