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Vehicle spy-cam data to be held for five years

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Porkers ?

@ spam

Whilst I agree with your sentiments do you think you could lay off the childish "pigs" comments please?

Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

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6 months


Wow, that seemed to go real fast

Each distro brings new functionality. Great stuff.

EA free petrol stunt triggers north London gridlock


There is life outside the M25

Always in Fakkin Landan

Commodore launches little laptop

Paris Hilton


Since when have Commodore or Amiga ever made good business decisions ?

btw.. AmigaOS is still alive and very much in development


If a laptop/tot was released with Os4.1 > I'd be first in line to buy it.




Ps.. Paris.. Coz I reckon she's got better business sense than C= A.Inc Combined

Brit firm to demo serious flying robo-saucer in 2009


Home City

I live in Peterborough. (someone has to) I haven't seen any aboot.

Gonna X post this on our local forum see if I can glean anymore info.

BBC iPlayer upgrade prompts new ISP complaints


All very well

If there's something worth watching.

And will the new version of Flash work in Linux systems ?

(~Ubuntu user here)

ISS expands parking capacity

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They'll be renaming it to Diso or Ross 154 soon.. Bring it on.... /me is a trucker.. cues up Space Trucking - DP

Trousers Brown Counterpoint: Is Gordon right?

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Tropical fruits

I think your'll find most of the tropical/exotic fruits now travel by AIR.. Cargo A380's should bring the price down a bit but with the advent of high fuel costs that will negate the savings.

So.. Scrap your 20-30 knots and replace it with 400 knots-ish

IBM's eight-core Power7 chip to clock in at 4.0GHz



I hope they do something useful with all that grunt.. Like crunching Rosetta.

UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

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Might be the saviour of the Post Office !!

Snail Mail to the rescue !

Dave Cameron pledges to Open Source UK.gov

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M$ tax

Someone is finally starting to "Get it"

Shame its the bloody tories !!

So whats the "Get it?"

How many computers are in the civil service ?


They all require licensing every year.

I bet that money could build, staff & run a super hospital every year.

Coding houses would change priorities in the bat of an eyelid with the fresh opportunities.

It would work a damn sight better than the current systems regardless of inevitable glitches.

Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era

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Coffee machine

As an Amigan I remember my A1200 being spread all over the table..

ie: Cdrom ( naturally scsi)


Goliath psu

extra floppies

and a whopping 170mb HD

So do we take it that if this design sells well then Jay got it right all those years ago ?

Also when using my A1200 I made damn sure liquids never went ANYWHERE near it. ( The 060 accelerator cost £600 alone)

btw.. Would anyone actually admit to being an ex ST'er ?


Amiga explains AmigaOS 5 AmigaAnywhere

Dead Vulture

Vid doesn't work

Well whatever version they have on here doesn't work in x86 Gutsy Gibbon (plugins installed)

You tube works ok.. so it must be here !!

TBH though... I suspect I don't really want to see McBill in action.

AmigaOS 5 surfaces... sort of


Eyeam Escaped ?

Hey Eyeam....

/me grabs eyeam by the short & curlies.....

Back to the MooBunny with you.. Can't have you talking sense around here !!

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Nothing to see... Move along.

As a practising Amigan (I own an AmigaOne) I would just like to say...

"Read my reply title"

BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage

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I like it... Its an improvement on how it appears on my screen anyway...

Here's how it currently looks....


I did fill in their questionnaire and asked for them to centralise it so maybe they have..

Now if we can just get them to give unbiased news coverage on the fuel protests today !! ( No government spin added)

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety


Lost customer

I've always chosen WD hard drives over other brands.

WD... You just lost a long standing customer.

@ the admins.. can you pack these comments and send them to WD ?

Celebrity spam gang whips up a storm

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@ 4a$$Monkey

Your Link didn't work !!

Debian 64 here as well so please can you ensure it works properly on 64 bit too ?


/me fed up of stuff not working on 64 bit ...yet.

Gates Horns

even better

"You have opened an executable file that was infected. To protect the Internet your machine has now sustained a full system wipe...

************ In future, Please pay attention to warnings************

************************Have a nice day *******************

Speed-cam fines topped out in 2005

Paris Hilton

Thats (probably) the answer


Brake fade was a serious everyday problem above 40MPH. Stopping down hill from 70 usually involved a lot of engine braking and a short lift off the pedal to allow the drums to cool off!



