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The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

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Re: No Psions?

Quite. I still use a Psion 3mx as my every day PDA, diary, and address book, the some of the latter is now on Google as I've an Android phone.

CIX conferencing system is bought out – again

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CIX broke??

Yes, if that was the great back up failure well over 10 years ago.


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Flame wars, and the great travelling fish pun thread

Quite, but not the plaice to discuss this.

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Another TWIXen speaks

Yes, well done Liam, and for the whole of the ICUK buys CIX write up. Along with Wendy Grossman's article you both did Leslie Costar of ICUK proud.

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If a Wizards's customer ...

If you're a Wizards customer there may be ways of getting you back on CIX. Just ask them.

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Your wish may come true

There are 2 active accounts with your name attached, one with an address at 3 E.. Rd. Alternatively, find a friend with a free +4 account available.

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Discworld, MUD, and Pratchett

The Conference(s) are still there, but no postings for over half a decade. On the other hand Terry's own conference had several postings to it earlier this year!

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account still working?

There are 2 active accounts which might be yours, and one says you live(d) in South Ox...

BT wholesale kit crash silences thousands of customers

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Reading based Wizards and ICUK customers also effected

I lost my internet connection at about 17:35, and it didn't return till after 03:00, some 10 hours later. The WAN light on my broadband router did come on a number of times during this period, but all email and web access failed despite appearing to have connectivity.

A friend in the Kew area, also with the same set of providers, had a similar length of outage. When I did return, and had IRC contact with A&A I was directed to their status page detailing what may, or may not, have happened. On a different IRC channel this evening I was directed to this TheReg page.

Like Steve (above), I looked at my router via its web interface and think I also had a 172.x.x.x address. I didn't make a note of it as I didn't / hadn't realised it wasn't the usual address.