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For pity's sake, you fool! DON'T UPGRADE it will make it worse


Re: Accented characters in windows

"ESPECIALLY for the translation market where Macs are almost the default?"

SDL Trados studio: no Mac version

MemoQ: no Mac version

DejaVu: no Mac version

I think not...

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Like Prince Charley put it....

"you're treating the redesign as tantamount to physical assault, which isn't right."

No, the response is more that of commentards proverbially seeing "a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much loved and elegant friend"...

The comments should be taken as "tough love" - now please respond accordingly and do the $*&% roll-back!


Cock-up > conspiracy

I'd been hoping throughout the day that we'd get the news that this was yet another El Reg wind-up/social experiment/general troll... certainly seeing the overwhelming sentiment of the comments...

Alas, the Update confirms the banal statistic: "cock-up" is always as more likely than "conspiracy" (or "satire", as I had sincerely hoped....")

Thumb Down

When I first saw the new landing page I seriously thought El Reg had forgotten to pay their domain name fees and the url had been squatted by a popup aggregator/printer seller...

Generic and banal....

The old site had its issues (indeed no option to "view as a single page")

Keyboard, you're not my type


Re: Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard

I've been using these for years. They're great for removing strain from your wrists (albeit by passing it right on to your shoulders). Unfortunately the build quality is getting worse and worse over the years. Crappy radio and poorly responsive keys on my latest one (after about a year or two they get so filthy I tend to get a new one). My latest one has a dodgy "control" key - which doesn't always respond. You can imagine the fun that is...

Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots


word 2003 is decent

2007 crud (2010 somewhat better), but no MS word processor has ever managed to beat good old WordPerfect 5.1. Now there was a product that respected its users...

Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)


My wife gave me an Ipad2 as well

and, while I plan to use it as a portable browser and document reader, it was obviously designed with one sole overriding purpose in mind: for playing Plants vs. Zombies....


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