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End of an era: NetApp chair Dan Warmenhoven has left the building


NetApp Chairman ...

There were a lot of leaders who led technology companies during a tsunami of opportunities when the wave took everyone with it up and high. That wave pretty much ended during the financial downturn and with cloud computing. Organizations such as NetApp are really struggling to move beyond selling disks and storage to really transform enterprise. Moreover, their reach is limited to storage buyers within datacenters, and frankly no one care about this buying center anymore. How can a company like NetApp revive itself in the face of this new age competition? Is selling off a good idea? Or keep continuing doing a business in which NetApp practically has no scope of doing well? Only the time will tell

Dell erects data centers in '10 countries'


Dell and cloud

Someone please tell these loser companies like DELL that they do not and will not understand anything else but selling personal computers and laptops. Please move away from cloud, as companies like yourselves where the CEOs says public clouds are not getting demanded, and the so called chief strategist says they are in demand, says it all that what kind of strategy you have. Its so easy to find out which provider has no clue about cloud computing when most of the press releases are just glorified market jargons than anything concrete.


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