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BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault


Chinny reckon?

make me LOL for real, haven't heard that since school

Loudmouth workers leaking data through social networking sites


Why would you allow social networking sites?

"Almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of sys administrators fear that workers share too much personal information through social networking websites, according to a poll by IT security firm Sophos."

So why do they not block them?

"Although one third of organisations still reckon timewasting on social networking sites is the greater issue with sites such as Twitter and Facebook, malware and data leakage were also cited as concerns by many firms."

This shows that the sysadmins would have the backing from the management for a block

BMW driver follows satnav to edge of cliff



Sea? You mean that blue thing at least 30 miles away?

Knights Templar to Vatican: Give us back our assets

IT Angle

Knight Templar = medieval Paypal

I like the comparison

Driving some value into Google's Street View

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Most online maps are crap for anything but roads

I've yet to see an online map that's non OS or a scanned old map that shows disused railways or contour lines, two of the things I use maps for. Don't get me wrong, I like Google maps, but mainly for the aerial photos and the other functionality rather than the maps themselves. I can't see any lorry driver's GPS data adding the things like these to the maps.

Around the early days of Google maps Multimap used to use proper OS maps and after Google proved how clunky the navigation was it was its only redeaming feature

Virgin Media collects customer banking details on CD, then loses it


Its not lost data

Just burn another one!

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face


Render speed

I was intrigued by peoples reports or fast render speed so I thought I would give it a look. However I can't see any difference between it and IE7. Most of the time when pages are slow its the download not the browser speed.

Plus I had forgotten how much better ClearType makes everything look in IE7, without it FF looks like something from the 20th Century. (someone will now tell me you can use it as an Add-on, well whats the point of that?)

Zuckerberg's Google boycott reaches 32 days (and counting)


For the first time when reading a reg article

I just can't bring myself to care

Ofcom sharpens cutlasses for pirate radio assault


Glad they still exist

Used to listen to pirate rage/jungle stations when I lived near London, now I don't seem to be able to pick any up (oop north)

I was actually wondering about them last night, I'm suprised internet radio hasn't killed them off, although you can't listen to it in your car very well.

US beak pecks at RIAA's 'making available' filesharing attack

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Recording Ass.


The web rip-offs nobody cares about


@ David Cornes - eCheques

The card you have registered with Paypal has expired. the same thing happened to me, there doesn't seem to be anything to say you will be paying by eCheque, which is annoying. As they also have your bank details I don't really see why it is necessary, but there you go.

Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTube


Put it on Flickr

then you can annoy a whole load of other people too

Apprentice contestant to offer Zeppelin trips above London


@ dav

made cheese and bacon roll come out my nose

Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics


@ Robert Grant

Yeah if you make the exchange rate $=£ you can get an OK house in the UK for the price they paid. But I hardly think a three bed semi in a suburb of Nottingham qualifies you as 'rich'

Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS



Doesn't having your phone buried with you contravene WEEE?

Dump IE 6 campaign runs afoul of dump IE 6 campaign



I'm not sure they were referring to full screen mode, more that ability in IE to fit all the toolbars in one row in IE6 something you can't do in IE7 or Firefox

Privacy chief says biometric concessions not good enough



works well, especially if you are female and asian

Yahoo! cuddles Google's bastard grid-child


re: re: good

Presumably, while speeding up indexing does't nessaraily bring direct benefits to the end user, the time/processor power/money freed up can be used to do other things, like optimising the search.

How the BBC plans to save your ISP


You want to view my website?

I'll come round with CD, that'll save your ISP some bandwidth

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal


Opt out

While agreeing that a Tesco clubcard isn't the same as phorm, you CAN opt out of any Phorm style thing by not using the interweb....

7000 Leap Year Babies attack Steve Ballmer


If you want a card on your birthday...

...there's no point in putting a fake date.

Spammers crack Gmail Captcha


Bunnies and kittens

kinda reminds me of that thing that did the rounds a while ago where you had decide whether a pic was of an upper or lower cleavage

GPS is killing children


Did no-one read the article?

In many towns in the Netherlands thay have removed the destinction between the road and pavement, and also removed other traffic controls such as lights. The idea is that EVERYONE has to be more careful. While its not a good idea to encourage your kids to play in the middle of the street (as opposed to roadway) its also just as much their space, as the driver's

Biometrics won't fix data loss problems

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I can't beleive

that Harry Stottle is the only one who has picked up on the completely illogical argument that the politicians were making. The only biometrics that would have made the loss of data inconsequential would be a lock on who could read the CDs.

If biometric data on the population was taken, and was included on the CDs it would either be more useful or unusable to protential crims (depending on whether it was reverse engineerable), but it would not have stopped them reading the rest of the data, addresses, bank details etc.

Reno 911: World's largest reboot underway

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Appropriate advert

Looks like the advert optimising script is working, the comments page has the IBM advert with the guy pedalling a bike/generator (for me anyway)

Finnish school gunman posted warning on YouTube


He said not blame his films, or video games

but maybe it was because he was blessed with the name of Pekka?

Demon satnav imprisons plucky trucky in pasty hell

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Great word!

eBay employee 'torpedos' fraud trial


How do you get scammed by so much?

If I was buying something as expensive as some people seem to get ripped of by, I would definatly be doing more research and probably going to pick it up myself?

I'm another one of those that has 200ish positive transaction under my belt, both selling and buying. (books, Lego (yeah me too!) model railway stuff, even low value jewellery stuff) One thing got lost in the post (it was delivered to my work PO box and the tracking showed it as being signed for by the person that collects the mail, but I never got it. Not the sellers fault)

I've bought from Germany, never had a problem getting them to deliver to me, but they don't like PayPal and IBANs are stupidly expensive from the UK so I usually just send cash (yes real Deutchmark/Euro notes!). It always worked out OK.

California court tilts towards mandating web accessibility


@ Glenn Gilbert re IE7 text size

IE7 does have the same text resize function as IE6 as well as the Zoom. Its in View>Text size rather than on the mouse shortcut. I actually find the zoom quite handy for veiwing pictures. (yes, I know other browsers have zoom....)

Apple restricts ringtone rights



I agree

Hotmail hack punts person in peril scam


To take the piss out of spelling errors

you need to be able to type/spell yourself

Tycoon abandons £80k Maserati in London car pound


Not just cheaper parking

but a (one way) valet service included!

Use of web archive was not hacking, says US court


Wot he sed

Summed up nicely

Spammers dump images, switch to PDF files



We too have a slow spam provider (or our filter are working quite well) However the only two of these I have seen have contained only random text without trying to sell anything.

Whole Foods CEO went after rival as a message board troll


Surely he was looking after the company's interests

Bigging up his own company while putting down the opposition surely is in the interest of his shareholders even if it is illegal

IBM taunts SMBs with new blade box


So how will a 110V server be more useful on the desk?

Maybe in the US, but this is a .co.uk site....

Fishermen Sea DOS Vietnam


Skip rats

people recycling from skips can only be a good thing. not only does your waste get reused, you get more space to fill.