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AMD does an Italian job on Intel, unveils 32-core, 64-thread 'Naples' CPU


The current numbers might look good for cpu performance but what about bus performance.

While the current cpu benches we are being fed look good for performance. It really makes me wonder how strong the pcie bus performance is. Not to mention performance outside the main interconnect in general.

The APU's from AMD have had great internal interconnect performance. But once you leave that space and start trying to add discrete cards or components to the mix it went into the toilet fast. Not to mention stability problems.

I just don't trust AMD at this point with how far behind they have been, and the attitude of well we will fix this next chip. Or we left this out cause it cost us to much despite the demand for it, or already being implemented by our competitors.

if the real world performance ends up fitting the application, and its stable than by all means I will suggest it/implement it as a solution. But at this point I just don't have the trust that i once did in AMD.

FBI iPhone unlock order reaction: Trump, Rubio say no to Apple. EFF and Twitter say yes


Nothing but a gimmick to push their political agenda

We know they can break it without asking apple for help.

This is such a sham, as they are using it for nothing but an excuse to push their agenda that encryption should be illegal.

Wait till they start claiming that locks on the doors to peoples houses are also illegal since they prevent the FBI from entering when they want.

AMD sued: Number of Bulldozer cores in its chips is a lie, allegedly


Single Precision vs Double Precision

I am a little rusty on my architectures currently, but I believe the single FPU unit is configured with a bit width wide enough for Either full bore calculation at double precision for one core, or two cores at single precision. Which is similar to Intels Hyper threading. OR there was something along the lines for that in reasoning.

Anytime you do double precision floating point the load is going to be higher regardless, FPU's have always been a pricey and complex part of CPU's.Under efficient use other logic calculations and math can be used that are more efficient use of cycles than making pure use of the FPU for some things.

Elon Musk unmasks Tesla's Model X – the $132k anti-bioweapon SUV for the 1%


Bioweapon mode sounds useful around feedlots

If it does a good job of filtering out the smell of feedlots as well, than we have a winner. That is always one of the roughest bits of driving the 5 during the hotter months of the year. I could totally see why a someone in the tech industry would want such a feature.

That or when being besieged by hippies.

Russia considers keeping its own half of the ISS alive after 2024


Re: Why go to the moon?

If you can't get your manned mission to the moon and back, then how are you going to get a manned mission to mars and back?

I am hazy on my Russian space history when it comes to moonshots. Its one thing to send a number of unmanned systems somewhere and fail. Its a whole different story to send manned flights. Not to mention its much easier to track said missions these days so it makes it more difficult to get them under the radar.

This does make me wonder if we are going to see the race to the moon 2.0, as china has plans to head there. The united states has plans to go back. SpaceX is working capable hardware that could certainly make it their and back as a trial run for a mars shot (which we know they a interest in). I certainly wouldn't be against it, we made some huge tech advancements around the last major space race, that benefited all sorts of different industries, economies, and disciplines.

Nutanix to release 'community version' of its secret software sauce


Re: Desperate Move

ooh they must be rich or something, being able to splurge for real thousand island. Here we accidentally drop some ketchup on mayonnaise and call it thousand island.

IsoHunt releases roll-your-own Pirate Bay


Wack a Mole.

You make it sound difficult to win at wack-a-mole. With my Giant American cheeseburger eating ass, I just sit across the top of the game and its nothing but wins.

Though this tactic has gotten me banned from a number of arcades in my youth. I guess they just feared my leet skills back in the day.

BlackBerry comeback: BES12 server revealed – it will manage ALL THE THINGS


Re: woo hoo!

I am in the same boat my 9800 is slowly dying on me. I love the thing but they have yet to address that level of product.

The classic is certainly cheap enough that its worth picking up just to try even if I don't switch to it.

Billionaire's pet DRAGON SPLASHES DOWN off Pacific Coast


Re: Neat!

I think you might of been seeing some of the Maneuvering thrusters as they fired. You can notice them at several points firing as it starts increasing its distance from the arm. Mostly by a brief flash of light to the side of the main hatch.

Though That would be a great test for SpaceX, as a potential step towards full manned flight. I would imagine that would also be a good way to test their readiness for a space walk.

