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IT phone home: How to run up a $20K bill in two days and get away with it by blaming Cisco


and then there was DoV

There were Data channels and Voice channels, with Data channels costing more than Voice, so there was a trick to force the Data call to happen over the Voice circuits and reduce cost (sure it went a little slower but...)

'Thousands' at Meta face layoffs this week


Not enough users perhaps

Given the high amount of comments being seen on social media of people claiming their accounts are disabled for 'no communicated reason' I wonder if the issue is a downturn in eyeballs looking at the product.

Meta to add verification to Facebook and Insta under scheme that should avoid Twitter's Musk-stakes


Disabling of Accounts

But will the disabling of accounts for no communicated reason except for a vague wave to community standards still continue??

GitHub courts controversy by suspending Tornado Cash developers and reneging on cookie commitments


What a confusing country...

So a Gun manufacturer can argue that they only make the gun, not pull the trigger.

A car manufacturer can make a vehicle, not drive it and kill/maim people.

But a piece of software can be pulled because some people choose to use it in a specific (allegedly unlawful) manner?????

Japan solves 5G airliner conundrum: Keep mobe masts 200m from airport approach paths. That's it


Design Flaw much

2.2Ghz away that's like telling me my 27Mhz CB Radio can listen to Airband, if you cant reject signals that far away from your system, get out of the kitchen...

or double the entire frequency range of the 2.4Ghz wifi band (including Japan's channel 14)

Google Chrome's upcoming crackdown on ad-blockers and other extensions still really sucks, EFF laments


Will they then pay me?

Will google pay me to download the data they are forcing on me to enable the display of these unwanted graphics?

The whole world doesn't have unlimited data plans, some of us still live on quotas.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram deplatform themselves: Services down globally


And it's back

This Australian user can access Facebook again, Some comments are still failing however...


Re: DNS?

This entry found on /.

The problem goes deeper than Facebook's obvious DNS failures, though. Facebook-owned Instagram was also down, and its DNS services -- which are hosted on Amazon rather than being internal to Facebook's own network -- were functional. Instagram and WhatsApp were reachable but showed HTTP 503 (no server is available for the request) failures instead, an indication that while DNS worked and the services' load balancers were reachable, the application servers that should be feeding the load balancers were not. A bit later, Cloudflare VP Dane Knecht reported that all BGP routes for Facebook had been pulled. With no BGP routes into Facebook's network, Facebook's own DNS servers would be unreachable -- as would the missing application servers for Facebook-owned Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR.



I'm seeing DNS failures for facebook.com across multiple root servers...

Microsoft wasn't joking about the Dev Channel not enforcing hardware checks: Windows 11 pops up on Pi, mobile phone


Anti Competitive

So if this article shows that the hardware limitations are an arbitrary list imposed by the manufacturer, how many consumer laws does that break?

Free Software Foundation urged to free itself of Richard Stallman by hundreds of developers and techies


Oh the irony

That an organisation that talks about freedom of choice is now being pilloried because they have exercised such freedom...

RMS has a right to be a d**k, we have a right to think he is a d**k (or not) just because your offended doesn't mean you are right...

Now where is my coat, and get off my lawn...

Facebook bans sharing of news in Australia – starting now – rather than submit to pay-for-news-plan


Re: Interesting

I dont think the Australian masses will react that way, this may be the downfall of this plot.

Australians will essentially tell FB where to get off.

Bork to school: Apple kit management service Jamf pulls a sickie for IT crews trying to get pupils on iPads



A symptom of Brexit perhaps

(I'll get my coat)

If you own one of these 45 Netgear devices, replace it: Kit maker won't patch vulnerable gear despite live proof-of-concept code


Certificate issue

Is it just my Firefox that tags the kb link with an insecure certificate?

All that Samsung users found on UK website after weird Find my Mobile push notification was... other people's details


Australia too

Got this here in Australia too....

Strangely the Samsung site seems to be suffering a Slashdot effect.

Google Chrome to block file downloads – from .exe to .txt – over HTTP by default this year. And we're OK with this



Well that will mess up the corporate intranet.

OneCoin lawyer trial kicks off in NY as cryptocurrency founder remains on the lam


Re: Incorrect Reporting

The differences are vanishingly small, so they equate very closely to fraud.

But they are there, one of the key differences being if there is more effort put in building than retailing then you are probably not in a 'real' MLM but a pyramid masquerading as one.

An argument can be made that shows Tesco's is a pyramid scheme.


Re: Incorrect Reporting

And there you show the usual level of ignorance shown by people who have swallowed the MLM == Pyramid == Ponzi malarkey.. please do some research.


Incorrect Reporting

Please stop painting the Multi Level Marketing industry with this brush, the source document never refers to a multi-level marketing pyramid, but simply a pyramid scheme.

SpaceX didn't move sat out of impending smash doom because it 'didn't see ESA's messages'


Faulty Process

So the system sending the alerts didn't have an alternative notification method, like perhaps human intervention of picking up an old fashioned telephone and calling someone.

Need to automatically and securely verify a download is legit? You bet rget this new tool

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Re: Not a panacea

An ideal opportunity for blockchain to display its real use.

Loose tongues and oily seamen: Lost in machine translation yet again


Re: Mijn grootvader is een schaap

antipodean potty mouth

Oi, ya ba**tard, I resemble that remark...


Video not available.

Lost in translation? I cant even watch the first video due to geoblocking.

