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UK industry mouthpiece wants 'near-universal' broadband speeds of 30Mbps by 2020

Chris D Rogers

Gotta love posters comments on this particular thread, however, where I live, a small Island off the shores of Hong Kong in the South China Sea, we have a ASDL service of 3Mbps, which itself is provided by microwave dishes from Hong Kong Island that are now 17 years old - snail mail on most occasions is far quicker!

That said, we also have access to 4G LTA-A technology, which theoretically pushes out a service at 600Mbps - well, thats if you are close to the transmission towers - in fact, we are lucky to get a 20Mbps connection & charged an arm & a leg for 'unlimited data' feeds & confronted with NAT issues as all service providers have a nasty GNU added to the service - no static IP for us I'm afraid.

Indeed, my 4G service provider has had technical issues for more than a week, as such, 3G is now faster than both ASDL service & 4G LTE service. And then you lot moan!!!!!

Apple drops dongle prices to make USB-C upgrade affordable

Chris D Rogers

How generous

Having been a Apple Mac Computer user since the early 90s one's appreciation of Apple the Telco has dropped to an all time low - whilst some have tried to blame Brexit for Apple's shocking price increases for its new Macbook Pro - the one that won't work out of the box with its iPhone 7 - the fact remains here in the Far East, as elsewhere, Apple has increased its prices dramatically for the Macbook, but neglected to actually offer any dongles whatsoever - this being customary in many of its products only a few years ago.

For the record, if I'm spending US$2K-3K for a laptop I'd expect a few dongles to enable me to connect it to my USB equipment at least, never mind Firewire800 and Thunderbolt enabled devices, such as the bloody Apple Thunderbolt Monitor that still sports USB2 ports. Suffice to say, won't be wasting my money on a new Macbook, and, and its a big 'if', should they do the same trick with the iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini next year, well I'm over with Apple - as for iPads and iPhone, now use Android devices, most of which are some 50% cheaper than Apple crap.

Cheap, lousy tablets are killing the whole market says IDC

Chris D Rogers

Three year life cycles?

Not surprised by this, well apart from the fact that vendors seem determined to ensure one year lifecycle of purchasing, rather than three years, which is how long my iPad 3 lasted before giving up the ghost, unless I replaced the battery and connector dock, which was not worth the investment, i.e., cheaper and more effective to purchase an Android tablet, in my case a Nexus 9 and NVIDIA Shield K1, both used and combined less than the cost of one used iPad - both perform well enough for what's required of them and the N9 is supported by Android 7. Moral of the tale, can't see the point of investing large sums in latest Tablet's from high-end vendors when existing mid-range products run just as well - same applies with mobile phones, I'm happy with my N6 and will replace with a N6P next year for a used price of approx. US$200.

Our 4King benders are so ace we're going full OLED, says LG

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Re: @Malcolm 1 "4K OLED with no "smart" features - LG has just piqued my interest."

The 55in and 65in LG LA9700 made for an excellent 4K panel for use as a monitor, forget all the Netfix rubbish and codec, your PC can handle all of this - price of units now cheap if can find them, and then there's the EA top-end curved panel, again can be found at reasonable cost point - sad thing is, all manufacturers have abandoned full array backlit in favour of edge technology - cheaper, but not great on overall picture quality.

LG have made some excellent top-end TV's of late and increased their warranty to three years, at least here in Asia - I'll get an OLED LG TV when price point comes down, but helps as in B2B space, so my cost is usually quite low - currently on the last decent Philips to hit the market here in Asia, love the lights, but would love a good OLED as a monitor for both my computer - Mac Pro, and media centre - mac mini.

iPad AIR 2 and iPad MINI 3, 5K iMac: World feels different today – and it IS

Chris D Rogers

So where are the "new" Products?

Did not Cook say that Apple would launch new products this year - so where are they, or was the iWatch the new products, which is "plural" by the way chaps.

A lack lustre line-up of hardware, crippled Mac Mini, 5K iMac - big deal and Touch on the iPads - just updates, nothing innovative or ground breaking.

And, if you think its me, go read the dedicated Apple blogs, disappointment all around, particularly on the Mac Mini, something I was actually waiting for.

So we now have a higher rez iMac, big deal, will let others buy it and get the second revision next year if my existing 2011 iMac lasts that long - 5 repairs to date under Apple Care and the next breakdown will bin it.

Here's what we want, quad core Mac Mini with decent GPU, decent iMac at decent entry point for us non photographers who use our Macs for DTP purposes, a 5K Mac Monitor that we can link up to a Mac Pro - I'd have thought the Mini, but now its crippled, as a media server a Jailbroken Apple TV will work, or Googles new gear - notice the word "new"

And still Apples share value soars despite only one, yet to launch, actual new product thats a bloody fashion statement like the iPhone.

