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Ordnance Survey intern plonks houses, trees, rivers and roads on GB Minecraft map


The books/guides are aimed at kids, and my 6-yo enjoys reading them so no complaints from me. Like most books, they tend to retail at around half off anyway.

Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads


Re: "When you play with someone's desktop, you are interfering with the way they do work..."

"How many non-techie people do you know who even set a non-standard desktop image,"

Loads, although they mostly call it a screensaver for some reason.

Mozilla releases Firefox 10, adds developer tools


Clean profile?

Anyone with crashing or performance issues bother to try in safe-mode and see if the problem is crappy extensions or old crud in the profile, rather than the browser?

2011's Best... Smartphones


Monte Carlo or Skate?

Why feature the Orange Monte Carlo when the ZTE Skate (ie the same phone without the Orange branding) is available SIM-free (as are the other 4 phones in this review) for around £220?

Verity's secret shame revealed


Llandidneau? Is that the scouse pronunciation?

Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know



...the problem being that the device identifies itself as a mobile (phone) device and so gets the site-optimisation it is asking for?

Second explosion rocks Japanese nuke plant


Useful comments, thanks.

I've certainly found the information in this article and thread a damn sight more useful than other news sources I've seen. I'm sure someone on the BBC Breakfast news described one of the explosions as a "nuclear explosion" this morning.


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