Bono: Apple will sort out monetising music where the labels failed


Apple seems to be enjoying their new Bono puppet

Someone at apple has been spending to much time on kickstarter and idiegogo. To think that monetising and keeping 90% of the profits for themselves is considered a new format.

Also since when was the monetising technique what kept people from buying music. Often people refuse to buy since its repackaged garbage, uninteresting, or maybe had no money to buy in the first place.

Apple Pay is a tidy payday for Apple with 0.15% cut, sources say


Quite low

I am surprised that their take is so low. But I guess they are thinking start low to entice the small people that aren't taking advantage electronic payments now. 2.5-3% is fairly standard as a small merchant for processing of credit cards and debit cards. With small purchases tacking on 5-10$ surcharges in a lot of places for sub 20$ orders.

I am sure the plan is to start small then once they have a grip on the market raise it up closer to the average slowly over time.

Size matters – how else could Dell squeeze 15 million pixels into this 27" 5K monitor?


However what is the refresh rate?

The problem with 4k monitors right now is poor support for the displays. Not to mention poor refresh quality and ghosting. So The bulk of them are useless video. Not to mention if your buying dells current offering of 4k displays high end or low end. They all suffer from a problem with not functioning properly. They will often only draw half the display due to how they are stitched together from two video inputs. Though the big problem is that buggy display port firmware is usually the crippling factor for these displays.

Not to mention who is going to spend 2000$ on a display that needs a high quality display. To have to send it back immediately cause its unable to be properly calibrated. Or suffers from a defect out of the box in terms of acceptable professional image quality. Let alone have to send it back for the above mentioned firmware problems. That dell doesn't make available, and requires you to send your monitor back for. Replacing it with a random refurbished model that might once again suffer from image quality and calibration issues.

So the only people that are really enjoying these monitors are people that want smoother fonts, and are willing to deal with a great deal of messing around on a consistent basis.

We give Panasonic's new 5-inch Toughpad phablets a kicking


MMM barcode reader

I must say the barcode reader is a very appealing part of this for me. Though the price range is likely to be a deal breaker a this point.

While they are certainly more up to date than the handhelds we currently have in the field. If we go for a replacement we're looking for something that is more like half the price of our proprietary units. Not 3/4's of the price.

I will definitely be keeping my eye on these though. As they seem to a much more open alternative for portable sales and inventory control.

AMD claims record with latest overclock-happy FX Series chips, again


Re: temperature...

the built in cpu' sensor on most of these chips error out once you take them below ambient, and report incorrectly. So it becomes difficult to guess what the true thermal delta values are between core and pot temperatures. I am guessing the stilts pot temp was probably somewhere around -210C .

As for flourinert systems, there is no reason to sell them or use them for cooling these days. Its generally so expensive that its counter productive. Since water cooling high density systems has become cheaper.

On additional note, The maximum clock for computation across all cores is probably somewhere in the 7ghz range now. Though its hard to tell as there isn't really any data populated yet on hwbot.org. Though it all depends on the chip design. Current record for wprime1024 on the 8150 is 7.2ghz or so.

Its also worth noting that Stilt Does a good deal of testing and work with AMD. He also has probably more platform knowledge than anyone else.

if you really want more info about this stuff check Hwbot.org thats where the records are posted record, and ranked/checked.

If you think 3D printing is just firing blanks, just you wait


I recently bought a 3d printer personal prototyping/model making

I recently spent around 1000$ on a cheap 3d printer and parts. Now I wouldn't of went bought one if I didn't already have experience with 3d modeling and cad. I had wanted one for years to play around with building working mechanical models of concepts. Mostly for my own enjoyment.

While I wasn't going to splash out on a makerbot or a 10k + stratasys stereo lithography machine. I was willing to buy a cheap 600$ model, Since I was sure to have to upgrade grade and modify it. At roughly 30$ a 1kg roll for PLA and 40$ for a 1kg roll of ABS, it seemed an acceptable cost. While admittedly I have wasted about 1kg of filament on learning. I have also made functional parts, like roller bearing assemblies. Which I ended up putting to use on a wire storage rack. I have also built some small high fairly high precision Clutch assemblies for RC cars. Even have gone so far to be working on an almost entirely 3d printed RC plane. While my biggest challenge is build volume at this size of printer. The parts are quite strong and functional. If anything it has been a great Hobby to keep my mind off work problems, while providing a bunch of creative problem solving possibilities. Not to mention Its quieter than being out in the garage at 3am with the table saw and a air compressor running.