Well, glad I've got a Moto X, glad my 2010 Mac Mini still performs nearly as well as today's non reaped Mac Mini and glad my iPad 3 still works. I've been a Apple user since the early 90's and loved the old company and its computers, now its just fashion over function - what a waste!!!!!!!!!

Lenovorola TRIPLE-ola: New Moto G, Moto X and 360 wristputer UNZIPPED

Chris D Rogers

Moto X Expensive!

I paid about £150 for my present Moto X in February - the developer model, so am a little surprised that in the UK a budget phone is expected to retail at more than £400.

Although useless with anything Android, my current Moto X represented value for money, even though memory is an issue. However, Apple prices seem a little crass shall I say, even if it's the vendors who will pick up most of the tab.

Will purchase another again if I can get the revised model at the same price I paid for my US Verizone model, anything above that seems a tad expensive.

XBOX One will learn to play media from USB and DLNA sources

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Re: Already can

Just one problem with this, as I have found out myself, on my Philips 8007 LED TV, namely if you try and connect the Xbox via HDMI to your TV and then playback 5.1 Audio - which the Xbox One is supposed to support, you have no audio - not too sure if this is a Philips or Xbox issue.

Suffice to say, instead of utilising all HDMI connections on my TV for ease of use, I now have to direct the Xbox HDMI to my sound bar and then connect the sound bar to the TV for it all to work. Also, being in Hong Kong in a country not presently supporting the Xbox One, video streaming is a no go, which is strange given my AV LG system and Philips TV support DNLA, although Philips have an issue with CODECs, whilst LG will play anything thrown at it.

Basically, for me at least, being an early adopter was a waste of time, I purchased into the MS bumph that the Xbox One would be the centre of my home entertainment system, only to find out it was useless.

My daughter still prefers the Xbox 360, which itself is cripple when you reformat a HDD to enable playback of DL'ed, recorded material, basically you are stuck with files being no larger than 4.4G, which means 720p playback, rather than 1080p.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth, however said improvements will be welcome, just a shame they are 12 months late, as is the inclusion of iPlayer I may add.

TalkTalk talks itself into trouble with budget broadband package fibs

Chris D Rogers

In all fairness

For those slagging Talk Talk off, and lets be honest, most UK ISP telephone and broadband providers are crap, I can attest to the fact that my parents are actually getting a broadband/telephone package deal cheaper than elsewhere with what limited providers are available in South Wales - outside of Newport or Cardiff.

I can inform you all that my folks presently pay £7.00 per month for a reasonable service package and that the Broadband speed is approx. 6mb, twice the speed and significantly cheaper than where I'm living in Hong Kong.

Our contract is cheap because my parents are long time users of Talk Talk services by dint of the fact that Talk Talk purchased most of the ISP competition in South Wales, and that when I threatened not to re-new contracts in January, they actually dropped the telephone line charge - thus giving the folks a considerable yearly saving - which is good news given how expensive their ISP service was, never mind other utilities.

Indeed, the folks have never had an issue with Talk Talk, be it technical, or the deals I've negotiated with on their behalf's - obviously, all they actually do is use the phone as neither of my folks are good with technology, that said, once I'm back home for a few months work at the years end, i'll be able to DL about 400G of content at a decent speed, and conduct my actual work at a decent cost.

In a nutshell, if you think the UK is shite, try living in the wilds here in Hong Kong, we have zero competition and are lucky to achieve 3mb, and its been like this for 10 years, as many will attest too and my costs for phone and broadband are 3.5 times more expensive than the UK. It may be unlimited, and the number of free minutes you get is high, but it takes a long time to DL a 10G movie - so, rather the UK, than here to be honest.

Will Apple's $130bn cash infusion keep investors onboard?

Chris D Rogers

Re: The Costs of R&D

I like it when people tell it as it actually is: Apple are greedy fuckers period!

Hands on: We play with the slippery Lumia 1520, Nokia's first phondleslab

Chris D Rogers

Sounds go to me

But one enquiry - how much does it cost in Hong Kong?

Yesterday's revised iPad and iPad mini on average are 28% cheaper here in HK than the UK - that's a bloody huge saving, so interested in this for sure as normal smartphones are just too small for my ageing eyes and and useless onscreen typing skills - never been able to text, so its a phablet or chic-bar phone I'm afraid.

Post-PC world? POST-MAC WORLD more like

Chris D Rogers

Apple PC buyers are more savvy

The fact why Mac PC sales have been flat or declining is quiet simple, as was correctly argued in the article, that is, no informed Mac user is going to purchase a iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini knowing that they all will be upgraded to better spec's.

