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Running the Gauntlet: Atari's classic ... now and then

Jim Keir

Warrior needs Valkyrie.... badly.

Two thirds of Brits crippled by mobile phone loss terror

Jim Keir

Opportunity Missed

Hmm. Should be "nomobophobia", surely?

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

Jim Keir

Such is the world today...

... that even one of the richest corporations in the world is shedding Jobs.

Vote now for the juiciest LOHAN backronym

Jim Keir
Black Helicopters

And by the way,

... isn't that plane in the pic remarkably similar to the one used in Microprose's F19 flight sim some decades ago?

Restored Vulcan hits financial turbulence

Jim Keir


Install see-through bomb-bay doors and a row of seats along each side. I'd pay for a flight.

Boffins demo wireless electricity

Jim Keir


I can just see them... huge Tesla - sorry, WiTricity - towers, encircled by crowds of deeply confused migratory birds wondering why they're not in Finland yet.

Still, might be a way of solving the Pigeon Problem in London, just set one of these up with an enormous bug-zapper installed downwind.