Bad back? Show some spine and stop popping paracetamol


Re: Gunja Works

I have found that for certain types of pain, Like nerve pain. Weed will actually increase the pain in some situations. If you have something that is more mellow and less extreme level of hightening senses its more likely to help you relax and deal with the pain. Generally it works best when mixed with a light doseage of an opiate to increase the relaxation effect. As one of the worst things about chronic pain is that it often become very difficult to escape from. Which can result in your body sometimes having problems like complete inability to think, or perform simple tasks. Cause its just so overloaded by pain.

Then again one of the keys to not becoming addicted to opiate based pain killers isn't to get rid of the pain completely. Cause often if your completely getting rid of the pain all the time, you are significantly over medicating and increasing your tolerances. If you can treat your pain to a point where you can function enough to stay focused and live your life that is generally the best level to be at. That and when your experiences time periods where you are possibly in a lower level of pain to cut back on pain killers. Instead of just continuing to take them every 6 hours on that schedule that becomes almost a routine that you don't think about.

Rural mobile coverage: Tweeting twits to join chirping tits in UK's national parks


Re: Hooray

I frequently go into areas that have little to no cellphone coverage for photography. I am with you on the satellite phone front. They are well worth it in situations like this, and are generally more rugged than a cellphone for rough climates. I have yet to need to use it, but when your several hundred miles from the nearest person and there is a possibility of a break down or health problems, its a good idea to have one.

But then again this fall inline with actually planning stuff out and not going out on a whim on a day trip and getting lost. Cause you didn't bother with a map.

Girl gamers sexism row: Top e-sports federation finds reverse gear


Are you sure its Female..

and not G.I.R.L. (Guy in real life)?

Windows 7, XP and even Vista GAIN market share again


My frustration with 8.1 and opinion on such matters of why upgrade

I've been using 8.1 on my laptop lately. Which is the machine I use in the field every day. Originally I was going to avoid even touching 8.1. However Since I am having to start supporting 8.1 clients now I figured it was time I learned it and got use to its quirks. Also because when I replaced my laptop (old one died after 5 years) it came with 8.1.

I can say that 8.1 is quite annoying at times. While the interface is fairly fast. In places it seems to be much sharper and a better user experience than 7 sp1. However when it comes to compatibility and support for software, its definitely lacking. Its been a major pain in the butt to get semi unsigned executables to run correctly or install. In fact a large portion of the time stuff seems to show up without options to choose a user to run them as or even the availability of compatibility options. (though I really haven't dug into looking a solution for when this happens). Its more than once made me consider wiping everything and putting windows 7 on it. Its amazing when even development apps like visual studio have large glaring functionality bugs in them in windows 8.1. One would think that since they are trying to encourage people to support and write apps for 8.1 that it would be a little more agreeable than it is.

Onto the question of why upgrade your os if your not seeing any real gains in the form of user experience. The big thing that newer Operating systems bring to the table are security. Windows vista despite being a giant pain in the ass in a good majority of situations, forced programmers to write safer software. By doing away with a number of questionable practices. Now it didn't do away with all of them but it did provide the start of a more secure platform. Compared to windows XP. As time when on and nobody moved to vista some of these features made their way into xp. Others where improved on made more programmer and public friendly and became core components of 7. Windows 8.1 carries on this tradition when it comes to security.

Security is always going to be a sore point when it comes to programmers and users. Good security often affects ease of use. So its a game of balance, often ease of use takes priority and security is compromised. At the same time if they don't force some degrees of security on users, then the complaint would be why are you not doing what you can to protect us. UAC is an example of this. You can turn it off if you don't like it, it has been a huge source of complaints by many users. However if it wasn't turned on to begin with the level of rampant malware that makes its way onto systems would most probably be much higher. Those that dont turn it off and just live with it really turn out to loose very little extra time in dealing with it. Enough at this point that its complained about very rarely compared to its introduction.

