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Quantum computing in our lifetime - IBM breakthrough



they will discover the very same phenomenon in the human brain.

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time


and from now on

we have to call the maximum speed "neutrinospeed" instead of "lightspeed".


there is nothing particular in this discovery

The relativity theory stated an upper limit for speed correctly, according to the observations. Einstein`s big failure was to state that light itself possesses this maximum speed. No clear evidence proved this, although the two speeds are very near to each other.

Neutrinos are just more closer to the maximum speed, but we still don`t know if they reach it or not.

Flinging Facebook insults at Thai monarchy earns fat jail terms


Show trial

In Thailand, the government uses the charge of high treason against all of it`s political opponents. A kind of witch hunt is going on there now. It is enough to say that somebody insulted the royal family, and can be prisoned immediately.

SQUID calls 'virtual photons' into real existence


This means

that the effect described here, can be used to produce connected photon-pairs for quantum-state teleportation?

"the observed photons have properties predicted by quantum theory"

this sentence is very important, if it means what i'm thinking of. Does this mean that we know the quantum state of the created photons? Because the main problem of quantum-state teleportation was, that we don't know the initial state.

Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home

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Like Windows 95

The applications are crashing all the time on it, when I use it, I have the feeling that I'm using a Windows 95.

I'm totally not surprised. Have anybody seen the language they use, called: "Object C" ?

It's the one of the worst languages ever created, it is not object oriented at all. It is impossible to manage complex software with that sh*t.

Seagate pulls out the biggest hard one in the industry

Paris Hilton

I love the headline!!


HP chief bows to Jobsian cult


the age of mac

oh I can see "the age of mac" coming. You don't know exactly what hardware is in your system, know nothing about it`s performance. You can choose from 2-3 configs to customize your machine, but only by the manufacturer, you can't buy computer parts on the market, only full configs. The only thing you know is that it's shinee. And if somebody wants to buy a strong machine, have to pay in the category of servers.

World o' Flash: El Reg roundup report



The most important property of these cards is the access latency, which cannot be derived from IOPS (because multiple transactions are started at nearly the same time, before one got finished), so it would be nice to mention it in the article.

Cisco may slash 10,000 jobs



Yesterday i was so afraid that cisco will kill its consumer products, that i bought 2 of their cheap gigabit switches for home networking. Now I realized that I needed only 1 really. noes!!!!!

Retaining 100 years of information



In some cases the best solution is to print the sheets out and hire a librarian :)

Intel debuts '3D transistors' with 22nm chip recipe


first step

3D is just the first step to the human brain, the chip has to deal with the future also: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/11/feeling-the-future-is-precognition-possible/

Itanium's future: Users believe Intel, not Oracle


VLIW: low transistor number

manufacturers are very optimistic, but i don't think we will be able to go under 16nm until 2040-2050.

So after we will get stuck for decades at 16nm, the only possible way to increase performance will be the massive parallelism, using as many cores as possible. This will require chips with low transistor count, like VLIW. So this could give some hope for Itanium.

Moving to Windows 7: Is it worth it?



My biggest problem with XP was that it doesn't handle hyper-threading well. Example, we have 2 cores with hyper-threading enabled, so have 4 logical cores, and we have two tasks. XP puts the tasks on logical core 1 and 2, so on the same core. Win 7 puts them on logical cores 1 and 3.