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Fairlight: The Rolls Royce of synthesizers

Agent Heggle

Direct Some Digital Transparency

That was an AbFab posting, if I say so myself. Quincy said: " you are taking a pure electric signal and sculpting it into a thing of beauty."

I LOVE the way you inserted videos showcasing the Fairlight.

Did you know that Steve Munster, the obscure fellow that is vying for the Civil Service "Executive Director Of Digital Strategy" job, has a website where he showcases how we . . . electric beings . . . are transforming into a thing of beauty?

He too uses videos, but ties them into a storyline. Here's one with David Bowie in it:


The funniest thing is that even if he does not get the job, he is assuming he has it already . . . in a parallel dimension.

Embrace chaos, beat pirates... buy my book, says Mason

Agent Heggle

Ah . . . freedom!

@ JimC

Thanks so much, JimC, you just gave me a great idea . . . tip o' the hat to you!

US gov mulls issuing terrorist warnings on Twitter, Facebook

Agent Heggle

Freer Based Promotion code F . . .

"The alerts would go public only after federal, state, and local officials had already been . . ."

. . . Twitted and FaceBoked?

So the 2 alert levels will be government, then the masses? I want the ability to block them . . .but first, I have to get on Twitter and FaceBoke.