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'Desperate' North Korea turns to bank hacking sprees to rake in much-needed dosh


So how?

With all the sanctions why hasn't their connection to communications not been cut down to a single copper pair?

Can't hack if you dont have connectivity.

I think Blizzard won't weep too much on losing their one and only NK subscriber.

Haven't updated your Adobe PDF software lately? Here's 85 new reasons to do it now



Quick question since I haven't used this in a decade.... Does it still attempt to back everything to the cloud... ie the Adove servers?

UK Supreme Court to probe British spy court's immunity from probing


We are all equal under the law

Some are just more equal than others.

Chinese boffins on 3D XPoint: If it works like phase-change memory, it's probably phase-change memory

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Re: I can see why Intel is keeping it secret

That is the gist of it. All they have going for them is delay and obfuscation until someone is able to duplicate the process at commercial levels. Once that happens they loose their market monopoly and will have to cut margins and executives bonuses as they drop their prices to remain competitive.

Japan finds long, deep tunnel on the Moon


Re: But what are they going to _do_ up there?

Not really. Most metallurgy works much better when there is no oxygen to bolix things up.

As for the people bit, how much of today's heavy industrial manufacturing is automated?

Then there is the bonus of making clean/sterile areas very very easy.

Wafer fabrication in low gravity and hard vacuum.

Popping a few square kilometers of solar panels in orbit with microwave down-links is far more practical for power generation.

I can also see building a lunar linear particle accelerator to refined bulk lunar materials into base elements.

Linux kernel hardeners Grsecurity sue open source's Bruce Perens


Re: >Ah

80 proof irish coffee per chance

WikiLeaks doc dump reveals CIA tools for infecting air-gapped PCs


Re: Who watches the watchers?

Point totally messed.

It isn't against the enemy whoever they may be but against allies and their own people that is the issue. Remember that these tools had been found in the past left laying about in domestic systems by sloppy spooks.

Half-baked security: Hackers can hijack your smart Aga oven 'with a text message'


Re: Incredibly inefficient - not

Radiant heating is the exception and not the norm in the Americas and electric is more common than water for those that do.

Central forced air is the default here and by mansions you mean three to four bedrooms in a household with weather below freezing for at least 4 months of the year, then yes.

SPY-tunes scandal: Bloke sues Bose after headphones app squeals on his playlist


Re: feel the need to sling multi-million dollar lawsuits

Untill such time those heads of industry are physically on the block with a sharp blade at the ready, nothing will be done.

That's cold: This is how our boss told us our jobs are at risk, staffers claim


Re: The AGM this time was different

Oh almost forgot. IT had all the pass and security codes so management locked themselves out and accidentally corrupted the keys when they shut everything down.


The AGM this time was different

At this particular pharmaceutical startup that was just short of going full commercial the AGM for all employees was at a hotel that I knew didn't have big enough rooms to handle our expanding employee base.

Get to the site and name tags came in two colours. There were dishevelled types at the podium. Yup it was a seminar from the outplacement service. Security was heavy. Everything was locked down with escort to and from your desk.

Anyone with any seniority was let go including the whole it staff and my engineering department as well as most of the lab people.

I had loaner equipment and vendors contacted me afterwards to corroborate that I had received any of it. Seems that the equipment and documentation disappeared some how.

The kicker was a couple of ladies were on maternity and the placement guys just dropped off letters at the door.

Yeah totally illegal here and charges were laid with hefty fines and jail for at least one of the new executive types who had pulled this before. The agency types love making spectacular examples.

And the new moms got new cars out of the stupidity of the expert management.

The server's down. At 3AM. On Christmas. You're drunk. So you put a disk in the freezer


The old ones need a lie down

Many many moons and cpu generations ago...

Had a batch of "recovered" drives that refused to consistently spin up and had intermittent data errors but were earmarked for a general use public file storage and message system. (BBS)

Suggestion from one drive manufacturer tech was, since the "sleeve bearings" were obviously worn to set them on their sides, reformat and "never" move them again. Tinker toy to the rescue. The array lasted a few more years without issue.

It's Pablo Pic-arsehole: Turner Prize wannabe hits rock bottom


Re: Aeroplane

Go one better and put a full scale Gerry Anderson craft on display each and every year. Maybe start with a UFO and work back to fireball x-15

Self-driving Google car T-boned in California crash


Re: Is there a story here?

The solution can be found in Uncle Albert's catalogue for the AADA

Competition? No way! AT&T says it will sue to keep Google Fiber out of Louisville, Kentucky



Poles in NA come in a variety of flavors. Morses telegraph poles paralleled rail lines.

Bell's telephone network followed roadways and byways. Electric utility lines aka hydro as it is at times refered to had its own right of way and is thanks to Sir Adam Beck and that Tesla fellow.

In the intervening decades telegraph was retired, phone lines and power got buried except in cash strapped areas or those under a strong monopoly. Now wireless is the Telcom cash cow and copper et al is being abandoned yet competition of any sort is anathema so must be brutally quashed by any means available.

Met Police wants to keep billions of number plate scans after cutoff date


Only 2?

I may be a little behind on the technology but last I heard the rate was only one in a million.

What is the population in the greater metropolitan area now?

Bank fail: Ready or not, here's our new software


Politeness is so quaint

So sorry but I'm always glad to hear that someone other than we Canadians are considered overly polite.

Battery-boosting breakthrough grows on trees – literally


Pineing for the Fords

I am surprised there haven't been the obnvios references to Norway or Parrots as yet when it comes to the application of this tech to automative use.

UK gov chews over Amazon Book Depository engulfment



Why not both reasons

Firstly is to setup offshore to avoid the Tax sharks

Eliminating a possible rival on the world stage is just an added bonus.

I don't buy dead trees all that much anymore due to the local consolidation and conversion to the buy my books and get the hell out conglomerate.

There is just one mass retailer here and amazon is the only other known web presnce

Pricing is still stupid expensive compared to the US even though a significant % are printed on this side of the border.

Now I will check these blokes out before the go the way of The Bay.

Anonymous collective begins leaking Bank of America emails


Almost had me there

But I just checked my RRSP portfolio and there are Banks in the.

Then again I, like a majority of my neighbors complain about the high costs of Banking.

The only good thing to say is the Canadian Banks only got a few fingers burned with that whole US created fiasco.

Thank our banking laws that prevented such idiocy. Unfortunately the banks are getting into insurance and some other areas that will get them into trouble while fleecing the general public.

Pockets icon since that's what the Banks effectively do.