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Amazon Kindle Fire

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"You don't expect to get the Android market on an iPad - don't expect it on the Fire."

No, but there again, you would not see a phrase like this on the Apple site on the page selling the iPad....

"Additional email apps are available in our Amazon Appstore for Android. "

This IS on Amazons page. They ARE absolutely playing on the fact that is does run Android apps. As such, the other poster make a perfectly valid point. They should not mentions Android at all, if they do want users to perceive this as an Android capable device. If they mentions Android they it is only fair to compare it's support of android apps to other Android devices.

He is not a Muppet.. ok Gonza? :)

Facebook now has 1,000 times the referrals of Google+

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"While Google+ is still relatively news[sic] to the social networking game, its data is no longer rising, but falling away."

Kindle Fire: An open letter to Jeff Bezos

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Put Andoid ICS on it

I wouldn't worry for too long.

Take the nice cheap hardware, thanks Amazon. Then look out for the imminent release of Android ICS 4.0 from the ROM cooking boys. You can dump all the amazon spyPad software they have put on it. You'll have all your google apps and still have access to all the other stuff on your new hardware.

That's what I and many more start people will be doing too :)

Ice Cream Sandwich phone a no-show on Vodafone

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I think you will find that it is more to do with them not having any stock!!

Upcoming EU data law will make Europe tricky for Facebook

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Fuss over nothing

What ever the new rules are, facebook will just add a splash screen next time the user logs in asking them to accept them. What ever agreement facebook is required to get. 99% of users will just tick the box and business as usual.

It's sad and I won't be one, as I dont' use fb. But tru non the less. most people are stupid :)

The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out

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Android Email!

Very poor review of the Android email. You should have been using the gmail client and doing the account consolidation with gmail backend. This work exceptionally well and is far superior to the other options.

Your android score reflects more your ability to work the phone, rather than android email.

For next time maybe you should get someone who knows how to use it to actually do it.


Samsung Android 4.0 smartphone priced for Blighty

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just plain silly

I was all set to get one until I saw the price.

When it was announced I thought, well, I was expecting a bit more. Other than the screen the hardware is pretty tame. But I though I'll still get it as it's a nice upgrade from my trusty old Nexus 1.

But then this price! crazy!

They have priced it as if they delivered the mega phone people were expecting; 1.5mhz, better GPU, 8mp camera, card slot. This only had 16GB in the uk too, my N1 had more than that on SD.

I hope clove only got a dozen or so, as that is all they should sell.

Now that 4.0 is back to being AOSP again, I think I'll just wait until we see a customer ROM come out for the S2 or maybe something else and use that.

Will be pretty much all the GN is other than the screen, might be better in some areas too and be way cheaper.

stupid, stupid, stupid.

Samsung, Google whip out Android 4.0 Nexus

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What will it be phone only sim free?

Is there any other route to purchase other than through a network? I don't need a new contract, just the phone at a decent price!


Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5

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11. Nexus Prime

Actually. That's No.1 ;)

Amazon's Silk looks creepily Phorm-ulaic

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The Fire is Renamed

The SpyPad

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers

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What a joke!

You looked at hunch.com's home page? Say's it all!

All the survey really says is that the kind of dicks that have iphones use that site :)

Dragon-owned Expansys bemoans weak UK gadget lust

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Not one good thing to say?

The entire thread to here and not one good thing to say about Expansys!

That really says it all.

I hope the next person on dragons den has a print out of this in their pocket next time that lanky twat gives them some grief. ;)

Google revives TV buzz with SageTV buy

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Been using it for years

Been using Sagetv for years and it is great. Got one server in garage with all my sat and terrestrial feeds going in. Got all my live tv, music and dvd/br rips on it. all tv's in house either have a pc with client on or dedicated sagetv media box . watch live or recorded stuff anywhere any time in full hd.. brilliant.

I hope that google bring two things;

1/ full android client for it -surely!!!

2/ full HD integration to think like love film.

Twin-screen LG smartphone spied

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The 'BAD' in bad boy stands out!

This really does look crap. Why bother?

As for most androids looking the same... I think this just a result of the core android product being so good to start with. The base android and feature set is so strong that is does not leave a huge amount of scope to add anything of real substance to the pot for manufactures. I can't see this as a fault of android, it is more of a indicator as to how well it has addressed its market.

Skyhook routes around Google to MapQuest

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Opt in or not?

Google maps data collection is opt-in, is it not? One of the prompts when you install the phone.

Apple's is not opt-in and is unauthorised by the user. I'l love to see them have to wipe their hole db as it was gathered without the users permission.

Google intros video chat on Android

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You can video chat to all the other people currently using video chat at their pc, not just another 3g phone. It was stated in the article.

Google 'clamps down' on world of Android partners

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Open Source

* Linux == Linus Torvalds (if you don't believe me, just try publishing crap to the kernel).

* Apache == Apache Foundation, (via registered Comitter List)

* GNU == Free Software Foundation, (Richard Stallman et al.)

* OpenOffice == Oracle, (nee SUN)

* LibreOffice == The Document Foundation, (via the Steetring Committee)

I don't think any of those are holding the source closed until they have given it to other commercial partners are they? The source is available for all of them, no? They are all pretty good examples of real "open" source to me.

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Wrtiing is on the wall

"No need to suggest forking Android, AOSP already is that 'fork'"

No it's not. While Google were trying to play the open source game they were keeping this pretty fresh and up to date. This was good and devs and hacker were always working on current code.

Now Google are saying they are "not releasing source for the foreseeable future". This it then a different game altogether. AOSP will still be Google, it will be updated to Honeycomb at some point but by then devices will have been out for a long time and people will be left working building on old code base. While AOSP is always way behind production devices and versions given to preferred partners, AOSP becomes very much a send class product. always kept behind google partners and 2nd class. This is NOT how it has been to date.

That is why a true branch would be better, as it could grow independent of Google and produce an open source version that could compete with the google offering and judging my some of the work on XDA, even better!

You can kiss good buy to great roms being better than those on production manufactures devices it google are going to start keeping the base source back.

The Taft Hotel

True Open Source Branch

With all the recent events, I would like to see developers take the current open source code and create a "true" open source branch from that. One not controlled by Google.

A lot of the custom android ROM floating around now are much better than the Google stock roms or any from any manufacturer. Google holding back source except for it's key partners really holds back android.

If they didn't really want to do open source, they should have done it all themselves including the kernel and vm, instead of taking all the code that was developed in the spirit of true open source and then operating as closed source.

come on! BRANCH!!!!


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