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Maybe you should've stuck with NetWare: Hijackers can bypass Active Directory controls


Re: OS vs. Directory Service

Ah, the memories. -xk2'ing servers and such. Just had a virtual eDirectory 8.8 server eat its own face last weekend (not the directory's fault - a disk error led to OS issues). One of my fondest memories of NDS was documenting all the error codes because Novell wouldn't. That was tons of fun - NetWare's kernel debugger was very interesting to tinker in.

Lots of fond memories teaching troubleshooting and eDir internals over the years. I've seen all sorts of weird issues over the years - even communications errors causing stuck INHIBIT_MOVE obits in single-server trees (which I still haven't managed to understand how that happened - had to be database corruption of some sort).

OpenSUSE tidies up disto model ahead of 13.4


There will not be a 13.4.

13.2 is the upcoming release.

The future releases planned would be 13.2, 13.3, and then 14.1. openSUSE doesn't do a ".4" release, nor does it do a ".0" release.

Spotify and Pandora to FACE THE MUSIC as iRadio inks Sony deal



I have subscriptions to both Spotify and Slacker, and am about to drop the subscription to Slacker.

The "download station" feature is great *when it works*. It hasn't worked on my phone for over a year, and when I contacted them, they asked if I was running my provider's firmware. When I told them I was using CyanogenMod, they said "sorry, we don't support that", even though they officially support the Android version that CM7 is.

Spotify has no such issue, so I find myself using it every day, where with Slacker, it's less than once a month any more. It used to be that if I couldn't find something on Spotify, I'd find it on Slacker. Lately, though, there hasn't been much I couldn't find on Spotify, and when I couldn't find it there, it generally wasn't on Slacker anyways.

Review: HTC One


What about /data/data storage?

I'm soon likely to be looking to upgrade a first generation Droid Incredible, and one of the major shortcomings of that phone is the /data/data storage space is severely limited on the dinc.

Have HTC dealt with that issue in the HTC one, or am I again going to be receiving mysterious "out of storage space" messages even though the phone has plenty of actual storage (and the problem is the limited /data/data partition)?

OpenSUSE 12.3 ships, project back on track

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Net install is still available for those who need a CD-based installation

As always, the NET install CDs are still available, so if a CD is the only option for installation, you can create a network repo from a DVD image (or by mirroring the repository directly) or install over the Internet and download a ~200-250 MB ISO to get the installation started.

Memo to openSUSE 12.2: More polish, less angst


Re: Does anybody know

Pull down the LiveCD and have a look - and if it isn't, please log a bug so it can get addressed.

Dell puts Sputnik open-source laptop on launch pad


The Dell 17R laptop is excellent

Got one in December and installed openSUSE 12.1 on it. Overall, it's an excellent performer and I have very few problems with it (needed to update the kernel to get the touchpad working as a touchpad rather than as a bog-standard mouse).

Even the webcam worked out of the box.

Arizona bill makes it illegal to 'annoy or offend' online


Re: Even more worrying...

Not the whole of the USA - just Arizona would be fine.

Microsoft wraps Windows 8 in Ribbon UI?


First link is dead

That was fast....they "destroyed the server"? Really?

Single-patent lawsuit hits Apple, Google, Amazon, Priceline...


AvantGo as Prior Art

Doesn't matter if the jury remembers AvantGo - the defense attorneys need to present that as evidence. Jurors aren't really permitted to consider facts that are not presented as part of the case.

openSUSE 11.4 rocks despite missing GNOME


If you want to look at the GNOME 3 preview

sudo zypper in gnome-shell

Mind mapping for IT pros


Another vote for vym

Outstanding tool, though I'd like to see an updated Windows version (I use the Linux version myself, but I have coworkers who use Windows).