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Windows Phone 8 stands a chance as Apple, Android dither


Re: The advantages of a reboot - NOT

AAPL stocks dead flat? They have doubled this year. Doubled from $350 to $700.

Nokias 'hard reboot' was flirting with the end of the company. For Nokia to get a hold in the market is almost impossible, because once Apple had set the standard for ALL future smartphones in 2007, there was never going to be any more new ideas. Not for a very long time.

We are now in a mature Smartphone market, and the leaders will stay in the lead. NFC and wireless charging and a higher spec camera will not shake the world at all.

In fact, as wireless chargers use up to 30% more electricity for the same effect, I expect them to die out on the wings of a Greenpeace attack...

Now its down to smaller smartphones for less money to get all the people who cant afford one in on the game.

Dont bet against Apple - that would be foolish.

Dell, HP badmouth Apple's iPad



The fact that Apple dont have a useless 'partner' system will simply save money.

iPads can be set up by the company, build your own apps using the enterprise SDK, lock them down, delete them at a distance, find them when they are lost.

You only need itunes for system updates.

Many companies are buying them, despite the warnings from Dell and HP, two lousy box-shippers.

Amazon is best hope of a viable alternative to iPad


A lazy developer?

350,000 apps say that its very good business for a LOT of developers.

Fragmented? Rubbish - Apple own it because they have the best software. Its all about the software, not a list of specs...


Apple hot news!

This just in - not everything Apple does is great, but they generally do a reasonable job.

Plus, its now been discovered that there is NO viable competition, because they are either (a) too lazy and rich - msft, or (b) too stupid!

Apple have built a customer base of over 200 million people with their credit cards registered to buy music, movies, books, etc.

They have not become the second largest co. on the planet (after Exxon) by accident.

While M$oft were dreaming, Apple were working hard to sort out the music business mess, (which they did) and building good software and hardware. Whats not to like?

If the in-app purchase thing proves to be a dud (or even illegal), then it will be dumped and Apple will look at other options.

The real question is why other tech companies cant compete...