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Siemens Healthcare struck by rebranding madness

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Now it makes sense. Bergkirchweih. Too long testing the festmarzenbier before the start of the party, guys.

If you are free, Bergkirchweih runs from 12th-23rd May this year. Other beer festivals are available.

Big Brother is born. And we find out 15 years too late to stop him

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I vaguely remember

the concept of freedom. But I am old now. Maybe my eyes are failing; that would explain why I see less of it.

Part of the world's IT brought down by Azure Active Directory issue

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False advertising

Clearly it is Office 364.

Ireland moves to scrap 1 and 2 cent coins

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Re: Finland did this ages ago

Finland and the Netherlands. The Dutch shops didn't dump the old .99c prices, just round up or down at the check-out on the total. Which often works in the shops' favour... I leave it to the student to work out why (hint - buying patterns).

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

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Damn! it looked bigger with the headset..

Golf bloke to Richard Branson: Get on board the future bus, where there's 'NO WEATHER'

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Du Toit. Doesn't that translate as 'some twat'?

El Reg contemplates the ultimate cuppa

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Tea isn't proper tea....

...unless you drop a reasonable shot of whiskey in it. At least in a wintry Holland :)

Kids, don't try this with your mother's wimpy tea. It has to be proper strong technical tea. With sugar and milk.

RIM sets date for BlackBerry 10 reveal

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It's dead

Just came out of a meeting where HR talked about what to do "in the post-Blackberry era" for the 15k+ employees of our business globally.

I am of betting that the answer will be something shiney and media-loved....

Bloomberg's bomb: How SEC shredded Facebook's pre-IPO claims

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Re: so

The points 1 &2 are correct. Point 3 can be debated based on the "must read" item:

"The losses were acute for retail investors. They were allocated an unusually high proportion of shares after institutional investors balked. And they didn’t get the same flurry of warning calls from Facebook officials who, days before the IPO, privately advised securities firm analysts to lower earnings and profit estimates -- largely on the dearth of revenue from mobile users. "

That looks a lot like insider trading from where I am sitting - the retail investors did not have access to the information that the corporates did, and those corporates sold on the basis of the "better" information. The dénouement may be rather gripping once the SEC finish the story.

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Bauernfrühstück v bacon sarnie

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Re: Ick

Sounds like a closet vegetarian.....

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms

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oh noes!

Blackadder wasn't a docu-drama?!?

RSA breach leaks data for hacking SecurID tokens

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Uber-Fail in customer care

Agree with previous poster on the RSA/EMC response to customers. Would put a double fail or more. Just about every financial institution of any size uses RSA for admin access. So when will RSA come clean? When will they formally communicate to their customers? And no, Mr. Coviello, I don't read your blog every day. It didn't seem to be a requirement of the contract when I bought your stuff.

Maybe El Reg can keep asking for information. Clearly customers don't get answers, maybe the press can.