D-Wave disputes benchmark study showing sluggish quantum computer


The old game of benchmarks

Every time I discuss benchmarks with people its sorta like discussing politics. You have to take into account whose doing what. What initial bias they have if its intentional or not. Then you have to take into account who ran the benchmarks and how versed they are in what is being tested.

Most of the time the person running the benchmarks has more experience running one over the others. Specifically if they had an extremely limited amount of time with what they are benchmarking. Then there are in house benchmarks. These will always be skewed somewhat in favor of the companies own software. In part cause they know how to optimize and tweak their software better. Then the other item is left pretty much out of the box or sometimes even unconfigured.

To put it mildly benchmarking and benchmarks mean nothing unless you have decided on the ruleset before hand that is going to be the standard, and constantly check to make sure that the standard has been adhered too. Even then there is a enough of a margin of error that can throw this stuff of.

BlackBerry bottoms out: Vows to wow with new Berries


I am starting to feel they are all talk ...

I love my blackberry, and I know I am not the only person that loves the torches. Which was the model I have been so waiting for an update too. However Its been about 5 years since I bought mine. and while short of replacing batteries its held up well. Its just not keeping up with the demand of business anymore.

Going off of blackberries general follow through, I would say add 1-4quarters onto any date they give, with the original feature set nothing expanded to be inline with where phones are at the time they release. That will probably be what comes out of them. Which is really a bummer.

The cute things they say


You mean I actually have to do stuff for it to work

This actually happened yesterday....

Phone *ring

User: stuffs not working

me: okay we need to be more specific than that, whats not working.

User: well the file isn't there

me: what file are we talking about? and what are you trying to do?

User: well _____ no longer exists'

me (luckily able to figure out wtf they are attempting to do that this point) - Did you run the report that generates the file?

user - run what??? you mean I have to run it? I don't think you know what your talking about....

me: I wish I didn't know what I was talking about!

What can I say, they either have no faith in technology, or to much trust in it to that point that they think it all just magically happens. I am going to go put pictures of users on the moles in the wack-a-mole game now to vent some frustration...

Comcast exec says wired broadband customers should pay-as-they-go


And the floodgates open

I think we are spiraling back in time with this current BS. The reason that there are so many US companies and businesses that are built around net services is cause its costly to provide code and servers. While the telecom systems have for a longtime been the backbone of this.

What it comes down to is they are unhappy that they are taking a second seat to the real profit and are attempting to find anyway possible to get a large cut of the pie. The thing is that these are companies in the first place that are monopolies. They provide a sub par service cause they have pushed their competition out of the game due to political influence. Or because their size is so big to begin with they can just buy out competition to lower the overall standard.

If this keeps up its going to be similar to what it seems a large portion of EU countries have when it comes too Connectivity. Super high fees and charges and reduced connectivity and use because of that. Which in turn will greatly effect and lower the usage of online services. Which will hurt the entire US based connect IT business model. If you raise your prices like they are. While offering such a low level of service (which in most places outside of big cities they are) . Then People are going to start doing without these services.

Comcast dragged into muck in Oracle's Solaris fix-it lawsuit


Smell of SCO allover again

Is Darl Mcbride working for oracle now?

I know that oracle seems to be big into the old ways of closed support loop. But this is just reeking of early 2000's and the FUD of SCO vs Linux, allover again. The same horribly organized legal defenses. The destruction and complete abuse of customer bases.

AT&T dangles gigabit broadband plans over 100 US cities


Att's so full of shit

This is a company that is currently selling customers U-verse which it claims is fiber in all locations and fiber only and then turns out to be installed as DSL in the 1-2mbps range. They won't provide contract information to their customers when its requested. But require you to basically sign a blank check to them for service.

Yeah maybe they will install gigabit fiber in a few places, but everywhere else they are currently getting paid to upgrade or bring up to standard as usual will suffer.