Given the 'Apple tax' on all their products, savvy consumers usually want the latest and the greatest, they check out rumours sites and get credit cards out once new products are launched - hence, iMac sales usually tail-off after 6 months, by which time you can purchase the 'new' machine on the Apple refurbished site at a small discount.

The same applied to laptops, thus far Apple as not upgraded the 'Pro' series to Haswell, only the Airs, as such, expect sales surge by Black November in the US in time for Xmas.

As for me, my 2011 i7 iMac will last another 12-18 months, hence, my next update will be the follow-on to Intel's Haswell chip.

Peter Capaldi named as 12th Doctor Who

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Matt Smith was too young

As an old git with fond memories of Jon Pertwee playing the third Doctor, I'm pleased they have an old timer in the part, rather than a more youthful actor.

Jon Pertwee remains my favourite Doctor, let's see if Capaldi measures up and brings some fun and excitement back to the show - I'm not into all this sexual nonsense, which is best left to pron stars.

Screw it, says NSA leaker Snowden: I'm applying for asylum in Russia

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Re: I wonder

You and millions of others in the UK, never mind globally - so a big thumbs up on that proposal.

Apple said to be 'exploring' 5.7-inch iPhone

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Re: Anti-Apple bias

Actually, it was The Guardian I was having a go at, rather than Apple itself.

Having been banned from the Guardian forums for pointing out that its Apple coverage was more like an 'Advotorial' than an actual unbiased article, I take great pleasure in having a dig at them and Apple.

By the way, I'm a Apple household and blown way by the new Mac Pro - shame my business is doing shit and won't be able to grab one.

Chris D Rogers

Anti-Apple bias

I am sick and tired of the Anti-Apple tripe appearing on El Reg - its really disgusting to say the least.

Can't your hacks take a leaf out of The Guardian when reporting anything Apple related, if you cannot be bothered to fawn over Apple, please stop reporting about them.

As for your attack tactics on Apple accusing it of 'copying/ripping off' competitors - since when has Apple followed the pack - its a well known fact that the phablet was first introduced by Apple in the form of the Newton, and as such, it is Samsung that is copying Apple - the Apple Newton's dimensions being: 4.7 x 8.3 x 1.1 inches.

Next you'll be claiming it was Xerox who invented the GUI and Mouse, rather than Lord Job's.

Get a grip and stop slagging Apple off - once the new Samsung inspired, I mean Apple inspired Phablet is introduce you'll be put in your place.

Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild

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Does iOS Function on the 'new' Mac Pro?

So smitten am I at this dialogue concerning Apple's slightly revamped iOS 7, one was wondering if its possible to load iOS 7 onto the forthcoming Mac Pro and run this as a giant Phone - obviously a 27in Apple TB Monitor is a must - not too sure what type of batteries I'll need though to power the world's most powerful smartphone - but the looks of envy I generate when walking around chatting to my friends will make this effort most worthwhile - indeed, its the only way to appreciate the new fonts Apple are using - Pure Genius, Job's must be having multiple orgasms in heaven and so am I !!!!!!!!!!!

Apple reveals bare bones iPod touch

Chris D Rogers

Re: Best purchase a 'Refurbished' 32G model

It depends who the device is for and what its main priority use is - evidently you do not have children or else you'd not post such a flippant remark.

For music, I suppose the original iPod is far superior than a iTouch, i.e., in terms of storage capabilities.

Kids love the iTouch for gaming, taking photo's and watching some TV/Movies - all areas the next Nexus 7 will cover and at a cheaper price-point than a iTouch.

Chris D Rogers

Best purchase a 'Refurbished' 32G model

Here in Hong Kong the cost of a refurbished 32G 5th generation iTouch is US$25.00 more than the new stripped down iTouch, i.e., for a 13% increase in cost price you get the rear camera and 16G additional storage - 32G being the minimum requirement in my book.

Obviously, the cost of Apple products in HK is among the lowest globally and the cost in the UK with 20% VAT is horrific to say the least - indeed at these prices I'd recommend punters hold off until the new Nexus 7 is launched and spend their money on that - greater value, larger high quality screen and same 32G storage capability.

Although, I must admit I've admired the iTouch since it was launched in 2007 and have purchased 4 to-date, including the latest generation for my daughter - tempted by the Nexus 7 next though as good compromise in screen size and portability.

Chris D Rogers

How did something so small and pink cause so much trouble?

Chris D Rogers

The difference between Hong Kong and the UK is geography and distance, in HK, you have one centralised department that issues all ID cards in a single location and all inhabitants of HK live within one hours travel distance to the issuing centre.

This is certainly not the case in geographically dispersed UK, indeed, given recent cuts that have reduced Passport Offices, its now virtually impossible for the UK to embark on a national ID programme, unless all data is collected via mobile offices travelling the length of the UK.

