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Apple Maps to the rescue in China/Japan conflict


surely a bun-fight is actually a friendly affair?

DeLorean goes electric for 2013 roll-out


still wouldn't persuade me to get an iphone

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'


You were in a four G inverted dive with a MiG?

I sincerely hope they're not paying you for bashing that keyboard, lewis.

How's that build more nuclear power stations campaign coming along?

Fukushima situation as of Wednesday


you're doing this on purpose aren't you?

"So far from Fukushima proving that nuclear power is dangerous compared to other technologies, it seems to be proving quite the reverse."

scarcely believable how glib you're being about this, lewis. please go back to moaning about defence spending. or just go.

Fukushima reactor shell ruptured?


lewis page shut the hell up

do hope armchair nuclear experts, writing from safety and comfort on the other side of the world will put a sock in it now.

regardless of whether or not japan is experiencing "another chernobyl", what is going on at fukishima can hardly be described as a resounding success for the japanese and indeed world nuclear industry, already beset with scandal, mistrust and straight up disaster.

commentators tend to forget the enormous social impact of nuclear incidents. thousands upon thousands of people have been displaced. there is no certainty here, no gurantee of safety and no end in sight. we cannot predict the unpredictable.


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