A black box for your SUITCASE: Now your lost luggage can phone home – quite literally


I would make use of this or similar tech

I could see this as being convenient for large high expensive shipped items. Camera equipment or other technology that you need to make sure they reach their said destinations. Even logistics wise for things like live sound companies and touring bands. It would be better at that point if you could have a grouped charge for such things so you could have a large number of devices sharing a phone number. But reporting their individual UID's so you could track to make sure they are all correctly in route or at the location you need ahead of time. As well as simplify the annoyance of trying to figure out where stuff ended up. Ie the wrong venue.

Toshiba baby OCZ flings open coat, bares PCIe flasher to world


Strange specs and not my choice

I am rather surprised that it is pcie2.0 not 3.0 at this point.

The biggest thing is I would not put this in a virtualized environment. I am sure the price is rather high still, but OCZ is hardly known for their reliability when it comes to flash drives. So it immediately would make someone think twice about where they want to spend that kind of money.

I would go far enough and say I wouldn't want to put this in a production environment in general. Might be fine for a test lab but nothing production oriented.

ISS astronauts to grow tomatoes and rice …. IN SPAAAAACE



Zero Gravity Cattle herding anyone? Also brings new elements of difficulty into cow tipping.

Gmail falls offline, rest of Google struggles on: NO! Not error code 93!


12:09pst service up partially

Its up partially, you can login again, an you can receive mail but currently can't send anything. There is an extended delay in receiving mail aswell.

I am in northern Northern California.

El Reg's contraptions confessional no.3: the Apple G4 Cube


The best thing about the cube...

the upgrade ability. Apple Finally released a product that was useful after you where done with it. You just pull the innards out with the handle and turn it upside down. Then put a trash bag in it, and you have the G4 Power Trashcan.

The only reason I bought one of these off ebay was to use it as a trashcan :D

Meet NASA's Valkyrie: A silky busty robo superhero that'll save your life


Re: From Nasa to Darpa?

Nasa has had to resort to running things more like a business ever since the funding cuts of the last 14 years or so. They sell computing services to other government agencies also.

It also makes good publicity in this situation to get people interested in space exploration. Since part of nasa's on going mission is education and peaking the interest of young minds. As to encourage them to become interested in the sciences and hopefully contribute to them at some point.

What is thy bidding? Han Solo’s shooter goes under the hammer


These look like castings for stunt guns

These definitely aren't the hero guns. That would deserve this kind of price.

I highly doubt the authenticity as well, as the castings for the rubber stunt guns are quite prolific for the blade runner gun apparently. Not to mention most of the castings where made before the compleition and refinement of the hero weapons.

PANIC OVER DROOPING house prices hits MEMBER-shaped estate


I see this as a price increase not decrease

Get a few hot female porn stars to move in there, since they tend to enjoy things of a phallic nature. once that happens The rest of the houses will go up in price once you let leak that they live there.

Problem solved.

I'll be here all week, with more horrible answers to 1st world problems.

Why not build a cluster out of WORKSTATIONS?


Depends on the board setup

Some of the single processor workstations in the last few years have had a significant advantage over the servers boards and multi proc setups.

For example, Up until the Ivy Bridge E chips came out from intel. You where better off doing multi video card setups on a single socket 2011 setup since they had a much higher pcie bus speed. Since the Sandy Bridge E X79 chipset had pcie 3.0, instead of 2.0 on the servers.

The other big advantage insome situations becomes how the bus is setup on the board. Are you sacrificing PCIE density so that you run management cards drive controllers vs a series of large 16x wide pcie cards.

To go a step further depending on the setup and just how much they are saturating the bus. It might be far cheaper to just use a high end desktop board, with PCIE bridging and switching capabilities. For a dual card setup, Than spending the extra cash on a socket 2011 box.

Have you reinstalled Windows yet? No, I just want to PRINT THIS DAMN PAGE


Printers are the bane of my existance

I have had a lasting hatred of printers for years. It is always one of those things that independent of os and hardware never seems to work correctly anywhere. Its and it is always when you want to print something quickly. That turns into a "Production" usually for no other reason than they are stubborn and I wouldn't doubt that they where union workers as well. Choosing random pickets to prove they are useful yet never actually getting the job you hired/purchased them for done, without coming within a inch of getting kicked down a flight of stairs.