Whilst Hong Kong's ID card scheme has been running for years - my first one issued on my arrival in 1996, the movement to a digital biometric system in the early 2000's was beset by quite a few problems, and indeed what actually to store on such cards given a lack of storage space - not so much the case today.

Is it intrusive, in short, the answer is yes - you are detailed each time you leave and enter the country, and despite the fact that businesses are not supposed to request your ID details, i.e.,, you must produce your card, they seem to believe this is part and parcel of the ID system.

That said, it certainly assists in entering HK, but not in departing, you still need to queue at a desk at you exit port.

Bottomless, unsatisfied Xbox widow cuffed after boyf flees nookie

Chris D Rogers

Tomb Raider?

Was he playing the new edition of Tomb Raider by any chance?

Anyway, think I'd prefer looking at Lara Croft than Ms. Hayes - I also find the behaviour quite beastly, particularly given we have 7 billion souls on the planet already.

I suggest she take a cold shower or bromide, perhaps even get a Xbox paddle for herself!!!!!!!

iPhone-maker Foxconn not gonna save Sharp

Chris D Rogers

Re: WTF?

Since when has Foxconn been a Chinese company, which would be news not only to its shareholders, but also Taiwan.

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company with assembly operations on the Chinese Mainland, whilst I concur its senior management are in the majority Han Chinese, the fact remains that Taiwan is a democratic Republic, whilst Mainland China is an Authoritarian supposed Communist state.

As for issues afflicting Japanese electronics businesses, I'm confident they will be able to re-invent themselves.

Apple confirms 128GB iPad. A hundred bucks for an extra 64GB

Chris D Rogers

Taking the iPiss!

Apple's iToy's have been crippled on the storage-side for at least two years and given the fact that flash memory prices have reduced drastically since the launch of the groundbreaking iPod Touch one would have though Apple could actually install 128G of flash storage for the present cost of the 64G iPad - to say they are gouging consumers is an understatement, they are taking the piss out of the Apple idiots - next tablet I buy will be a Asus with hopefully 128G of storage and microUSB external storage capabilities.

Apple, you are having a laugh - hope your stock price collapses you greedy feckers.

BT's 'six-month free broadband' offer is a big fat FIB - ads watchdog

Chris D Rogers

Try Talk Talk

Given all the shit Talk Talk get, the fact is that their Essentials service is the cheapest, particularly if you pay your line rental 12 months in advance.

presently, the broadband/telephone service my folks have works out cheaper than the line rental on most of the competition. Indeed, having threatened to get my MAC from them and change vendor, my folks are now paying less than £11.00 per month for unlimited broadband and highly reduced international telephone rates - given for more than two years we have had zero technical issues with Talk Talk and download speeds are average to say the least, one is quite pleased - even demanded a new modem/wireless router before signing for a full 12 month contract.

whilst they do throttle at peak times, I've downloaded nearly 200gigs in less than two months, for what my parents need - iPlayer and Skype on the computer, it's really much better value than what I can usually get in Hong Kong - can't say that for mobile phone charges though.

So, forget BT, Virgin and Sky, pure rip off merchants and give someone else a chance!

Super-thin iMacs WILL be here for Xmas, cram warehouses even NOW

Chris D Rogers

Re: Not for me, thanks

I'm with you there brother.

If they actually put a decent discrete GPU into the Mac Mini it would be a great little machine - much better than the 'iPad on a Stick'.

Seems like they are having major issues with their October releases, seems the revised Mac Mini has HDMI problems - I could never understand why they dropped the optics from this, the 2010 model being a good little machine with crap CPU.

Anyway, as I advise anyone who purchases Apple products, best to buy AppleCare, this can be purchased at a discount on eBay - further, the new iMac really does seem compromised and basically behind the Intel Road map curve.

The reality is this, as with the late 2009 all aluminium move, this new iMac is bound to have loads of issues and will no doubt be upgraded by June/July, by which time I may have an interest in purchasing a 27in model, although, the full-out BTO price seems to be huge compared to the 2011 revision - which is a shame really as this was a cracking piece of kit at a reasonable price point if you are not based in Europe or Australia/New Zealand.

Chris D Rogers

iPad on a stick

The new iMac, despite all the hype, is a glorified 'iPad on a Stick'.

The iMac, that's the May 2011 revision, was a barnstorming AIO with plenty of bells and whistles - I should know as purchased two of the 27in BTO models - instead of waiting for intel Haswell chips, Ive and co decided to re-imagine the iMac as a iOS device minus the touch interface - so while it may be aesthetically pleasing to those who actually just utilise it to show off to friends and colleagues, for your average day to day users its basically crippled, i.e., no optics, lack of user upgrades - RAM is soldered into 21in models - and basically it loses the utilitarian functionality it once had, at a higher price point.

