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Greenpeace releases 'Cool IT' rankings


Let me get this correct ...

A minor industry in terms of whatever the Hippies are spunking over + an arbitrary mix of companies + no facts or figures = no validity : Lewis 1,568, Hippies 0.

What did hippies ever achieve? Didn't see any of them leading the charge for civil and social rights etc etc etc.

Kiwis collar Megaupload kingpin, Anonymous exacts revenge

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@ Zen 1. Better to be right than popular and with you a 100% on this one

The defense of thieving pricks, and I used to be one, by the majority of commentards is corrupt at every level. If you lot came round to my house I'd be counting the silverware after they left.

I'm pleased my Government has co-operated with the U.S Authorities to help take this crowd down , but my fear is that this will be a one off rather than a sustained assault, property crime being largely driven by perps' cost benefit analysis of risk and reward.

Lesson learned from your comments? 'Internet freedom' is a euphemism for unchecked criminality and the defense of that 'freedom' the cynicism and greed of thieves and accomplices.


If busting an organised crime ring is weak ...

then you live in a very strange world.

TV writer quells rumours of Doctor Who movie


BBC, please don't take your love to town

Let's say a $US 100 million budget for such a movie, which would require approximately $150 to $200 million in box office to break even taking into account payments to cinema's, profit share and marketing.

I think we can all figure out where such a flick would have to go to make a profit and that place has a especially vile fecal smell to it.

It's the ALL NEW FUTURISTIC WEAPONS Black Friday Roundup!


An exteremely annoying article

but only because I've already done my Chrissy shopping.

How digital audio ate itself and the music industry

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A very nice article and rated accordingly

Well written, unsentimental, engaging and timely producing memories of my first sampler - an 8 Bit Ensoniq Mirage, my first CD player, and mulling over getting a Minidisc player (didn't).

Hope you will also touch on those failed digital formats - DCC and Minidisc spring too mind.

DARPA project seeks immortality, suspended animation



You pour the water on them and I think the weight of the water pins them down. Every one that went in came out - I'm not an irresponsible scientist!


Can I get a $million for further 'research'?

As a kid I'd freeze flies in a ice cube tray in the freezer - 24 hours later put the ice entombed fly on a window sill in sun, cube melted and fly slowly revived then flew off.

Shale gas frees Europe from addiction to Putin's Pipe


Think people are missing point on this one

Russia is not a post communism success story, but a failed state 'run' by especially savage shitheels yearning to (and succeeding) return to it's, excuse me while I gag, 'former glory'. A 50% reduction in energy imports is a smart strategic move.

Robot air fleet can launch mid-air from cargo plane's ramp

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@ Steve 48, I think you will find it is Raytheon who is arguing that

you can obliterate air defence systems without fighters, not Mr Page. Their was also something about the 'droids' having a 600 mile range so comparison to the Spectre is misleading.

French spooks have access to UK forces' travel data


So French spooks might know where English spooks

are going before they do? Seems odd.

Ofnuke: UK is not Japan

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@CAB Volunteer ... lighten up man,

my reading of the article is that Brit nuke reactors are more modern and safer than the admittedly robust Fukishima ones. That is a very , very, very good thing.

Consulting over 'acceptable risk' is psychotherapy and nothing to with real risk. In the meantime there are homes and businesses to be powered for comfort and commerce.

Good luck getting anything useful out of your endless subjectivity!

£1.1bn Royal Navy warship finally armed, sort of


Don't like the look of that jet exhaust...

Suggests an oil leak. Might want to get that sorted before applying for entry into service

US admiral reveals safety plan for Zombie Apocalypse

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Well done CDC...

you have made thinking about disaster preparedness fun! Although you can hear the shrill cries of 'resign now' once this gem bubbles up to the surface.

Welshman attempts to board train with pony

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Cheers El Reg ...

This story has made my day!

Broadband leads to drug abuse, say US boffins


Maybe it's all the pop up ads

for drug treatment driving the increase of treatment for drug addiction? Simple I know, but I was taught about spurious correlations at school.

