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ReactOS 'a ripoff of the Windows Research Kernel', claims Microsoft kernel engineer


Re: Remember 'errno.h'

Unfortunately, lots of people who speak out for reason get death threats on a daily basis. The hate machine called the Internet is in full swing.

Silicon Valley IT biz boss cops to lying about Cisco H-1B jobs


Re: I think this is the business model of those companies.

Hmm, but that is just a lazy excuse.

I got laid off recently, and had a new job in 3 months, despite being >50. I did move, though. Same salary, but more take-home, due to not having state income tax.

Blinking cursor devours CPU cycles in Visual Studio Code editor


Re: The solution -

I am wondering if Munroe got the inspiration from the first "Real Programmers" rant: Real Programmers don't use Pascal

Passengers ride free on SF Muni subway after ransomware infects network, demands $73k


Re: Sign of the times

Military aircraft without passengers...

And the pilot can bail via eject seat.

So, apples and oranges...

And btw, pilot here as well, but only C-172-size planes.

Hell Desk's 800 number was perfect for horrible heavy-breathing harassment calls


Re: I too have other people using my email addresses

I had a bunch of people in Brazil using email addresses with my domain name to sign up with Facebook.

There seems to be no way to get FB to cancel these accounts, it is not even possible to report them, and FB doesn't even have an abuse@ email. I had set up a Procmail recipe to forward the stuff to all corporate FB addresses I could find, but nothing changed.

I ended up changing the passwords of these accounts, logged in, and deactivated them. Some tried to change the passwords back, but never got the confirmation email...

Eventually, the idiots stopped.

Who killed Cyanogen?


Re: So let me get this straight...

"They're failing because they don't offer much over the free versions and have behaved like dicks to far too many people, all in the pursuit of cash."

Indeed. That contract with Miramax killed them. It showed that they are happy to screw over other partners. Not a good thing if you want to sign up other companies...

US govt pleads: What's it gonna take to get you people using IPv6?


Re: Article needs puppy dog face

Most ISPs (at least in the US) nowadays support IPv6. Granted, they may just do tunneling, like AT&T's U-Verse does. But still, it gives me an IPv6 address, and browsers and pretty much everything else defaults to that, and connects to an IPv6-enabled server (e.g., Google.)

My own domains are running dual-stack, and have for a couple of years.

Delete Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we'll still track you


Re: app permissions

Works the same way on Android. In fact, CyanogenMod (an Android derivative) had that before iOS and Android.


In Settings/Apps on Android 6, you can disable permissions for each app.

Google Play Store only has phone and sms permissions on my phone (although I'm not sure why it need to call or send texts...)

Of course, I am running CyanogenMod 13 on my rooted devices.

Systemd adds filesystem mount tool


systemd is evil.

Now that Microsoft has ported their Powershell to Linux, I fully expect systemd to soon require it.

Time to get rid of systemd.

You shrunk the database into a .gz and the app won't work? Sigh


Re: Editing a config file with an Office program

Had somebody edit a Linux config file with a DOS/Windows text editor which put crlf instead of lf in there.

Was rather hard to detect because vim (vi improved, cough) "helpfully" hides control characters, so the file looked ok.

A hexdump finally revealed the problem.

Yahoo! She said yes. Verizon confirms $4.8bn acquisition


Re: Uhhh....


Account inflation. I technically have 3 Yahoo accounts:

- my "normal" account which nowadays only gets spam

- an account from AT&T DSL

- an account from AT&T U-Verse (they were so bad they couldn't reuse the existing account.)

I don't use the AT&T accounts, but every couple of years they send something to the accounts.

Dying! Yahoo! writes! off! half! of! the! $1bn! it! paid! for! Tumblr!


Re: Desperation

"Cannot play video. This video requires Flash. Verify Flash is not disabled or blocked, then reload the page."

A Hallelujah for flash blocker.

ZTE flagship elbows aside Xiaomi


Re: Any commitment to regular updates for a specified term?

Probably only if there is a CyanogenMod version for it.

Sophos U-turns on lack of .bat file blocking after El Reg intervenes


Re: Hmm


'debug' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

Windows 7.

Relying on executing debug commands is not always going to work.


Re: Hang on a second

Put it on a server or in the cloud, and send them a link.

Another failed merger, Carly? Ted Cruz to bring in ex-HP boss Fiorina as running mate


Can we get another demon sheep video? That was the best thing of her Senate campaign.

Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage


Trying to force updates of Win7, and calling home.

Two deadly sins that killed Win10. The UI was just the cherry on top.

