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Is it decadent that I use four different computers each day, at different times?

john 17

reverse iPad colors?

I used to read at night on an Amazon 8-inch Fire, using white letters on a black background. Can't the iPad do that?

john 17

White letters on a black background?

I found that I preferred reading in bed on an 8" Amazon Fire using inverted screen colors. Can't the iPad do that? It is not bright.

I'm anti-Google, please elect me: Senate hopeful rides tech backlash

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Missouri voted for a dead man last time

Anybody here old enough to remember John Ashcroft, former Attorney General of Missouri, Governor, and U.S. Senator. When up for re-election, the citizens of Missouri voted for his dead opponent.

Maybe they will show similar sense this time.

SONY HACK WAS WAR says FBI, and 'we're still struggling to hire talent'

john 17

Remember Sony's Root Kit?

I have no sympathy for SONY.

I remember when their music CDs contained a root kit.

It also hid other viruses.

Sony is not my friend and I refuse to purchase their products.

Fedora 21: Linux fans will LOVE it - after the install woes

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not systend related; ancient hardware instead

While I had tested Fedora 21, I found myself re-installing Ubuntu 10.04 last night to have hardware support for my 20 year old HP LaserJet 5P with a usb (rather than the original parallel port) connection to my computers.

Some of us do not trash hardware that is still useful. Hence I need the older linux kernel that still provided that support.

Elsevier's backpedalling not stopping scientist strike

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About damn time

This response to Elsevier is long overdue. Their journals have been exorbitantly priced for tens of years. More scientific solidarity is needed.

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats

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Mint debian updates

Until mint has better download bandwidth, it will not be "loved". I was getting 75 kb/sec last night; about 90 minutes to update a secondary machine that hadn't been updated in a couple of weeks.