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Merseyside plant to punch out Chevy Volt


Global warming?

Some commentators are missing the point - these are UK manufacturing jobs being saved/created assuming GM doesn't die. People in work = money = tax for the government to spend.

Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag



So, do you reckon we going to get the episode repeated on Dave?

Yes! It's the Knight Rider satnav!


Forget the voices and led's

Does it come with a "C" button?

So when are we going to get a fanboy icon then?

'Untraceable' phone fraudsters eye your credit card


I got that HSBC call too

Out of the blue one evening, HSBC called wanting to speak to me but wouldn't tell me about the topic until I went through "security". After going through their script I promptly said "then I do not wish to go through security with you" which they replied "well you can always ring us up to verify". So that's: ring HSBC up to ask about the reason why they want to speak to me with no reference to why I need to speak to them about a call they made and wouldn't tell me about why they wanted to speak to me!

As for their supposedly sophisticated credit card fraud detection and having suffered credit card fraud, their fraud detection team deduced that the best course of action was to raise my limit!

{no link between the call and the fraud}

Revealed! The new face of the Eee PC


Desperate Housewife

Come on, someone had to say it!

Mine the one with Sex and the City movie tickets....

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

IT Angle

10 years

Is that how long I've been in IT and coming here nearly every day? Oh my gosh, I need to get a new life.

Happy Birthday ;-)

Sweet, sweet smell of comments in code?

Gates Horns

Shotguns too messy

"Months later, someone will look at your unclear or uncommented code, they will go out, buy a shotgun and hunt you down."

Personally, the BOFH cattle prod is far more cleaner and quicker solution for me.

Sun's 256-thread African journey begins next month


@Dunstan Vavasour

"...customers were literally waiting 6 months for their orders to ship, and it nearly broke the company. I reckon there are still scars from this within Sun."

I doubt there would be anyone left from those days - they've all been RIF'ed!

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

IT Angle

@Fugly or what!!!

You saying that Specs sells?

Or size does matter?

I'll get me coat......

Paper clip attack skewers Chip and PIN


It's not the banks money

"The types of attack on PIN entry devices detailed in this report are difficult to undertake and not currently economically viable for a fraudster to carry out,"

Reminds me, when I go to close my account I'll use the line "not economically viable for me to remain a customer of yours". They're probably right - why bother getting all this equipment for the odd few cards when you can pay an Indian call centre employee to do the job quicker and cheaper?

QVC debuts Venturer HD DVD player


@fess up!

"right, who's going to confess to actually watching a teleshopping channel. Come on, I wanna see some hands!!!"

I watch them, they're great entertainment at times.Far better than the reality TV progs where you watch manipulated highlights of people doing nothing. Some good stuff on there as well and yes I am a happy customer of QVC.

Budget HD DVD player to include even more free discs



Leave QVC alone - they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all items sold bar postage and also includes software. Occasionally they offer interest free payments up to 4 months too. A little known fact that if it goes faulty within 6 months they will replace it or refund the cost. Even Customer services is pretty good and you don't even pay for the phone call. Whether you want the product is solely up to you after all but a lot of its products are certainly not "tat" these days. You can find that on Ideal World/Price drop TV quite regularly.

Man buys Eee PC, erases Linux, installs Mac OS X Leopard

Dead Vulture

@ Why is this news?

Because it gives another opportunity to show that blonde on a beach picture.

Actually the article is a bit like comments you get from mountaineers: We climb it because it's there.

Record labels to ditch CD singles for USB Flash drives


Interesting collectors item

Consider that they will probably come in heat shrinked wrapping which is impossible to take off without getting out a big knife (I do 'cos its more fun), I see a small niche market for collectors of sealed items.Another format, another potential bit of promo kit. I don't care about quality of the recording I care about future resale value and collectabliltiy. After all, that is part of the fun of collecting and owning music isn't it?

Vodafone takes one on the chin for billing problems


@Just as Vodafone workers have warned

"...reduction in the quality of experience received by customers."

Given that everytime I had to ring up Vodafone CS, all of 3 times in 8 years and everytime they've managed to make serious errors resulting in several pages of complaints (er, ok the deal is still cheap and the roaming was better and coverage is far better than other providers where I live), I guess that "quality" should be pre-fixed with "low" or "poor".

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet


Kylie and acting ability

How come everybody is slating Catherine Tate yet seems to neglect Kylie has starred in classics as: Neighbours, Street Fighter and Bio-dome?

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who


Cut n paste template

Rewind a couple of years, replace: "Catherine Tate" comments with "Billie Piper". Or even "David Tennant" with "Paul McGahn".

Always the same old story when a new character is announced: we hate person x get person y.

You never know, she might end up being better than you think. Lets just wait and see shall we?

How Saudi slush kept UK aero biz afloat


Buying American

"Taking politics out of it, we could have a much larger number of Raptors for considerably less money and less risk." Oh? How exactly could you take politics out of any defence procurement? If it did happen, it would end up being a compromise of having British components e.g. engines and radar resulting in even more expense. I believe the Phantom was more expensive in this way than buying it purely American.

Of course, that would be assuming the Americans would actually be allowed to sell it to anyone: export of US Arms/Technology ring a bell?


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