On the other hand, an increase in wanking linked to greater internet access is totally plausible.

Elon Musk prepares SpaceX rocket firm for IPO

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@ Bumpy Cat, Four years of profitability (wow!),

technology doing what he's promised it would do, picking up business from NASA ... Vision + tech + business savvy = exciting times!

Important breakthrough in mole-cruiser technology


Or it could provide a basis

for a probe to burrow through the ice of Europa and find out if life exists in it's under ice ocean?

Sikorsky, US Army claim whisper-flapcopter test success


Birds of prey - of the avian kind - have an edge

of fine feathers at the back of their wings to silence their swoop of death - you ever notice how you never know a territorial magpie is about until the fucker is on top of you and half a second from spilling blood? - then you notice that the F22 Raptor has a very similar profile to a bird with wings extended.

Curious stuff how a particular strand of contemporary aircraft design ends up with shapes that visually appear to be aerodynamically similar to natural forms?

I know you guys chose the stories, but it's my mums' dying wish for Lewis to write a story on the implications of the Indians scratching the F35 from their jet competition and Gates starting a defence review with a strong focus on the F35. Not having a crack or trolling - just generally curious and interested

Fairlight: The Rolls Royce of synthesizers


My first sampler was a secondhand keyboard Ensoniq Mirage

eventually followed by an Akai 2000... always preferred the Ensoniq though - its' limited sequencer and an ability to two samples was pretty impressive. Being able to sell it two years later for the same price I paid was also memorable.

Unfortunately the Mirages' sole creative highlight was sampling 808 State and pitching down the sample to reveal 808 State had sampled a certain post punkers' 1986 album. So that's how you 'make' a breakbeat!

Given a 27 K price tag -and average incomes at the time - how did you convince the band to spend the advance on gear?!

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made


Agree a lot of William Gibsons work has dated badly...

That whole cyberpunk thing covered for a lot of bad writing, and Gibson is one cack handed kick, his only strength being the actual story idea. A lot of his books and short stories have been optioned - but after the fiasco that was 'Johnny Mnemonic', who knows?

On the plus side Abel Ferrara really kicked ass with his adaption of 'New Rose Hotel' - starring Chris Walken, Willen De Foe and Asia Argento, but that was one of his 'techy' stories and had a relationship at it's heart.

Save the planet: Stop the Greens


I thought the point of power generation was to keep the economic,

social and cultural infrastructure ticking along nicely, not to shoot under par on a carbon measurement?

Airborne killer robot destroys Libyan anti-aircraft missile


Another interesting article dimissed...

The point of this article was a case study illustrating a larger point - the technology and nature of warfare and current and foreseeable battlefields have dramatically changed (Like the shift from trench combat in WWI to urban warfare in WWII) rendering supersonic fighter jets maybe a decade away from becoming functionally extinct.

This also fits into Lewis's bigger story - British politicians and military brass are persisting with procurement policies that have little to do with the short/medium/long term needs of British forces.

The heart of the story: If you send 'em in, you have a moral obligation to resource them to the do the job they are charged to do and have the best possible chance of coming home in one piece. If you have a problem with that, then you might want genetic testing to determine what species you belong too.

'Anti alpha' mirror-matter made from gold in atomsmasher


Thereby turning a rolex into a funny voice maker

that will eat my vocal chords! Fucking awesome! Can you book online?

Earthquake emergency drives Kiwi copyright bill

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Couldn't agree more, and thinking out loud

some quote about not being happy till the last priest has been strangled with the entrails of the last politician comes to mind.

Memo to moderator - just to mind, not advocating anything, just venting. I think.



Jesus H...

Is no pleasure safe from some moralizing fucksocket? Personally I think the real problem is the old people who turn their heaters up in winter. Sort those selfish bastards out and we have a planet.

X-51 hypersonic scramjet test bird ready for second flight


Not sure about thumbs down

Reads to me like irony. It is irony isn't it? Please say it is irony.

Does anyone know what the black/deep violet really fast plane was used in the footage for the opening sequence of the movie 'Performance'? Best bit of the movie I thought.