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Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys

Lexx Greatrex

A-f*cking-men brother!

It's exactly this kind of nerdy fanboy hysteria that puts me off all things Apple. That and the fact that Steve Jobs is a total uber demonic twat-head asshole who will sell your eager little fanboy souls as quick as you can say iTunes. But hey, you are the types of nutcases that give all your money away to cults anyway. Good luck with your iFlagellation.

The decline of antivirus and the rise of whitelisting

Lexx Greatrex

Enough of the Whitelisting propaganda!!

How can something so flawed be so relentlessly promoted as a panacea cure for malware?

Whitelisting will be the death of the shareware and free software industries. I cant believe it keeps coming up in amongst the otherwise sane articles on the Reg

The slow death of AV technology

Lexx Greatrex

While the objectives are laudable, whitelisting is nothing more than a facist backlash

Please do not be fooled readers, the objective is mighty; to halt all malware, but the method of whitelisting will destroy the free software and shareware industries and place the control of software publishing firmly in the domain of Microsoft and its few giant corporate peers.

We could halt all spam and all phishing on the web by whitelisting every web site and mail server on the internet. We could also halt all crime in the world by authenticating every single human being and restricting their movements and actions.

The cost of such brutal enforcement is to stamp out creativity, and entrepreneurialism, which in this case as in all others significantly outweighs the social costs of the vanishingly rare malware infection; or the ten or so spam mails in your junk folder each day.

Thousands of companies that exist now and make huge contributions to quality software would have been stifled by the cost of authentication and whitelisting. And as we have seen with other types of authentication (SSL for example) the certification providers can push the goal-posts even higher by raising costs or forcing developers through unreasonable or impossible hurdles to gain certification. Not to mention the legal costs a small developer would face if their certificate is revoked due to fallacious complaint.

Would you want to wake up one day in a world where the only creativity and innovation in this vital industry was powered by the very giants that find themselves incapable of it?