Have said it before, but will say it again, why upgrade the look now, basically all it required was a upgrade to USB3, Ivy Bridge Processors and latest AMD or NVIDEA GPU.

So, here's the crack, in December you get a new 27in iMac based on a CPU that's been out six months already and that will be upgraded in May next year - Intel Haswell launch timeframe, you also don't get the latest wifi, its old 'N' stock - so come May/June next year, you'll have to upgrade again in all probability - this is known as customer price gouging - a sane business would have made big changes with Haswell, particularly given heat dissipation issues.

Still, I suppose if you like a 'iPad on a Stick', the new iMac is great, if you much prefer an OSX device that does not require you to add ad-dons such as a DVD drive, it sucks - I for one will not be upgrading, rather wait until second release with better CPU and better wifi options, i.e., future proofed more than the newly released and presently unavailable newer, thinner and more expensive iMac.

Apple's profits fetish could spell its DOOM

Chris D Rogers

Charles Arthur's review of the iPad Mini was an advotorial at best and outright Apple advert at worst, myself and maybe another 50 posters had all our comments deleted when it was pointed out the close Guardian relationship with Apple and the fact Charles Arthur had a nice all expenses paid junket to go to the October Apple Fanbois Fest - I was not amused.

Whilst my household is an all Apple ecosystem, its pricing strategy is just now so out of whack with reality, particularly with regards the the iPad Mini and iMac - apart from dumping on all those who supported the business during its lean times, Apple is now just a business aimed at the aspiring middle class, regrettably, whilst its profits have been maintained, market share has been abandoned in favour of price gouging its loyal customer-base - my question is simple, what happens to Apple once it loses its 'designer label' appeal?

Ten... Apple iPad Mini alternatives

Chris D Rogers

Re: What did 3G do to tablet designers that they hate it so much?

The Nexus 7 32G 3G launched last week is 3G capable and costs a lot more less than a iPad Mini.

Chris D Rogers

Does anyone know if its possible to Root the RIM Playbook so it can actually run Android - basically want something for media consumption and playing games?

Chris D Rogers
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If I could purchase a 64G iPad Mini with 'Retina' screen, A6 chip, GPS, 1G RAM, wifi and 3g combined - 4LTE being way over the top - all for under £400 i probably would go that route, as it stands, in both specc's, performance and cost, the Nexus 7 holds the candle - tis a great shame it too is not offered with 64G with 3G and priced at £300 - I'd have one like a shot.

Now is not a good time to purchase the iPad Mini, it will be obsolete within 12 months - how else do you think Apple are going to gouge its customer-base - as for the App Store, never purchased anything from iTunes or their App Store and all my Apple mobile devices are jailbroken - I do like the iPod Touch, but like the iPad Mini, its way too expensive!

Welsh council's unused mountain of 2,400 laptops

Chris D Rogers

I hail from Torfaen, so can't say I'm too happy with this balls up.

Further, why give the money to HP, they'd have been better off investing in Apple products, be it the iPad2 or 13in Macbook Pro - who the hell wishes to be seen with a HP laptop - obviously, if LINUX was installed on them it may make a difference, but the reality is, HP probably stuffed who ever purchased this piece of trash.

No wonder our bloody Council Tax is more than £100 per month - at the same time whilst wasting money on this, the council laid off a large swathe of its workforce - the fool who worded out this bargain though probably still has a job.

Fecking idiots ia all I can say.

New iPad's innards: Good news for recent fondleslab buyers

Chris D Rogers

As someone who invested in a iPad 3 4LTE 64G in late June, i can't say I was too happy about the revised iPad - I knew a update was coming as far as Lighting was concerned, but a new CPU - THE HORROR.

Basically, the iPad 3 should have had its launch delayed for a month or two until the A6X was ready to launch - probably May 2012 - instead, Apple have managed to annoy quite a number of its 'user base' buy updating the iPad after only 7 months - as for performance, the CPU in the Nexus 10 - Samsung - wipes the floor with the A6X - me, I'm waiting for Tegra 4 and a new Asus Transformer based on the T4.

Apple's skinny new iMac line: Farewell, optical drives

Chris D Rogers

Re: I think I'll get one

If the promised revision to the much vaunted Mac Pro in 2013 is anything like to design changes and revisions announced Yesterday by Apple, you may be lucky to get a i7 top end quad core Haswell with Intel HD5000 in a new box the size of the present Mac Mini which you'll be asked to part with £5000 for - obviously it will be special in the design stakes and probably painted a 'gold' colour to differentiate it from all the glorious under spec'd consumer iToy's.

Shame really, Apple used to at least try and do its best for the prosumer - looks like we are all just consumers now willing to pay huge prices for pretty things that need disposing once Apple launches each new revision - no wonder they were keen on highlighting 'Green' credentials at yesterday's launch.