Thats probably the best way to make people drive more carefully !!

Remove the safety designed into new(ish) vehicles.

I bet people would use their common considerably more.

And those that don't ?

... Well... Darwinism can be a good thing sometimes !! [/sarcasm]

( Of course, thats not so great for the unfortunate buggers they take out with them)

Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java


1 lump or 2 ?


Oo.. I'll have a cup of that please.

AmigaOs4 <s>L</s>user here !!

California teen offers GPS challenge to speeding rap


[Nitpick mode ON]

15mpg for a wagon is pretty good. DAMN good if its a LARGE lorry as earlier described.

My wagon is a 560 Scania (V8)


and gets about 8mpg average running with a reefer @ 44 tonnes gross.

As for fitting tacos to cars....

hmmm ...tasty. but surely the year new vehicles spend leagured in a field before distribution would put those tacos past their "best before" date ? Still, a fur encrusted taco sounds........ different..... shame about the smell.

I think you mean Tacho(graph)

And iirc... Cars fitted with tacho's ARE being trialled.

I think the future world is going to be an UGLY restrictive place.

Bad hair day for alternative browser users

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@ Dave Dowell

That didn't work (debian 64 here) but following your advice and experimenting I've sussed it.

Switched off Identification.

Roberts my Fathers brother.

MuchOS GraciOS



vulnerability ?


Aint bothered about that.. they get fixed pronto... Wait till you get this shit.....


What chance of getting that fixed ?

AC/DC become masters of their domain


Pub Band

Ac/Dc... Ah yeah....

I remember giving em a newspaper ( Sunday Independent) at one of their pub gigs in Cannington ( WA) in 1974 .. They were nobodies then.

Couple of months later they released High Voltage


The rest is history.

Plan for 20mph urban speed-cam zones touted


Technology & the motorist

You wait, it wont be long before you have a dual credit card slot on your dashboard.

One for your credit card and t'other for your license. GPS speed tracking with "auto billing" for your speeding offence (0.1 mph for 1 second over the limit - It's digital.. your guilty or you aint !!).

Naturally GPS speed limiters wont be introduced as that would circumvent any possibility of revenue raising.

Y'know... I'm a Night Trunk trucker (Liverpool tonight) but I've got just 4 years left on my mortgage.... I guess I'm wishing my life away coz I can't wait to come off the road.

I've started Pushbiking to work as well but Peterborough is blessed with good cycleways... No way your'll catch me cycling on the road... To many demon Truckers/car drivers around !!



Windows update brings down TV newscast

Dead Vulture

Toast anyone ?


Bet there ruing the day they retired their Video Toasters !!

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows


Wot E sed

@ The release of the Amiga

IINM they also said something like...

What do you need 4K colours and stereo sound for to write a letter ? "Must be a games machine - A toy".

Hmmmmm !!

Oxygen pollution began earlier than we ever thought


patently obvious

The Perthians shoulda took a patent out on the oxygen around WA back then... They'd have made a killing !!

Outcast (Aussie)

Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows



When Jo/ann Punter gets their O/s-less system home from PC's R Us and they switch it on... They get greeted by an animated "insert Boot disk" screen similar to the old Amiga boot screen.

They then look in the box for the Destructions and find a Disk named (surprisingly) BOOT Disk with some written destructions.


1: switch on Computer (after you connect all the bits)

2: insert Boot disk

3: Press Ctrl -Alt Del simultaneously (reboot)

4: Requester pops up ... Install popular distro's.. And name a few or have an advanced option for Uber Geeks

4: You have selected to install Windows Turbo looney please insert your credit card details. "You have been charged ... X amount.. Would you like a free re-infection with this install ?"

5: You have selected Linux, Propellor head version ... Cursor blinks... & blinks .... & blinks ....

6: You have selected Ubuntu ..Chillout and your system will be installed pronto (don't install the 64 bit version though - They are still coding for a "last millennium 32 bit system - HINT HINT!!)

7: You have selected Amiga Os4 ... Please wait "Just two more weeks" (tm)

Easy Peasy... Job sorted.

"NEXT - Splendid !!"

Toshiba readies Cell-based graphics engine



It'd be much more use if they went with OpenGL

787 unsafe, claims former Boeing engineer


The Wings hath engines

@ Ian


Furthermore you expect there to be a nice little wing shaped gouge through the building leaving a cross shaped entry point? Anyone who's flown has seen how flexible aircraft wings are as they bend - they're not super strong rigid lumps of pure titanium.