Water treatment plant hacked, chemical mix changed for tap supplies


Re: Bullshit bingo

And Verizon Enterprise, the guys who do write these intrusion reports, got hacked themselves, according to krebsonsecurity...


New York senator proposes tax credit for open-source developers


Re: Stupid idea

" There's already a tax break for open source coding, anyhow: the more you do it, the less money you bring in, dropping you into lower tax brackets."

You really have no idea how this works, do you?

Do you really think Linus Torvalds, who exclusively works on Open Source, has a low tax bracket???

People nowadays often get paid for developing Open Source software. Or they get hired because of their Open Source contributions. The "doing stuff in the parents' basement" was never really true, and only came from clueless people.

Apple engineers rebel, refuse to work on iOS amid FBI iPhone battle


Re: The end of Apple

That would be H-1B. An H-2 is for seasonal work, think picking fruit (maybe even apples...)

And these people would not have much problems finding jobs at other tech companies. Having a resume which includes work at Apple is quite a door-opener.

Get ready to patch Git servers, clients – nasty-looking bugs surface


Slackware apparently backported the fix to 2.7.3


Behold, Microsoft SQL Server on Linux – and a firm screw-you to Oracle


Re: "No one does demos on anything that isn’t ironclad,"

MS in particular has a history of demo'ing things that didn't even exist, like some 20 years ago when Go Corp. was threatening to eat their lunch and they created a "demo" which was complete vaporware, but doomed Go.

And BillG getting a BSOD on stage is somewhere on YouTube.

ICO fined cold-call firm £350k – so directors put it into liquidation


Re: I'm sick of such PPI calls

"There's another layer - ANI - used for billing purposes and if stuff is coming in that doesn't match then telcos are in a position to refuse to complete the call on fraud prevention grounds."

To spoof the ANI (Automatic Number Identification), you would have to do some serious hacking, I doubt that these guys knew how to do that.

Caller ID spoofing is trivial with modern VoIP systems.

T-Mobile US triples profit, adds two million customers


This article and the one from last year in the "More from the Register" section: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/11/11/tmobile_megahack_cost_experian_20m_with_class_actions_to_come/ have the same picture. Reuse much, eh?

SCO's last arguments in 'Who owns Linux?' case vs. IBM knocked out


"Back in the day SCO had a Unix version that just worked. At the time any version of Linux only just worked if at all."

Hmm, no. I tried to use SCO Unix back in 1993. In particular, I tried to get gcc compiled on it. It gave me lots and lots of headaches.

Then I discovered Linux, version 0.12. I downloaded the SLS distro. It already had gcc, and the ultimate goal, compiling and running my program (which was running fine on HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris), was done in no time at all.

Secret Service Silk Road scammer in the slammer


Re: No news...

The tech sites Ars Technica and Wired had extensive coverage, including articles about the two Secret Service agents.

The last article on Ars Technica was just a few days ago:


Rooting your Android phone? Google’s rumbled you again


Old news

You guys are a couple of months behind on this.

People like me who root all their Android devices have known this for months.

Mobe-maker OnePlus 'fesses up to flouting USB-C spec


More stuff broken with the OnePlus 2

They only acknowledged what couldn't be denied anymore after the public shaming by the Google engineer.

However, there are more things broken with the OnePlus 2:

The OTG functionality only works with their broken USB Type-C adapter.

That implies that the USB connector in the OnePlus 2 itself is not conforming to the USB spec, and they had "fixed" it by shipping a broken USB adapter.

And they also don't even want to replace the broken cables that they shipped with the OnePlus 2.

They are killing their brand as we speak!

California cops pull over Google car for driving too SLOWLY


Re: No big deal

I guess you missed that this wasn't in LA, but in Silly Valley, in Mountain View.

Granted, traffic on El Camino Real there is as bad as any LA traffic... My speeds on LA freeways are often less than 25mph.

BOFH: We're miracle workers. But you want us to fix THAT in 10 minutes?


Re: Last minute

Here on the left side of the pond, there was a small computer company called SCO which had huge lawsuits against IBM, Novell, etc. In one of their briefs, IIRC, they claimed that they were surprised by Christmas coming up...

Latest Android phones hijacked with tidy one-stop-Chrome-pop


Re: Any handset? Not mine.

Firefox for Android is a good choice. I rarely use Chrome on Android.

German ATM displays bank’s network config data to infosec bod


I had to laugh at the "Bank Sparkasse" term. That shows that the writer of the piece at SecurityWeek has never lived in Germany.