Chris D Rogers

Re: Speakers

The speakers in the 27in 2011 iMac and the 27in Apple Display are not that bad - I actually utilise a Mac Mini as a HTPC and plug HDMI into my AV Receiver so sound has never been an issue unless I want very latest HD sound formats.

That said, and as you have quite rightly pointed out, they actually have lower the quality of the speakers in the iMac this time around it would seem - indeed, and inline with LCD TV manufacturers things are so slim that you need to invest in a decent sound bar at the minimum - one of the reasons I liked Philip's high end LCD TV's was due to the decent speakers they used - decent for a TV that is, up to 40W output - now your lucky to get 10W output.

Chris D Rogers

Re: Why I want my optical drive

Hate to break it to you, but Apple have never utilised BluRay in any of its products - not knocking your sentiment though as many a Apple Fanbois has been 'pissed' about this decision by Steve Job's.

However, and living in the real World, whilst I do utilise optical media, the majority of my music and movie collection is now in digital format on my external storage - currently using 11T - would invest in a Drobo5 FW or Thunderbolt, but can't afford to spend as much on a storage solution as it costs for the iMac itself.

Anyway, even though broadband speeds slow to a crawl where I live, I still now download 99% of my media consumption via Bittorrent, however HD rips can be substantial even in Xvid - a few HD movies I've got are 20G - nearly as big as the HD original copy.

Chris D Rogers


Big Willie,

All I can say is you must be one of the lucky owners of the iMac.

FWIW, since the 2009 October Aluminium was launched, I've now owned 7 of them ranging from the low end C2D 3.09Ghz, i3,15 and i7 BTO 27in from 2011 - of these seven iMac's, 4 have had the LCD panel replaced and one is presently having its Seagate HDD replaced after a Apple recall. Further, of the two i5 27in iMac's I ordered in June 2011, both had to be replaced within 14 days because of screen yellow tint issues - and no, as Apple maintain, it was not the adhesive drying.

In the real world of iMac users, the 2009 -2011 revision iMac's suffered huge issues with greying/dusting screens - if you listened to the presentation, they spoke about laminating the glass panel with the LCD panel - this being one of the causes, the other being to do with thermals and airflow - a design blunder Apple failed to remedy.

So, whilst the new iMac may look aesthetically pleasing, at least to the much vaunted 1%er's, Apple's obsession with form over substance is getting beyond a joke - I actually do utilise the SuperDrive, don't utilise cloud storage due to the fact that my broadband connection is crap and i don't trust placing my data on other persons drives and certainly have never used the iTunes store to purchase anything - what I need I download and as a Xbox user, it will be bloody hard to rip/burn DVD's without cluttering up my desktop.

Given the AIO concept is to avoid clutter, basically with the new iMac you get more clutter, external DVD, USB Hub, Cameral card readers etc. etc.

And the cost of the latest BTO 27in, don't make me laugh - God you can't even swap out RAM in the 21.5in anymore, nevermind swap out a SSD/HDD.

A big Fail!!!!!!!

Apple unsheathes MacBook 13-incher

Chris D Rogers

Re: Is Apple becoming Oracle?

Well, for Apple's share price to reach the magical US$1,000 mark they have to gouge their perceived rich client-base as much as they can - indeed, Apple now equates to "less for more" and all form over substance/ utility.

All their announcements Yesterday were a disappointment and an example of the above, it may look nice, but boy you have to pay for it, and any decent spec'd machine costs an arm and a leg - so effectively, rather than being a Computer company, or mass consumer business, Apple seems to be focusing on Ivy League students and the 1%'ers with more money than sense - particularly given the cult of Apple is all in vogue at the moment.

however, whilst this may be true today, I remember when MicroSoft was in vogue and could gouge to its hearts content - my money's with the Asian-manufacturers, specifically Samsung and Asus - its only a matter of time before Apple is brought down a peg or two - perhaps then they'll realise that its consumer-base is actually multi-faceted and not all who purchase its products are the kids of rich millionaires or catwalk models - this is a shame, because at the turn of the century Apple was a great company that actually used to listen to its hardcore consumers - not anymore I'm afraid - it resembles and behaves more like MicroSoft at its worse.

New Mac mini: Business in the front, party at the back

Chris D Rogers

Massive Fail

Rik Sir,

No disrespect, but this region of the Mac Mini is as much as a joke as the 2011 revision, basically paying more for less, less function that is - I utilise my Mac Mini as a HTPC and for email/ webserfing - mine is the 2010 model with the Optical drive, low end discrete graphics and a C2D running at 2.4Ghz - it still performs just shall we say - has difficulties with large HD content files at 1080 and over 10G - that said its been a great little performer.

