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US space programme in shock metric conversion


Re: the civilised world of SI

71.33 F is pleasant room temp, fyi.

'Kill yourself now' - Torvalds throws openSUSE security tantrum


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Dude, its unreasonable to tell apple they must or even should freely provide what VLC was built with. It is their tool, and it is excessively whiny of gnutards to tell apple they have to pull it from their store. Also, the fact that ZFS was intended to be GPL compatible further illustrates my initial point that all but the most ridiculously liberal/minimal licenses dont integrate into the GPL well. If I were to fork the GPL license, and call it the Toggi3 Public License and replaced all instances of GPL with TPL, and that's all I did to it, whatever I released under it would be incompatible with the GPL.

The very wording of the *GPL* isnt compatible with the GPL. :p


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Linux is just a kernel

I'll believe the GPL and licenses with conditions similar arent a legal/licensing nightmare when the Linux kernel gets ZFS and perhaps NDIS/project evil and nobody threatens to sue over it.. Maybe VLC in the Apple App Store would be good too.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Linux is just a kernel

Same anonymous coward here, another thing that is worth pointing out is the GPL is also a legal nightmare for anyone involved in any proprietary software that they want at the OS level. Every day you have whiners who believe proprietary binary blobs for drivers and the like are in violation of the GPL because they are kernel modules or exist inside them therefore *somehow* derivative works of Linux. The BSD and some projects in LGPL are much more pleasant to integrate into a sold system when the parts used must be meshed with proprietary, it just leaves you with more flexibility.

Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil


You mean by installing 3rd party plugins or filters that let iTunes (or perhaps windows media player) do exactly this?

How about proprietary codecs out of box in linux? Or can I not apply the same logic there?


when they grow large enough to be called a monopoly we can discuss that. until then what they do is entirely legal and perhaps even justifiable. There is certainly competition out there to choose from so to call it a monopoly is completely ridiculous. If they start dominating over 90% of the market, then we can talk monopolies with their current practice.

by the same coin nothing stops you from circumventing that, or running something else if you hate it so, but its not a monopoly yet.


there are other browsers for iOS and OS X, what the hell are you talking about?... I'm not blinded either, my experience with android was just that it was total garbage after 3 years of dealing with it. If it werent such an awful insecure buggy bloated java infested heap I might love it, until then I'll take almost anything else. ICS might win me back from what I've seen.

Apple shouldn't bother with TV...


surely the cost of publishing on iTunes (or youtube for that matter) is less than comcast cable?

Gary McKinnon support website defaced



Its really annoying to me that people are using aspergers as a defense when it does not imply (inherently) that you are less capable of choosing right from wrong. Especially when the person in question is obviously aware what they did was wrong (I find it hard to believe Gary did not). What Gary might not have expected is how ruthless/cold/harsh the US judicial system is towards computer crime. I guess I dont blame him too much as nobody wants to go to prison, but its a really poor defense to say 'I am just so obsessive in my search for aliens that sometimes I commit international computer crime without realizing!'. If that defense flies where does it end? It creates this assumption that people with autism related disorders are not trustworthy and incompetent. Gary knew what he was doing was wrong, if his defense wants to claim that US prison is too great a hardship for him, the least they should do is argue that infront of a US court.

Cheap as chips: The future of PC virtualisation


This is why I use OpenVZ

This article raises several points I have made for a couple of years now about why I use OpenVZ almost exclusively. OpenVZ uses the main OS's kernel, its not hardware virt at all but software. Its much akin to freebsd jails but a bit more flexible and elegant.

You elliminate the emulation of hardware, perhaps network interfaces, disks, etc. You eliminate running a very similar kernel on every guest, the only thing you really need different to attain binary compatibility with most x86 linux applications is everything except the kernel, if you need to run something under a debian system you can use a RHEL kernel with all the debian underpinnings in an OpenVZ container (or vise versa). Also you can resize the space given to a virtual environment on the fly without having to resize filesystem images, and those files are visible from the host node FS, this also has the benefit of eliminating double filesystem overhead, where you loop mount an EXT3/4 (or whatever) filesystem inside another filesystem.

Apple unveils 'World's First Thunderbolt Display'


two-ended cables are old hat

The Apple mobius cable interface will be invented soon enough

Apple opens iCloud to world+dog


torjan != serious virus

Trojans are not 'serious virus' threats in any sense, they are child's play. Especially ones that dont try to use even the most basic methods of hiding themselves or embedding themselves in the system.

If you *actually* install something because a popup told you to do it, you are helpless and shouldn't be using a computer unsupervised.

Furthermore this isn't the first bit of malicious trojan software ever to come to MacOS

Apple admits scareware problem, at last


unix/mac/xyz/blah being immune to malware

Nobody *reasonable* ever said it was impossible to be infected with malware on *whatever*. Especially if you include trojans in that mix. where you have to be stupid enough to download and run and install with admin permissions a malicious bit of software.

Apple tops Microsoft market cap, revenue, and profits


iPod - DRM free, Zune - not so much

if Microsoft can lock the Zune more than the ipod and still use DRM and it be OK, I dont know what words I can offer you.

Apple's 'App Store trademark': A farce of Jobsian proportions


Maybe and maybe not

I wont say they deserve the trademark or not. but I will say I can see WHY they think they deserve it. Microsoft refuses to acknowledge, when you tell people "I found something cool on the App Store", they generally know you mean Apple's. Just calling it how I see it.

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open


Jobs/apple is evil, etc etc.

as far as things open that google, ms, apple have contributed:

Google contributed to the embedded java scene and android, other little things here and there.

microsoft as best I can tell has given away almost nothing that is their own work (in any significant portion), .Net is a worthy mention even though it isnt open itself, microsoft works with and allows mono to exist. (anyone feel free to mention anything notable, not much comes to mind)

Apple has given us numerous things, most of which are extensions or improvements over already existing things like WebKit (from KHTML), Grand Central Dispatch (now in FreeBSD), or how about zeroconf/bonjour? Apple is weird when it comes to how it gets involved in code it gives away, their behavior can be quite two faced.