Sparkasse is a generic term and means "Savings and Loans". German S&Ls are generally locally-owned organizations loosely organized under an umbrella group.

So, each city has one or more different Sparkasse organizations. There is no one "Bank Sparkasse."

Ransomware victims: Just pay up, grin, and bear it – says the FBI


Re: Restoring... Maybe.

Besides proper backups implement access controls. Most people don't need Admin rights on their work PCs, most people don't need write access to shared directories.

Temperature of Hell drops a few degrees – Microsoft emits SSH-for-Windows source code



Maybe ACLs see "minority usage."

But the most widely used Linux distribution, Android, uses something even better than Posix ACL, namely SELinux. That makes SELinux very widely used in the *nix world.

SELinux is way more powerful than ACLs, be it the Posix or MS variant.

US watchdog POKES STICK at Google's Android over rival-blocking allegations


Re: Google Play Services

I can't use Android Pay on my perfectly legitimate Android phone, which is rooted and has AOSP-based CyanogenMod nightly builds on it.

This is Google's app, installed from their Play Store, but it says it can't "verify that your device or the software running on it is Android compatible."

Reg reader shares AshMad blackmail email about which he gives 'zero f***s'


"It still is ad-free, if you know how to configure BIND ....."

Or run an ad-blocker in your browser, which does it for you...

Apple and Google are KILLING KIDS with encryption, whine lawyers



"We support the privacy rights of individuals. But ..."

Translation: They don't support the privacy rights of individuals.

Oracle waves fist, claims even new Android devices infringe its Java copyrights


Apache Harmony

Android is using the libraries provides by the clean-room implementation Apache Harmony. Harmony was never certified as being a Java implementation, mainly because Sun refused to provide them with the official test suite.

Android up to 4.4.4 has been using the Dalvik VM, a clean-room JIT VM not using Java byte code. Android 5.x uses the ART, Android RunTime, which precompiles the Dalvik byte code into native code.

The only way Oracle could win this is if the judge is technically illiterate (which is not uncommon...)

CVS shutters photo website in credit-card hack attack scare


According to KrebsOnSecurity, Costco and Tesco also have shut down their photo sites.

The other PNI customers are doing that soon, I hope.


ACHTUNG! Scary Linux system backdoor turns boxes into DDoS droids


That explains the number of ssh login attempts

Yesterday, I noticed an unusually high number of ssh login attempts. This explains it.

And for the root access, what some commenters seem to miss is that it is much easier to do a brute force root login attack from a local account. A properly configured ssh doesn't allow remote root login.

Silicon Valley WAGE-FIX: Tech firms mull new deal to kill staff lawsuit


Re: Kinda small

Non-competes are not only "practically unenforceable." They are actually not valid in CA at all (there are a few exceptions.)


Apple grapple: Congress kills FBI's Cupertino crypto kybosh plan


Zoe Lofgren is a Dem

Read the article from The Hill that you link to...

Data caps be damned, AT&T says providers can pay for mobile broadband


AT&T should just increase their data caps than these gimmicks.

Others, like T-Mobile, offer twice the data on LTE (and unlimited 3G after that) for less money.

Fiendish CryptoLocker ransomware survives hacktivists' takedown


Doesn't help you if somebody brings in an infected device from home.

Google Chrome: Extensions now ONLY from the Company Store


On Windows, group policies are just registry keys at specific locations.

If a user has admin rights on his computer, he can of course write the keys manually.

Problem solved.

Snowden dodges US agents in Moscow, skips out on flight


Ahh, the hypocrisy. The US chooses "not to live by the standards of the law" by illegally snooping on its citizens without warrant and with just a secret court's rubber stamp, but other countries better do...

Do as the US says, not as the US does.

Turning the US into a police state will be the lasting legacy of the Obama administration, unless they stop this illegal snooping now.

25% of Groupon share value WIPED OUT after rates slashed


Mason fired

And CEO Andrew Mason got fired over the bad numbers.

Groupon's dead (actually it was already dead, regardless of the firing of Mason.)

Outsourcing your own job much more common than first thought


Re: Not hard at all.

"Actually, in the US, single programmers can not register as a company. For software companies, legally, they have to have at least 3 employees."

I am pretty sure that this is bull.

DO you have a source? From IRS?

I personally know several people who created their one-person software consulting business.

The idiot who flew his plane into the IRS building in Houston had other issues with IRS, like a tax audit...

KDE 'annoys the hell of' Linus Torvalds

Thumb Up

Re: Whatever.


Slackware 12.2 with KDE 3.5.10.

KDE 4 is the somewhat cartooney stuff.



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