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Pixel 3, 3XL, Slate tab launch: Google emits swanky iPad botherer while tarting up mobes


Re: The "Home Homie Hub" craze

I did have one of these almost 8 or so years ago, I guess things have moved on (slightly).


I think I ended up braking the unit whilst trying to get Android-x86 on to it.

Smut site offers VPN so you don't bare all online


Check your routers dns setup, need to use a generic one and not your ISP.

...... apparently.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Re: Evil

had the same problem with an Asus laptop, it meant just removing and adding the device again.

the trick is doing that with just the laptops keyboard.

lots of Alt's and tab's used.

but took 15 mins max, a ball ache; yes, shouldn't of happened; yes. End of the world; Nope.

Mad Max: High-octane dystopian desert demolition derby

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that's the price i picked it up from CDKeys via pre-purchase paypal, sell your soul kinda deal.

a good deal yes but a gamble after that last WB release.

Phones 4u slips into administration after EE cuts ties with Brit mobe retailer


Re: carriers are forgetting where they come from

and i wonder if we will see more handset exclusives to certain operators.

Chucking cash at sport and broadband starts to pay off for BT



Only reason i have the line is for (narrow) broadband, the home telephone hasn't been used in years.

Any alternatives in a rural area?

I remember seeing 3 do a homehub kind of thing some years back, (on 3 mobile i get 12Mbps rather than 4.5 when using my wifi)

EE...K: Why can't I uninstall carrier's sticky 'Free Games' app?


Re: Pry-Fi

I was about to suggest that...... nice little app for the rooted user.

Wake up, Uncle Fester! Huawei’s nattering about BUYING Nokia


Re: Really compelling devices like the Lumia 925 and perhaps the “Real PureView” 1000

I agree with you on the high end devices but i recently purchased a Nokia 520 on a PAYG for £119, no android device would come close to the spec's of the 520 in camera ad screen size.

Review: Pure Jongo S3 multiroom speakers


Re: Sonos is the (expensive) way forward

After yours and the previous post I went and had a look at the Sony kit, as i want to expand my room coverage from the single Sonos3 i have at the moment.

Just a couple of downsides looking at the website, single source of music (no spotify or napster for those inclined) but the biggy for me, no FLAC support.

Twenty classic arcade games


Re: Can anyone remember...

Hang-On or Super Hang-On.....

Three extends data use with Sim-only tariff tweak

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Re: Limitations?

I tether my Asus transformer to my phone it works well, you'll get booted though as soon as you use an app that reports itself as a desktop, such as Dolphin Browser.

Ten Android games

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some good indie games missed


New Orbit



Sea Empire

Star Colonies

Templar Assault

TuneIn Radio Pro

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Re: Free on Getjar

Had this a while from getjar, but its a pain to manually check or redown load to get bug fixes and updates, so I thought its worth a punt of 20p just for the ease of update through market, I mean play

Hands on with the Apple iPad 3


Re: old and tired comments

Well the missus has the ipad2 and recently went from a 3gs to a 4s and I feel it all looks ably antiquatedwith having to clickon one of the 16 icons to get ur news feed or tweets and emails, nice to turn on and have it presented to you on the screen.

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nice display....

... for showing of an old and tired looking OS.

Big resolution but still a 4 x 4 grid array, gonna keep my ICS TF101 thanks.

yep... I know fandroid here but i am wrong in thinking iOS needs a function/GUI update?

Ten... PlayStation Vita launch games

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far too expensive

times have moved on and for a game to warrant x10 price of a good(?) iOS game, its gotta be amazing!

but nice to see competition and more choice.

March release for Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 update


2.3.4 is what firmware unbranded sgs2 are stuck at the moment, like mine from t mobile. I hAve already rooted my month old phone, and reset the count to 0 and removed warning triangle. Just couldn't live without root.

Samsung reveals Advance-d Android ringer


S2 available at that price

On t mobile via tesco phone shop

Sony: all new PS3 titles will require PSN Pass for online play


same on the xbox

its exactly the same with the latest game I bought for the xbox, "cough" Space Marine had a unique code in the box, that i used and if anyone wanted to progress in the online mulitplayer would need to fork out $10 if they havent the code.

and thats on a system where you have to pay!

45% of Android users to upgrade to rival phone OSes

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i know you shouldnt have to but.....

rooting the phone and getting a custom hBoot and ROM gives the HTC desire much more life.

Imagine this.... I have 400MB+ of apps and the phone says I have 187MB free.

Just a bad design of the desire which was fixed in all newer releases.

Saying that...... i'll be trying a different android manufacturer, just to see how green the grass is.

Play.com swallowed by Rakuten


farewell n thanks

I remember the days when you had to call them to order my region 1 dvds, (dare i admit it was bugs life). ah well all good things n that.

I guess it wont be the same under new owners and the tax law change.

TalkTalk still the most whinged about telco


whoopsy too

+1 on that.

thankfully out of contract...... but no cheaper alternative (or near)

i guess you pay for what you get.... never needed to complain here in 2 years...... touch wood.

Amazon's cloudy vid-tablet breaks cover: Not an iClone



Good point!

I have tried the amazon app, (due to the free apps they give away) but of course not working in the UK yet.

Hey, Music Industry. You're suing the wrong people

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...yep i was a freetard.

I downloaded their album for nothing.... really liked what i heard and purchased it once it was in the shops.

and then went onto buying their previous releases. (mind its the studio gets the money for them)

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?



...as was mandatory to fill it in, where can i claim my bit of data protection compensation for allowing my details out?

I think I know where I can go for it.

EA: early Battlefield 3 buyers will gain no advantage


grrr at in game purchases

Totally agree with you there..... I know its on a tangent but I finished playing TF2 as soon as they brought in ...erm in game purchases to get an advantage.

Sucks major!

Wonder if thats the future for PC games.

HTC U-turns over Desire Android 2.3 update


uh oh horse already bolted

Damn and here's me already read up and half way through rooting.

My Taptu

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Great app

Just want to echo the above comments.

Great App and good to see developer responding!!!