Forget Wi-Fi, boffins get 150Mbps Li-Fi connection from a lightbulb


I do like the security point of view

I must say I like this better from a security point of view. Once outside the room your pretty much cut off from the network, of that light source, Unless connected via another point. outside the room. However its currently much to slow for practical application of byod. Not to mention the unanswered questions that sit around interference and physical device location. (considering my tablet Lives in a case this could be a problem)

Will be interesting to see how this matures as it makes its way to the market.

Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI – on paper printouts



Man this guy gets some serious respect in my book.

Mr Levinson here is hoping that people learn of what you have done for them, and never stop praising your named for your sacrifice.

WHY do phone cams turn me into a clumsy twat with dexterity of an elephant?


You hit the nail on the head

For once I feel we're on the same page. Sharpness is key in my book as well. Not to mention that cheap cameras / camera phones and point to shoot cams, all fail in my book. There are times every once and a while where I am in good prime light, or is an extremely flash friend situation that a hard direct flash picks up the detail I am looking for, in a quick reference shot. Or a quick pic of a document. But for anything outside that, Like concerts, high contrast, or action, I'll take an digital SLR or a film camera even. Which is why I have taken to carrying around a backpack with thousands of dollars worth of gear in it, when I am looking to get pictures of stuff. Even at times when I think there may or may not be picture potential It seems to have developed into my recent travel companion. Throw in that I can easily transfer the images to my tablet if I am really in a hurry to see if I have gotten the shot I am looking for.

Then again most people are not accustomed to carrying around Tool kits, or bags with larger devices in them. So the thought of carrying around a back with 10 lenses in it and two camera bodys, and a handful of spare batteries is unacceptable to them. Let along a camera with a 400mm telephoto lens.

Xerox begins rolling out patches for jumbled-numbers copier glitch


Sounds Like a over optimization in an attempt to improve processing time. Like they reduced the resolution that it gets digitized into while attempting ocr. I can see that if 8 and 6's are one of the problems why this could be a problem, Throw in oil and dirt on the scan surface and low resolution comparison for digitization would equal an incorrect result.

When you think about it, How often do you clean the glass on a copier, or worry about dust and other grime on it, in comparison to something like a camera lens. I know when i do high quality art scans it can be a big annoyance dust and other fine debris that can degrade the quality of a scan.

Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world's net traffic


Re: So now we know Google can account for 40% of internet traffic

Yeah I was wondering the same thing. If your providing for a huge amount of traffic there is gonna still be a large amount that is semi redundant to account for load sharing and redundancy in the case of an outage. While google might own large amounts of its own fiber, there are large tracts of fiber that it still doesn't own, would would show across the public networks.

Would Love to know the amounts public and pirvate bandwith they have and saturate :D

Leaked photos of iPhone 5C parts portend ugly Google legal battle


fight fight fight

Would someone just let the two of them duke it out in the sandbox already, so we can get to the part where they are sitting next to each other at the bar sharing a drink apologizing to each other, and done with this petty squabbling.

Intel's homage to Raspberry Pi: The much pricier Minnowboard


Double the price of a standard atom

This is stupid, Lets put everything from a standard atom setup on a redesigned board with Less expandability and double the price.

I want what they are smoking, must be some amazing stuff if makes you this stupid.

What they don't seem to get is that its not really the hardware that is making it really move, its the price. For as little as you pay for a Pi you can risk damage and destruction to the system even giving it to very small child, and not feel it in your pocket book so much when the thing goes tits up in a cloud of magic black smoke.

Apple KILLER decloaked? Google lovingly unboxes Nexus 7 Android 4.3 slablette


High mobile device sales vs pc sales, due to accidents?

I really wonder if part of the reason that Tablet sales are so high is due to user inflicted damage or loss. I know plenty of people that go through a phone every month or so due to, dropping, cracked screens, or straight up loosing them by misplacement or leaving them in a public place and not remembering it(not referring to theft here). If this is really the case it makes much more sense, having less to due with actual user demand so much as devoted core groups that rely them enough that it pushes up manufacturing demand rather then A large amount of new users, or general upgrades.

As people have mentioned already PC's last alot longer these days. Not to mention a lack of software in most situations that really put a need for people to upgrade every quarter let alone every year even. Expanding on the above topic of destruction. Greatly fewer PC's generally die to dropping and accidents. Laptops are a little more prone to this but this I have yet to meet someone that goes through a laptop a month due to accidents.