Now, in 2011 they dropped the optics - a big mistake given many used it as a Home Media centre - even if the optic was not BluRay - this year, in keeping with giving you less for more, they have removed the option of a discrete graphics chip, and lets be honest, Intel HD4000 is crap compared to a discrete low-end chip with 512VRAM.

Now the inclusion of i7 Ivy Bridge is good news, regrettably, the exclusion of the discrete graphic chip means the machine is a waste of time if you are using latest Adobe Creative Suite 6 - which for many of its programmes requires a minimum 1G of video graphics - the same applies to their iToy mobiles, be it the new 13in Retina or the MacBook Airs.

The fact is, a lot of creative people actually utilise the Mac Mini connected to a 27in Apple monitor or other reasonable monitor - further, the inclusion of Apple's hybrid HDD solution is bloody expensive.

In a nut shell, what could have been a brilliant machine has been crippled to save US$50 and maintain the Apple 305 price premium and thats before all very expensive BTO options.

My advice, don't bother investing in this and wait for the Haswell equipped model expected in Sept. 2013 knowing Apple - at least this will have HD5000 - which according to most rumour sites is a huge leap of performance over Ivy Bridge and HD4000 - the reality is, it requires a decent low end BTO graphics option offering 1G VRAM - IS THIS REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK!!!!!!!!!!

Argos flyer confirms incoming 32GB Nexus 7

Chris D Rogers

64G would guarantee success

Given Apple is launching its 'mini iPad' next week and MS are launching the Surface/Win8 during the same timeframe, if Google and Asus want a winner in the Nexus7 32G of storage really does not cut it, on the other hand, 64G of storage would be a winner for all concerned, including the consumer.

My own concern over the Nexus7, and indeed the iPad3/mini iPad, is the lack of storage - and really people let's forget the cloud nonsense, whilst it may seem a great idea on paper, costs are high and that's just one of numerous concerns.

Given the lack of SDcards in the Nexus and iPad, 64G would be a sweet spot and steal one hell of a march on the competition, particularly if it were priced at £224.99.

Anyway, at least we now have some real competition to Apple and that can only be a good thing for the sheeple.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

Chris D Rogers

This will upset the Jesus Phone fanbois - seems this Samsung device has not only copied all of Lord Job's ideas for the Jesus Phone, but added a few others of its own - shame its not got a decent amount of storage though - 64G is an insult to anyone - particularly those that wish to take advantage of the HD screen, a HD movie being some 2-10G depending on codex used.

40 Foxconn staff hospitalised after CAMPUS RIOT

Chris D Rogers

Apple Slave Owners United

I hope all the twat's that stood inline for their Jesus Phone 5 or iPad relies that the product is manufactured using slave labour.

I'm now ashamed to say I own Apple products and would much prefer to own goods manufactured in countries where trades unions are recognised and the workers paid a living salary.

Here's hoping for more of the same at Foxconn and other slave owning manufacturing - that should be assembly plants - in Asia and South America.

Funny, how until Cook was employed that a great deal of Apple kit was manufactured in Ireland, Singapore and the USA!!!

Lenovo iPad-smiting Windows 8 slate slips out

Chris D Rogers

What, no HD

What's the point of producing a tablet if it cannot display HD content - on that point alone its a big fail.

Thankfully, Asus seem to have it right with the TF700 and will probably get it right with its next Windows 8 tablet that can also boot into Android - now if only Apple could give us a choice!


Yes, I have a iPad3 4G, but lack of expansion limits its appeal for me personally - my wife does not care though.

Sony: Walkman, meet Android

Chris D Rogers

Re: Portable music player?

Evidently, you don't get on to Apple Fanbois sites all that often - its generically referred too as the 'iTouch' and not an iPod Touch - although in reality, its more like a stripped down version of the iPhone - hence, its actually a nice bit of kit, particularly for those who hate being tied to mobile networks, also, I JB mine, so not jailed in the Apple ecosystem either - a win win is all I can say and in reference to the Sony device, its 2012 and they can only manage 32G of space - the iTouch launched with 64G and all in all represents better value than a bloody iPad!!!!!!!!!!

Chris D Rogers

Re: Portable music player?

Hold off your horses with slagging off the iTouch,

Its ten times better than any other device out there for playing music, games, viewing JPEGs and all sorts of other things - it will act as a phone as well if you have a personal wifi spot on you - much cheaper than the so called 'smartphones' that have seemed to have taken over the world.

As for lack of sales thereof, perhaps it has something to do with the fact Apple have note updated the iTouch since 2010, unless of course if you think adding White is a update.

I like it, my daughter prefers it to the iPad 3 and basically thats all that matters me.

PayPal is bleeding market share and it's all eBay's fault

Chris D Rogers

eBay/PayPal Fees = Rip Off

Each year it seems eBay increases its fees for making a sale and force users to pay again via the utilisation of PayPal - given they are the same company in reality they charge you twice for the same service.