Google: We're not killing ad blockers. Translation: We made them too powerful, we'll cram this genie back in its bottle


Pay for my traffic

Will Google pay for the extra traffic I will end up using, parts of the world still live on a quota internet model.

Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps


Re: Call recording too.

I also use ACR, fortunately they have released a version I find in Samsung Apps that still works as it used to...

Top AI conference NIPS won't change its name amid growing protest over 'bad taste' acronym



So change the name of GIMP to something that includes Image in its name???


The Gnu Image Manipulation Program.


As it turns out, no, you can't just run an unlicensed Bitcoin money exchange


America != World

Has anyone pointed out that this guy lives *in Mexico* therefore is subject to Mexican law, not US law...

Australia's Snooper's Charter: Experts react, and it ain't pretty


Jbhyq or shaal vs vg jnfa'g fb frevbhf

Guvf sebz n tbireazrag gung pbhyqa'g rira vzcyrzrag n qrprag Angvbany Oebnqonaq Argjbex, ubj ba rnegu qb gurl guvax gurl pna trg guvf yrtvfyngvba evtug?


Re: Set

Please name this VPN provider, I may be interested.

Mailshot meltdown as Wessex Water gets sweary about a poor chap called Tom


and for Bill Posters

But poor Bill Posters, what did he ever do to have signs off him being prosecuted posted all over town??

ZTE can't buy chips from America – but can still get sued for patent infringement in the US


Do these patent title strike you as vague, or bleedingly obvious

These patent titles seem so incredibly vague that the could mean anything,

Telling someone half their password in email and the other half by phone could be a breach of US Patent 9,325,600

Date engraved onto net neutrality tombstone: June 11, 2018


"Restoring Internet Freedom" ??

"Restoring Internet Freedom" ??

Who comes up with these titles, should be charged with false advertising.

Zero Tech Emitted: ZTE halts assembly lines after US govt sanctions cripple mobile maker


cant see past his own boundaries.

Attempts to rescue car industry, damages two tech companies in the process (Qualcomm & Acacia)

Woeful NBN services attract ACCC's attention


ACCC already intervened.

The ACCC's intervention in the design phase of the NBN is what caused this issue (and they were warned that it would happen).

The original 14 POI plan was technically superior.

Domino's Pizza delivers user details to spammers


Good luck on the Diet Coke

Domino's has gone pepsi

10 minutes of silence storms iTunes charts thanks to awful Apple UI



Paging the estate of John Cage...


Linux kernel hardeners Grsecurity sue open source's Bruce Perens


To quote Shakespeare

GRSecurity doth complain to much, methinks.

nbn™ blames cheap-ass telcos for grumpy users, absolves CVC pricing


There is no N in NBN

This was originally a plan for 7 diffferent large redundant networks (14 POI plan) but the ACCC stuck its nose in and dictated a 121 POI plan (no redundancy).

This will NOT be an NBN until traffic can get from Perth to Sydney without leaving the NBN network.

Right now its 121 RBNs.

Nothing could protect Durex peddler from NotPetya ransomware


Branding Overload

Here in DownUndaLand Durex is a brand of Sticky Tape, made for an interesting moment reading the headline...

Congratulations IBM for 'inventing' out-of-office email. You win Stupid Patent of the Month


Re: Ummm ...

But, if vacation first appeared in BSD4.3, then it was created in California...


Ancient news..

>man vacation



The command appeared in BSD 4.3


And wikipedia tells me BSD4.3 was released June 1986.

So that's 30 years ago...

Competition and wholesale costs, not lack of fibre, crimp broadband in Australia


Scope Creep

Australia's NBN was going to be a sleek looking mouse.

Then politics got involved.

Now it's an elephant.

Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list


T&C Breach

Sorry the T&C of my service provider tells me not to provide *my* password to *anyone*.

Im not about to breach them just for you, so I guess I will continue to NOT VISIT the USA...

PS: My country is better than yours, nah nah nah nah nah...

Now where is my coat?

Let's replace Ethernet with infrared light bouncing off mirrors!


Air quality

I guess the release of the fire suppression gas would instantly stop the network too...

Oz government on its Centrelink debacle: 'This is fine'


Re: Plausible deniability?

I solved this problem, I emailed Mr Tudge to introduce myself as one who is being told he has a debt that I believe doesnt exist..

No response...

Standing out from the crowd with an Android phone? You and 90 per cent of the market


and the other .1%??

87.5% of phones are running the Android platform.

12.1% are Apple

00.3% the rest



So what are the other 0.1%??

Skype for Linux users can crash-test video calls in v1.10 Alpha

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Voicemail changes too

Not to mention the email I received earlier this week telling me that voicemail services will be turned off for skype-skype calls... You know a phone call is a phone call is a phone call.... I wonder if I can get phone number portability on my Skype-in number (as it is listed as my primary contact for business).

Australian desert deluge demonstrates why we're doing it



I would recommend the best vehicle to get there would be fitted with blades, fast spinning ones that repel the earth and allow you to float/hover and such...

Yep, rent a chopper..

NBN Co makes it official - backhaul charges will fall


No 'National' in NBN

This is the costs incurred when creating 121 REGIONAL Broadband Networks instead of the original 7 that were planned...

NBN Co adds 'burbs to copper map, claims 'speed up' rollout


Out of interest, what were your parent's speed on copper compared to yours?