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Storage crumblies, newbies race to push out flashiest gear


Perhaps the following statements (shown at bottom of this comment) were written in haste but there are a couple of issues regarding the HDS flash announcement;

1) 4x sustained throughput@500MB/Sec x 4 = 2.0GB/sec, not 2TB/sec.

2) An SSD is a storage device, not a controller, so a direct comparison is spurious.

3) Throughput in itself is a poor metric for characterizing flash performance; IOPS would be more useful.

4) 1 Million x 8KB IOPS with a flash-based VSP is not that impressive when compared with the number of IOPS that can be supported by much smaller and considerably less expensive subsystems that are already commercially available and installed today.

In particular HDS says the controller will have:


4 x sustained throughput of current MLC flash SSDs;


With good MLC SSDs offering 550MB/sec and 500MB/sec for sustained read and write operations, the HDS controller should have a 2.2TB/sec and 2TB/sec sustained read and write bandwidth level.

Quantum shoots down SpectraLogic product claims


rather a conundrum-

I am unclear regarding the value of printing 'backup expert' W. Curtis Preston's statement of awareness (or not in this case) of Quantum's MeDIA tape validation product; are we to take it that since he is not aware of it that it does not exist? Indeed that MeDIA has not existed since it was introduced a year ago? Or alternatively is this simply a means of illustrating that it is not possible for one expert to know everything? It's puzzling.


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