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Church hall bans 'unchristian' yoga for nippers



Oh ffs.

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign


Count down!

Bugger the diet! 76 days and counting!!!! Get your pocket money ready people!

Chav-hunting toffs cop some flack


sustainable economy

Surley at the spped at which they are breeding this would be a sustainable resource for the non-chavvy classes to kill. I'm sure running round in fields with weaponry is a much more economically/carbon foot print/good laugh friendly than many other sports? I mean to plane trips necessary, I can just pop down to my local McDanals/park/Spar and there they are!

Now how can the government arge with that!...oh they can...oh well getting my shotgun anyway....

His 'n' Hers USB kits to end battle of the sexes?


[shudders again]

having just read the article about pink tasers I found thi srather funny. Seriously people, GROWN UP WOMEN (apart from the chavvy kind) DO NOT ALL LIKE PINK!!!! must I actually vomit on the designers to get my point across? (or possible taser some unmentionable bits....)

Taser markets electric cattleprod gun to the laydeez



I took one look at that and nearly vomited in my waste paper bin. I know, I know I'm a woman therefore must have an overwhelming deisre to but things pink, but has no one told these people that actual REAL women aren't in fact 8 year old ballet enthusiasts?!?

What a way to get respect, respect me or I'll zap you nads! I can see that going down well in my pay review...

Burned by a MacBook


Not surprised

Apple are completly useless at fixing their products. I have an iPod nano, after a few months the headphone sockets stopped working (no apparent reason, not dropped it on the floor, off a 5 story building or in a lake), did the sensible thing and tried several different headphone, including some of apple's own. Nothing. So The courier turned up and took it off to the repair center. As directed I had put a note in with it to tell the monkeys at the repair center exactly what was wrong. I got it back a few days later telling me it was fine and no, there wasn't a problem with the battery. Battery?!?! I rang up again and again and finally got it fixed. That was a year ago and I'm still waiting on my 'compensation'. Next time I think I'll avoid the iPod section.

Slovakian fountain stunt groom released


Sense of homour needed.

It's the odds and sods section, not the 'repressed middle-management IT with no sense of homour' section.

We spend all day working in IT, surley we are allowed to have a little giggle every now and again? Some of us actually find it more interesting than working...


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