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So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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Re: I have 2

I'll give you S.R. I only watch it for the plane rescue scene. The rest of it was dull as hell.

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Re: The Langoliers

Hey, for a made for TV movie, is wasn't too bad. And, y'know. James Woods.

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Re: Well, you did ask

The War of the Worlds remake was pretty good, as long as you miss the first ten minutes, watch the next half hour and then miss the rest of the film.

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How about...

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.

Yes, I did watch it and it was dreadful.

Even Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas couldn't save that pile of poo.

Robot NIGHTMARE sets new leggy-bot speed record

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Reminds me of that AIMEE robot (in dog mode) from the film 'Red Planet'.

Space: 1999 returning to TV?

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Just dusted off a copy of that episode ('Earthbound' with Christopher Lee!), and you're right! I was so busy watching Roy Dotrice having a meltdown, I hadn't noticed the Kaldorian sitting up and looking round.

In fairness to Roy's character, if you'd just found out you were going to be stuck in a perspex box for 75 years, you might be somewhat agitated too.

The Commodore 64 is 30

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...wait a minute...

The C64 could function as a three channel synthesizer. Not 'beep' or 'make sound', but oscillators (triangle, saw, pulse and noise), filters and amps. It wasn't a Jupiter 8, but you could get more variety of sound out of it than a BBC or Spectrum. That meant that programming sounds could be a bit more of a slog, but it was worth it for the results.

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...wait a minute...

The C64 could function as a three channel synthesizer. Not 'beep' or 'make sound', but oscillators (triangle, saw, pulse and noise), filters and amps. It wasn't a Jupiter 8, but you could get more variety of sound out of it than a BBC or Spectrum.

UK.gov to require you to opt out of data-sharing plan with drug firms

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And why would we trust them with our data?...

Sorry, 'who' paid a lot of money? I believe it was the taxpayer (a lot of whom are also patients) who financed this system (which was supposed to be cheaper and more efficient than the mountains of files and paperwork that preceded it). A great idea and may well have saved a lot of lives.

What it was NOT supposed to be, was the basis of another free-for-all for this Governments 'whatever it is - monetise it!' attitude to...well...everything.

As for selling it to private companies on the basis that we get better access to newer treatments? (a justification that was doing the rounds on the BBC News on Monday). Hey guess what, they'll still be extortionately priced (they have to recoup research costs somehow), and if the National Institute for Clinical Excellence decide it doesn't provide value for money?... You simply won't be seeing these new treatments, but thanks for your data anyway. :o)

What should a sci-fi spaceship REALLY look like?

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Never buy dodgy hulls from a Puppeteer.

If I remember rightly, they're not much use near neutron stars or anti-matter planets.

Compact Disc death foretold for 2012

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If I can't hold it in my hand, I ain't interested...I'm talking CDs here.

This is quite an interesting question. Hanging out with computer muso friends, we've had interesting discussions on releasing their music as downloads, or as a homemade CD. If you just get someone's music as a download, do you place the same value on it as you would with a lovingly designed tangible 'thing' that you can look at and leave on a table or in your huge stack of music CDs on your shelf. There's some kind of psychological connection between the music you hear and the wacky booklet that came with the package, that you don't get by squinting at some piss-poor pdf on your laptop screen.

Perhaps it's just an age thing. Like flicking through (and reading) a physical book is a much more satisfying experience than using an e-reader.

Yes, it's cheaper. Yes, it's convenient. But overall, is it as satisfying?

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HMV - and high street music sellers in general.

20 years ago, if you walked into a major city centre HMV, the range of CDs was massive. I could always walk in, spend a couple of hours flicking through and usually find several CDs that fit my (somewhat dubious) musical tastes. I very often would blow 100 quid in one go and was happy to do so. Today, my major city-centre HMV (I won't say who) has the front-half full of cut price stuff (mostly mainstream movies and CDs (...if I wanted the Lady Gaga backcatalogue, I'd have bought it already)). The main CD selection has collapsed to a couple of rows right at the back, squished between computer games, teeshirts and mp3 player accessories. In trying to be all things to all people, it ceased to be an exciting place to go hunting for music and just ended up as a rather soulless high street vendor. That....is why I tend to buy CDs online these days. HMV destroyed itself in a glut of ill thought out diversified marketing initiatives instead of sticking to what it was good at.

Boffins fear killer gamma death blasts from space

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Y'know, back in the day when the Sun was closer to the Scorpio-Centaurus association...

I seem to remember reading somewhere, that a nearish low level extinction event may have occurred as recently as 2 million years ago with the loss of some species of UV sensitive sea creatures and tell tale signs of heavy iron isotopes in sea sediments from that time.

LinkedIn U-turns to appease peeved users

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Yep, minor apology until the next stunt carried out in the name improving user experience. Nope, sorry, canceled my account. Hows that for "added value, going forward"!

Peaches Geldof explains Kubrick's 2001

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To be fair...

...she had the 'evolution of Man' bit right, she just missed out Xenu and the Thetens.

Sony to can MiniDisc Walkman

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I really liked my portable minidisc player/recorder. It was a quick way of making quick and dirty digital recordings of some of my half finished music projects, without having to deal with all that computery shenanigans. You had all the fun of making yer own mixtapes from CDs, but the recording quality was so much better. *looks forlornly at tower of dayglo minidiscs on his desk* *sniff*

Booze for wrinklies: Good or bad?

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Thumb Up

Excellent quote!

See that there title...

Sony teases tablet fans with bizarre 'mousetrap' vid

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Ignoring the fact that it's an advert, I quite like the leisurely CGI visuals. The lighting/shadows are quite effective. Someone's been at the Blender...

ICO wags finger at York council after data breach

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it's that word again!


The ICO found that York council had "robust policies and procedures in place covering the handling of personal data" but said the printer gaffe "highlighted a lack of quality control".


Erm.... then their policies don't *really* qualify for the description "robust" then, do they?

Interwebs stunned by musical atrocity

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But No...

That's definitely auto-tune (or pitch correction). Apart from the superhuman levels of hitting the right note exactly, the timbre quality still sounds like a human voice (although there's probably some post-pitch correction filtering in there).

Even the best vocoders out there couldn't get that right.


(Ooh. Think I'll listen to that now. Classic.)


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