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Don't panic, but.. ALIEN galaxies are slamming Earth with ultra-high-energy cosmic rays



So we are being bombarded with proton-torpedoes from another galaxy

Ever wondered why the universe only has black holes in S or XXXL? No? Boffins have an answer


Re: Black Holes are just like grocery stores...

A spa is a mineral spring.

A Spar is a small supermarket.


Who would code a self-destruct feature into their own web browser? Oh, hello, Apple


Re: The problem with Chrome

Is Iron the answer?

Thinking of buying a Surface? Try a modular OLED Thinkpad first


Misleading title

I had really high hopes then i saw that aspect ratio, how can a laptop with a 16:9 display be an alternative to Surface!?

Heart of Darkness: Mass of clone scam sites appear


So much for Honor Among Thieves...

iPhone case uses phone's OWN SIGNAL to charge it (forever, presumably)



Didn't Nikola Tesla have this all figured out 100 years ago?

A MILLION Chrome users' data was sent to ONE dodgy IP address


I'd been using that for ages, though iirc it came back and wanted more permissions, like it wanted to access to everything. Looked really sus so i removed it and found something else. Not sure it was too late though as it must have been fairly dodgy from the start.

Get NAS-ty: Reg puts claws to eight four-bay data dumpsters



Also how noisy they are would be useful information.

Alien Ninja Fembot Pirates vs the Jedi SAS Chuck Norris startroopers: RUMBLE


If it is the group in question vs all the others or any of the others, shouldn't we only be voting for one overall?

A better way would be to have a random draw 1 v 1 and have a series of rounds on a knockout basis.

Microsoft Azure goes TITSUP (Total Inability To Support Usual Performance)


TITSUP is new?

It was often used where i used to work 10+ years ago

HP boffin: Honey! I shrank the PC. To nanometre size, dammit


Re: But-

at least they didn't choose €

Samsung shoots Galaxy S III with shrink ray, unveils 4in Mini


Re: I love this...

Popcorn I fucking hate

Dell Inspiron 17R SE 17in Ivy Bridge notebook review


Re: "The battery life is underwhelming, but that’s the only real weakness"

worst thing about the keyboard is those stupid tiddly half height arrow keys

Dell sneaks out Ivy Bridge special edition Inspirons


Re: hang on there

BTW i like the keyboard... hasnt got those silly half height arrow keys.

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Re: hang on there

Yes that vertical res looks awesome, its annoying how rare laptops are that have decent vertical resolution. I don't care about how many there are going across. 1680x1050 would be a nice compromise, especially on a 14" (train-friendly) screen.

GCSE, A-level science exams ARE dumbed down - watchdog


Why do we have a set pass mark for grades?

Instead, why not have say the top 5% of students awarded an A, the next 10% B, the next 20% C and so on. Or even like that then down to say 50% mark for a D no matter how many there are.

That would still give a definite mark to aim for to avoid failure but avoids the success-rate creep problem that we have.


Re: About bliddy time

@JetSetJim, Completely agree - for A level maths i took in 92, we went back to about 1980. The questions back then were so hard in comparison, i'd never have even passed if i was given a paper from back then. IThe paper i took was appreciably the easiest i'd ever seen and that was 20 years ago. I got a C which i believe would have been more than 50%. I wonder what you have to get now for each grade, and I'd like to see past papers from then till now.

Reg Hardware Awards 2011 Winners



Considering the eBuyer £1 sale fail i'm somewhat surprised

Germans increase office efficiency with 'cloud ceiling'


i remember some documentary a couple of years ago that showed experiments with ambient light in a pub/restaurant. it seemed that blue encourages us to be more active, telling our body clocks to wake up basically. so probably the same affect going on here.

i also remember another one where blue light made time seem to pass more quickly!

US military pays SETI to check Kepler-22b for aliens


You never know, they may have been broadcasting for the last 600-odd years anyway i.e. we might not have to wait

Tesco: buy a DVD, get the download free


that model seems backwards to me

Wouldnt it make more sense to be able to download a copy to watch *now* (without having to navigate Tesco's), then they post you the dvd version later?

Can't see why you'd download a (presumably) compressed / lower quality version when you have a superior blu-ray version to hand.

Ebuyer knocked out by own £1 deals site


what were they thinking

Anyone with any sense could have said all that will happen is they will kill their own site.

And as others have said, also lose regular trade, and generally piss people off.

What they should have done (if it isn't still available) is have the £5 lucky dip as a regular stock item. Far better way of getting rid of tat they don't want.

Apple shouldn't bother with TV...


@JC Sky+ UI is excellent?

Compared to Tivo it's bordering on unuseable

Did a Seagate sales bloke just say 5TB drives are coming?


I thought the rule was "if your data isn't in three places then it doesn't exist"

Microsoft COO: Our greatest enemy is old Windows


even numbered MS software

That model kind of breaks down after version 12 as MS folk appear to be fairly suspicious....

Pure Contour DAB/FM and Internet radio

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The Lounge web site

I noticed you were on new.thelounge.com instead of www.thelounge.com, what a vast improvement. About time too, the old one was/is basically unuseable.