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Artemis Fowl scribe to pen sixth Hitchhiker's novel

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Gates Horns


That says it all really.

Rogue SF sysadmin may cost city over $1m

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A few things to say.

I have gone in and sorted out networks on contract before where the previous admin had "thrown a wobbly". Not to this scale, but with similar stunning moves on the part of the admin.

No way should he have locked out the network and made himself the single point of failure. That smacks of ego and not admin or engineer thinking. For years we have had it drilled into our head about redundancy and load balancing being good and then he goes right off and throws his toys out of the pram and makes himself the weakest link in the whole network (but with the most leverage). Earlier posters had it right, either have a backup admin or a key of some sort stored on a flash drive in a safe off-site. Even better, have both.

BOFH: Dealing with engineers

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Kzzzzzert is the noise you get when you hold a live power cable wire in one hand whilst standing in a bucket of water.

Go on, try it.

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt

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Fast cat

"Timothy Brady, of Harrow, was snared in a routine speed check near Kingston Bagpuize"

He was racing past a large stuffed cat?

Movie pirate forced to ditch Linux

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".... I a currently unemployed and relatively unemployable with the two felonies that they gave me," McCausland told TorrentFreak.

"I think that this whole situation is just one more way that they can impose their will onto me. I have contacted my attorney, and we are going to fight this," he added.

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how an "unemployed and relatively unemployable" bloke can afford a lawyer for this type of action? If it was a criminal defence case then he could get a public defender, but this is some sort of counter action, not defence. Like everyone else said, install your favourite virtual platform, run Ubummedtoo and shut up.

Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her

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Mystery Meat?

The tortured starlet said she struggled to enjoy the "jail slop" food served up. Apparently the baloney sandwiches she was given for lunch contained "mystery meat" which she described as "really scary".

I never heard Her Royal Trampiness complain about all of the "mystery meat" she was getting in that video. I thought she said something like, "give me more you Viking Warrior" and "give it to me like an Arab Stallion". Sounds like she likes a bit of mystery meat to me.

Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will see you now

Glyn Heatley

Apple's PR

Ashlee, no worries at all. i have had dealings with Apple's US PR department in the past. I spent days emailing, calling and asking them for participation in a conference I was arranging. usual stuff...send a developer to speak, run a workshop, loan us some Macs to run stuff on, etc. I got no response from anyone I spoke to at all. On the whole they gave the impression by their total lack of response of being too damn important to communicate with anyone who was not employed by a Forbes 100 company.

I gave up on them until about 6 weeks from the conference start (and everything was set) when I was talking to a friend and this came up. "Oh, I have a really great contact at Apple. They love our company." BOOM! I was called within about 2 hours asking how they could participate.

*best Harry Enfield voice* "Apple! Too late! Too late I say!"

To be honest I have found the same from most large corporates I dealt with in the US such as Nintendo, SEGA, etc. If you were not passed onto them by a golfing of WoW buddy, forget it.


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