Just a little food for thought.

Personally I find that I use my tablet for very different purposes than my desktops or latops. Enough that my PC still generally rules my tech needs.

DARPA uncloaks unTerminator for $2 million robotics challenge


Articulated Toes?

The one thing that really gets me about both the petman and this atlas build is that there seems to be some added instability in the feet. Really makes your respect what toes do for you. Also makes you wonder what kinda of advantages they would gain from having toes. Like the ability to dig into the ground more or increased movement speed, to tiptoeing through debris. Not to mention the ability to smooth out the release of striding movements.

Dell crams baby small-biz data center into a tower chassis


How realistic is the pricing though

I wonder how realistic this pricing is though, I wouldn't bat an eyelash at paying 5-10k for the small small businesses out there that need a multiserver tech setup. However I have a feeling there is a bunch of other charges we are not seeing at that point. Ballooning it out of the range of some of the customers that would other wise look at it. lets face it blades generally have a premium attached to them.

Would be nice to see a version with mixed 3.5" and 2.5" storage. Though with it being dell chances are your not able to put anything that isn't approved from dell to begin with. So no standard off the shelf commodity storage load up in the front hot swaps.

BlackBerry's Q5 QWERTY gets flirty with buy-curious teens


Still waiting for a torch replacement

I am still waiting for something that matches the torch for features. I rather like the full touch w/sliding keyboard.

I have to admit though 4g LTE will be something that I want in my next blackberry. Having recently picked up a 4g tablet, the difference in connection quality is certainly night and day.

Hopefully they release something in this range soon. I am really not interested in going back to apple, or even the android market tbh.

Facebook crashes into networking with open switch


Re: Available in all good shops?

Your not generally gonna find the stuff preconfigured hardware yet or white box for openswitch. What you can find is plaes that already sell hardware thats aimed at embedded switching requirements and or bare appliances that can be adapted to ones needs.

http://soekris.com/ offers alot of embedded appliance form factor hardware for such applications. One of the nicest thins they tend to stock is a 4port gigabit ethernet card that is low power consumption, and single pcie lane. They also offer bulk discounts on everything.

There is also a nice series of tutorials here


That go over setting up a linux switch. Using open switch and vattya's routing distribution. Some skipping around is needed since he shoves alot of features in there that a baseline switch doesn't need.

You should also be able to hack some pcie extenders off ebay, to relocate the pcie lane configuration, so that you can stack 16 pcie1x cards into a chassis . Though its currently much more expensive at a build your own level. I am sure before long this will change.

At LAST, scientists tackle the problems faced by alcoholic rats


Good stuff, wheres the livers?

Now they just need to to start growing Livers as well. The only thing that bums me out about this is that by the time I will Probably need a kidney or a liver. It still wont be a practical affordable medical technology for the masses.

For those not in the know, a large majority of medications uses for treating chronic illnesses like auto immune diseases and cancer. Are particularly hard on the kidney and liver. Often resulting in additional medical problems related to the two organs. For those diagnosed at an early age this is a real problem when it comes to treatment and quality of life.

Netflix names Google Fiber the fastest ISP in the US


I dont think this is very accurate for a few reasons

The Client that they use for streaming only uses about 2.5mbit at most for streaming of HD content, and depending on your connection speed it caches to a good degree then stops based on how many minutes ahead in the overall content you are.

What really needs to be explained clearly is the test metrics .

If 2.5mbit is really the max needed to maintain a stream than what they are saying is that when you reset a watched video the latency is so low that there is pretty much like sliding the silder back on your local media player when watching a local movie. Which is kind of impressive, But if this isn't the case its really not saying much besides that their client base is mostly on lower end connections.

APPLE reveals complete updated blueprints of SPACESHIP JOBS


Keeping with california cannibus laws

I think apple is just taking advantage of the california cannibus laws. You can't go under when you have the largest grow site in the state. Since its inclosed and secured it makes getting busted much more difficult.

Plus it would definitely increase their profit margins. You've gotta keep your hippies happy and creative somehow.