Shame about the TWO SIX TONNE engines bolted onto those foldable wings.

Do you reckon they used Gzip or Lha on those engines ?

F1 secrets left on the web


SpoilSports !!


Of course, following our conversation, the document was edited with the secret information removed. ®


SpoilSports.. Now you made me go looking for it !!

Aussie scam artist rides bank computer glitch to $9m overdraft




Victor Ollis wrote check after check for money he didn't really have,



Australia uses BRITISH spelling. It's Cheque, NOT check.

They say ARSE not Ass and they use "S" not "z" in words.

Shame on you !!



Mr and Mrs Renault cannot name daughter Megane


Profession ?

My Father in Laws name is...

Robin Holmes

Wonder if his Mum ever knitted him a stripy jumper ?

BioShockers delivered from DRM hell



Aaah.. the days of the Amiga.....

Buy XcopyPro (with the hardware bit) and make a perfect mirror copy of whatever copyprotected disk.

It even copied Pc formatted disks.

I'm surprised no enterprising fellow/s haven't released something of the ilk for CD/DVD's.

To the peeps that have never heard of Xcopy (n00bs)... It basically synchronised floppy drives to each other and copied the whole disk as a mirror image. So you got a perfect recreation of original including the copy protection, but it didn't matter if you stuffed a disk up then.

I even backed up my DV-in enabler disk for my Vx9000 using my A1200 !!

Google invades Outer Space


Space Trader

Too kewl....

Just gotta wait for Google to release an updated online version of "ELITE" to tie all this in.


Virgin Media boss in shock exit


Blessed be you


Quote by TLA

"Amazingly, Virgin don't have digital cable where I live...



Reading all these rants it would appear that that's actually a blessing in disguise !!

Kingston hides Hull roots with KCom rebrand


Passing Thru

Dave Evans spaketh ..

<quote> but then I've lived in Peterborough and Salford, so I know what a real sh*thole looks like. </quote>

Aaaah.. I guess that means you were ... "just passing through" then .. (Think about it)

You didn't have a "run in" with the Friels perchance did you ?



Oh... I know html aint allowed, but my <quote> helps define the quoted text </quote>

The Scouts go grid


We need a client

Shame no one bothers to do a "wx widget free" PPC client that WOULD be used by AmigaOS4 users

A thousand of us would immediately switch over from DnetC to WCG.


And (hopefully) that userbase is soon to (dramatically) grow.

Miserable Brits declare War on Comfort



Yes but imagine all the new business opportunities in that "changing Landscape"

Peterborough on Sea ?

Hmmm... yeah.. has a kind of (cash register) ring about it.


Fatal explosion hits Virgin space programme


Terra Firma

Indeed, Condolences to the bereaved and injured.

Bad as it sounds..... Better to happen on the ground than upon re-entry. The debris is right there and should help analysis.

Keep on Trucking Guys...

I want my Cobra Mk111 some day.

BBC Trust backs calls for Linux iPlayer



Nice one... Way to go !!

I have noticed that since all this about the player blew up that BBC Vid feeds now work in Debian 64, using VLC

Power to the People !!

Google nabs aerial camera company


Conservatory Tax


All these high res scans will help the government with their proposed conservatory tax.

We saw an AWACS over Peterborough a couple of weeks ago... Now google earth has decent scans of our town as well.......

But do they sell any extra info gleaned ?

Microsoft grows despite Windows Vista


The Missus & Linux

@ Don

Women aint as thick as your implying.

We dual boot Debian 64 & XP on The wifes PC ( I use an AmigaONE) Grub is set to boot Debian first.

The wife happily rattles around on Debian.

The XP side only ever gets used for NLE and as I've only got one more wedding to film before giving em up...........

Even the BBC news vids now work on Debian 64

Now if we could just get Adobe to pull their finger out with 64 bit flash support.


Open sourcers rattle EU sabre at BBC on demand player



I use debian 64 and AmigaOs4

Their video/music works on neither.


Tao Group throws in the towel



Is this why Amiga Inc are now gunning so hard for Os4 ?

To those that are unaware, Amiga's new Os was supposed to be based on Tao's Intent. Amiga was uninterested in improving it's own "Workbench" Os and basically cast if off to a third party developer who then improved it considerably.

Now Amiga wants it back

I wonder why?

Five things Sony needs to do save the PS3



Get Os4 on it !!



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