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Hundreds of websites go titsup in Prime Hosting disk meltdown


Re: This is CRAP!

maybe it was hardware common to the disks, like a backplane or cable which failed.

Prime seem to have had a problem with their SAN for a while - it's been blamed for some slow (to non existent) server responses over the past couple of weeks. I'm not even sure it's a reliable design of SAN (I believe it was 'home baked' from what support staff told me <last time this happened!>).

Not much surprises me with Prime any longer, they don't usually appear to show a great deal of care or understanding about the importance of DNS, data or, come to it, their customers.

IT urine bandit fired and charged


Re: What or who did he deem attractive?

Surely it's still part of the language, simply rarely required by most of us within our present patterns of speech and, regardless, not here without rephrasing ("to whom he was attracted"). No, I rarely use the word, just pedantic. Not necessarily correct, just pedantic.

Too rude for the road: DVLA hot list of banned numberplates


I applied to the DVLA for W4NKR when W registrations were released in the UK (1999?), but received a polite rejection letter.

Bloke drives with knees while manipulating two mobes


Devils advocate to the ranting Daily Mail'ers

Let's assume he's a busy person (patently): it's possible his insurance had lapsed and somehow was overlooked (not legally 'innocent' but bear with me); some previous commentors read rather a lot into the uninsured statement. His driving style's admittedly lacking, however let's not jump to conclusions without the full information 'eh. If the report said he's a serial drivey-without-insurancer then I apologise.

Maybe the UK's system of insurance doesn't make it as easy as it should to keep insured? Some other countries have a much more reasonable system of (state administered?) Liability insurance. Once this (relatively) inexpensive premium is paid, it's then your choice to insure your car for theft and fire and damage privately. Perhaps a significantly cheaper statutory Liabilty only premium would encourage *some* presently uninsured drivers to comply?

As a cyclist and motorcyclist (and motorist and van owner) I'd prefer if  new drivers completed a compulsory period of cycling on the roads, as a driving test prerequisite. Most poor driving habits probably stem from a disassociation with consequences and lack of empathy - that includes slowing to let people cross the road, or others out at junctions.

Mind you, it surprises me how few of the fairer sex, who I'd presumed to be more disposed towards children, appear to have empathy when I'm cycling my 2 young children to school. For example last week, within 20 yards of a crossroads on a narrow country lane, one female example of ignorance and selfishness tried to cut up / overtake (on the wrong side of the road) my bike and towed trailer containing 2 kids (I ain't no slow coach). I thought 'crikey, what an arse, that's an entirely unnecessary manouveur left super late: even if she makes it she'll have to swerve bavk over to this lane and brake hard - and I'll have to brake hard to avoid going into the back of her'. I also thought of expletives to shout when she passed (very close), but I didn't need to do anything - at that point she was within 5 yards of the tight junction, (blind to traffic turning into it) when another car turned into the lane; both had to brake hard to avoid smashing into each other as she was now effectively at the junction but on the wrong side of the road.

The look and gesticulations of the other driver said it all for me. My point is that if that lady had cycled on the road, she may have more chance of understanding how vulnerable we were and just how dangerous she was to us and others. This possibly goes back to te earlier posts about pedestrians having presumed priority on UK roads.

Got that off my chest (bank hol spare time used cathartically).

Avon and Somerset police launch online crime tracker



TrackMyCrime? A rather glib title unless it's to allow the perpetrator of a crime, rather than the victim, to see how close Detective Knacker is to catching him.