As for the 'supposed' buyer protection, another ripoff, if anything goes wrong either the buyer or seller have to wait weeks before anything is done and then pay more fees.

Best thing is to put a listing on eBay and remove it before the end of the listing period and arrange a private sale with one of the higher bidders if your actual required price has been achieved - indeed, by cutting out eBay both sides if its quite expensive can save about £100 between them - you can use PayPal in the UK to send a gift payment for zero, or better still, take cash only via a personal collection.

I. like many eBay users feel ripped off by their service, the fees are way too high - they and PayPal are money grabbing bastards full stop - I hope they fail in time!!!!

Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Chris D Rogers


Oh the screen, the wonderful screen - never mind day-to-day activities, I'll just look at the screen all day and ask why no competitors can be bothered.

First, battery life - lets be honest battery technology is not there yet, hence, you get a miserly 5 hours max out of this beast, a beast of a price rather than a beast based on specc's.

As for AppleCare, not checked the cost out yet, but the Macbook Pro APP is more than £250 and only lasts two years - three years in total from date of purchase - so, you need to purchase all sorts of adaptors to plug into this machine to do work on this machine on the road and yet, without an ability to replace batteries - remember that option, you are screwed.

To me its a rip-off, cannot be upgraded, warranty cost is excessive, cost of machine is excessive - its a fashion item, a show off toy and not fit for purpose - its brilliant on the Cat Walk though, hence all the nonsense about the display.

My humble opinion, its too ahead of the curve and until a better battery solution is found, its actually a bit of a joke - ok for those travelling in Business and First Class though, the demographic its actually aimed at!!!!!

Retina Display detachment

Chris D Rogers

F--K Apple

Here's another car analogy and one more suitable to the Macbook Pro 'Retina' - by removing the ethernet port and then charging you for the pleasure to utilise ethernet via the Thunderbolt Port with a special adaptor - having already paid over the odds to a under spec'ed laptop, is similar to purchasing a Bentley or Rolls Royce top of the shop with all bells and whistles - no bells and whistles in Apples minimalist craze - and then being asked by the car firm to hand over another £2000 for a set of gold keys to start the bloody thing up.

Get real everyone, the device is unsuitable for the corporate world, its a fashion item and the only people who will pay over the odds for such low tech devices are those who are in the 1% of societies richest - this is the demographic Apple is now after - hence, no Mac Pro update until next year, the Fanbois then blame this on Intel.

I'm really sick of people making excuses for Apple, they are cash rich and scrimp and save on everything they now produce, including paying the workers who assemble these rich mens toys peanuts - Apple are just like the bankers!!!!

Apple iMac refresh due Real Soon Now

Chris D Rogers

Retina on iMac!!!!!

All this crap about Retina is getting to me - the iMac already has a near Retina display in the 27in model - also, whilst its possible to increase the pixel count, a 2X increase or 4X increase seems out of the question.

The ISP panel uses - LG I believe - is already quite a hi resolution display with hardly any manufacturers pushing out really super hidef LCD panels presently.

If we can move away from the Apple 'Retina' hype - all bloody marketing on large panel displays, we may have a better idea.

In my opinion, Apple would be better advised to incorporate Kinect-type and Leap Motion technology into a bigger format - 30in display - rather than incrementally update a panel to alleged 'RETINA' quality and charge an arm and a leg in doing so - for what its worth the LG panel Apple presently use in now in a few PC monitors offered by Korean vendors, you can buy them for US$300 on eBay, this suggests the actual panel is now costing Apple no more than US$150 - I don't think I want a US$1,000 panel in my iMac and large price increase to boot.

Apple introduces 'next generation' MacBook Pro with retina display

Chris D Rogers

Re: us video editors...

Yes, Pro's actually utilise the Mac Pro - regrettably the word 'PROFESSIONAL' and 'APPLE" are not synonymous with each other anymore - epitomised by the 'piss poor' Mac Pro upgrade that is not a upgrade.

I'll not start on the iMac or Mac Mini, but its clear Apple no longer gain a toss about the desktop/professional user segment of the industry - they are more concerned with iOS toys that users upgrade on an annual basis to show-off to each other - not a great deal of creativity or design there.

Hackintosh looks more and more the way to go, unless Apple spins off its actual Macintosh component part of the business, the part that is now ignored in favour of fashionable toys with little real world use - well. unless you are blind and can happen to use Siri!!!!!

Foxconn receives Apple smart TV order - report

Chris D Rogers

Nevermind about iTV, what about a decent iMac

Not interested in iTV - a 32in iMac maybe, in the meantime, I'd really like to upgrade my current 27in iMac and not even interested in Retina.