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Apple 'dismayed' to find over 100 kids building its iDevices


I am entirely certain Apple was dismayed that 100 kids were found building iPhones.

Potty-mouthed Watson supercomputer needed filth filter


"One damn minute, Admiral."

Latest exoplanet discovery is a virtual CLONE of Earth


Re: Slightly frustrating article.

Would it help if I said it's extremely remote, and no human being will ever, ever see it?

Kickstarted mobe charger 'kicked to death by Apple'

Big Brother

Re: err

Just like NuBus, FireWire, AppleTalk and a host of other apple "Standards"

The Sinofsky Letters: Defenestrated Windows overlord corresponds


I have never wanted, nor needed, Explorer or any other tree-based file managers. I loved noodling around in Workbench and was flabbergasted that people would slap DOPUS on top of the Amiga's elegant desktop system and felt the same way when "friends" would grab my PC for whatever nefarious purpose (when I finally got one in the mid 90s after C= died) and immediately blow up Explorer and proceed to lecture me on why it was better than <whatever>.


With that said? Regardless of whether you still want to use Norton Commander in Windows API clothing or whatever, Metro is and always will be trash. It's about as much fun to navigate as a Tiger Electronics game.com, and about as colorful, too. My sincere hope is that I'll wake up in 2015 and MS won't be trying to force-feed me Windows 2000 running in four-color safe mode like they are at present - or rather, like they aren't until they can come up with an actual and compelling Direct-X to try and make me leave 7 at gunpoint.

Windows 8, you are trash to me. Just not in the same way as most other folks here.

SGI losses widen, but revenue bumps up


SGI has a bigger curse on their name than "Amiga"

Honestly, what dull-as-dishwater rack servers have to do with sexy desktop supercomputers (for the time) like the Crimson, Indy, Indigo etc. is beyond me. But Rackable bought 'em, now they get the curse.

Terminator because graphics.

The new Mac mini eviscerated with ease


I'd love to smash it flat with a hammer but it looks like Apple's design folks are already there.

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?


Re: Who moved my cheese?

Oh, awesome, you're quoting that awful little children's book management throws on people's desks when they're about to be fired. Please, tell us more about your years of UI design (when you haven't been working for Human Resources).


Suboptimal junk.

I've used/put up with every version of Windows since 3, every NT version since 4 - if MS thinks I'm installing this fuck-ugly heap that looks like Win2000 running in safe-mode (judging from the color scheme), they can blow me. I'll patiently wait until Win9 when they realize what a terrible mistake they've made and realize that some of us don't want 27" widescreen monitors treated like 720x480 phone touchscreens.

Until then I've got Windows 7.

Work for beer, Neil Gaiman's wife tells musicians

IT Angle

Re: And another thing..

I know people who happily installed Windows Vista on their machines and would jump at the chance to do so again. That doesn't make them right, either.

There is life after the death of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Start button


Do you know what *I* want?

I want an OS that doesn't look like it's running in Safe Mode all the time. Dear Microsoft, not everyone who uses your OS is a latte chugging facebook-addicted hipster MONG some of us still have desktop PCs to use, and they have actual real robust hardware inside, not wafer-thin video cards whose capabilities bring us back to yesteryear when the Voodoo II was a hot item.

I want my hobby back, I want my Big Iron treated like a computer, not a godawful soccer mom fashion gadget. It isn't a goddamn phone, you nitwits. Quit ruining computing fun and quit ruining your company and quit ruining the only thing worth a fuck to come out of Redmond.

Asteroid zips past Earth


Re: "at about 20:00AM this morning"

"At the tone, the time will be 26 Railroad."

Windows is the OS of the cloud, says Microsoft


"Then Feel Free to Float Right Off My Desktop, Say Users"

Thanks for all the fun, hope Valve does all their releases for MacOS and doesn't mind my Hackintosh...


Re: Microsoft in full desperate mode trying to mimic Apple and failing completely at it...

Haven't you heard? You can turn Metro off...

...and find yourself looking squarely at an interface you'd thought MS had put away when they retired Windows 3.11

US Navy to field full-on robot war-jets as soon as 2018



Evil Otto, don't you know.

Libya fighting shows just how idiotic the Defence Review was



This is an interesting debate, and to lob another hand grenade into it:

The F/A-18-E/F models that the author and other posters are asking about aren't "1970s technology" or "1970s era fighters". The F18, which began life as the P38 (back when we used the "P" designation) as an extension of the Northrup F5E/T38 (which was later extended into the unloved F20 Tigershark) and placed as a competitor to the Light Fighter Competition as the YF17. The F16 won and soldiers on to this day. The USN and USMC asked for an improved F17 in the late 70s and it was redesigned around carrier operations and began production and flying in the early-to-mid 80s.

That's what most of you are thinking of.

The F/A-18-E/F started as an entirely new fighter for the USN and USMC to replace the F4 series, the A6 series and so on. Despite it being shaped like a 1970s F18, it is larger, has different engines, different electronics, a different power envelope and on and on. They feature variable-geometry inlets, for example. It is more akin to a step between the F15 and the F22 than merely a modified F18-C/D. The "oldest" F/A-18-E/Fs are 10 years along. That's practically brand new in 5th generation fighter aircraft terms. They're commonly referred to as "Super Hornets".

If the author was suggesting going back to F-18C/Ds, then yeah, that'd be dumb. But honestly? The Brits could do a hell of a lot worse than to buy the Plastic Bug. It's here, it's now, it was designed, tested, flown and approved and made operational inside the timefram that the Typhoon was still having design issues worked out, it's carrier proven, it can drop bombs, fire precision missiles, defend itself in a dogfight, and we can stamp 'em out for the UK all afternoon.