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Loser Trump is no longer useful to Twitter, entire account deleted over fears he'll whip up more mayhem

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Re: “likely to incite or produce such action.”

those statements are unrelated, he has said a lot of things in his whole lifetime but what he should be prosecuted for are the things that he said that did incite violence.

If you incite violence subsequently say, “actually maybe dont" you should not get away with it. That's Trump's tactic too. I hope it fails he has been saying inflammatory stuff and then backing down all the time. This time his incitement to riot caused a riot before he said anything to stop it.

United States Congress stormed by violent followers of defeated president, Biden win confirmation halted

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Re: I'm surprised

Wrong. The courts are not political tools. In the UK there is thing called wasting police time. If you don't have a case, i.e. you have no evidence, you are not owed any time by the justice system.You cannot just bring a complaint to court and ask the court to prove or disprove it. You have to to prove your point and if you can show you have some evidence the state, graciously, provides effort for the defense.

Trump didn't lose in court, he had stuff thrown out before a hearing. He was abusing the court system for column inches.

Nothing to do with truth or justice or taking sides. There is no evidence of election fraud. Or at least Trump's lawyers have not found any that is admissible in court.

Boeing will cough up $2.5bn+ to settle US fraud charge over 737 Max safety

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Even if they take 50% half a million goes a long way in Ethiopia. Is it cynical of me to think that this number is a lie.

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Re: WTF: Boeing must acknowledge and accept the government's criminal fraud charge

Good precident for Trump.

This better not be a cruel prank: Microsoft promises 99.99% uptime for Azure Active Directory from 1 April

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Re: Paying customers only?

So what this says is, if we sell you something and don't deliver it at all, you get 25% back.

Thanks Microsoft, would you like to buy my car?

Trump administration bans eight Chinese apps

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Re: Meh

This is just noise. Don't look for reason in Trump's actions outside self interest.

Man is cozy with the cozy bear. The only privacy Trump is interested in is not publishing kompromat.

Be careful where you log into GitHub: Dev visits Iran, opens laptop, gets startup's entire account shut down

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off microsoft hosting

It's easy to set up multiple remotes with git. If your code is in Microsoft land only now is a good time to fire up a vm somewhere and cohost your important repos yourself. Github is more than just git, but being locked out of your own code is plain scary.

AWS Location Service aims to rescue devs from lock-in with 'business and programming models of a single provider'

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Who pays that? People with no alternative. , Google is asking to be broken up with price hikes like that.

Unsecured Azure blob exposed 500,000+ highly confidential docs from UK firm's CRM customers

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Re: Think about how this was created

I never really understood why blob storage should ever be directly accessible from the Internet. Why not a set of trivial apis so at least noob devs have to write _some_ code to expose data on t'interwebs? even if its just a Web proxy.

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Re: No more Mr Nice Guy

That defence does not work for _not_ doing something. You have to prove with meeting minutes you were told otherwise.

Atlantic City auctions off chance to hit Big Red Button and make grotesque Trump Plaza casino go boom

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Re: The possibilities are ...


US nuke agency hacked by suspected Russian SolarWinds spies, Microsoft also installed backdoor

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Re: "full rebuild"

Is the article not implying that the product that uses saml needs a rebuild? I did not read that as everything you have needs a rebuild.

Google AMP gets a shock to its system as advisor quits, lawsuit claims foul play

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Re: Fuck javascript.

"moved on" being a quick Google search for an amp compatible service?

Google did not ban js from amp for any reason other than to limit competition and make sure only their adverts are shown.

Careful what you wish for.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna needs new business cards already after appointment as board chair

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One wonders how long RHEL will continue to relevant under IBM.

We're not saying this is how SolarWinds was backdoored, but its FTP password 'leaked on GitHub in plaintext'

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Re: It's OK...

all you have to do is download and verify your own software to spot a hack like this. Stopping might be hard(ish) but detecting it is not.

Australia sues Facebook for slurping user data from Onavo Protect VPN app

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Re: “deprived Australian consumers of the opportunity to make an informed choice"

a lot of people still don't know that Facebook own WhatsApp and Instagram.

For many of the users it was not owned by Facebook when then started using it.

What's my Facebook alternative in your view?

When it comes to privacy, everyone says America needs a new federal law ASAP. As for mass spying, well, um… huh what’s that over there?

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On paper a balkanised Internet sounds bad but if governments can't stop themselves spying (and they can't) I'm all for blocking Facebook and WhatsApp in Europe building our own, and opening up bridges between the systems (gates to the walled gardens) to talk across the pond to NSAs turf.

who loses in that situation?

Google Chrome's crackdown on ad blockers and browser extensions, Manifest v3, is now available in beta

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Re: If the goal is increased performance

quick to render one page but you have to re load the whole for everything you ever do without Javascript. do you remember that?

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Re: If the goal is increased performance

it's css that makes pages beautiful not javascript.

CentOS project changes focus, no more rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux – you'll have to flow with the Stream

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Re: To the surprise of no one

I beg to differ, people want their apps to work in containers so hard dependencies on systemd are very rare.

Server software that does not run on k8s would be a strange decision. It's certainly not the norm.

k8s will save us from systemd,which is the same thing as saying systemd was a bad idea in the first place.

Ideally software built for containers will have no depencies at all and can run as a statically compiled binary.

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Re: To the surprise of no one

Devuan does not do anything to compensate for not having systemd. nothing is needed. GNU/Linux still boots happily with systemV. most servers work if it's compiled with a --without-systemd flag, often that just affects boot scripts autogenerated by the build for specific distros.

A few tweaks are needed but nothing structural is needed to "replace" systemd. Nothing in Linux requires systemd.

I use Devuan, and Ubuntu, and I also have frankenstein builds made with Ubuntu repositories _without_ systemd as /sbin/init. Booting a custom /sbin/init (not sysv) . Surprisingly all Ubuntu packages I've needed compiled with systemd run without system installed.

I would not recommend that for a desktop, but for servers, Ubuntu sans systemd is viable. Despite what Pottering will have you believe.

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Re: Oh well

It's IBMs fault those options are no longer available for free.

This change is IBM not giving RHEL free to the community but still expecting the community to give RHEL free to IBM. Identical policy to Microsoft beta testing with consumers.

I wonder how many people out there happily beta test on Fedora in return for stable CentOS. IBM is about to find out.

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Re: no

It is still changing from Stable plus a few days to beta. How beta is it? is quite well described by "not quite Fedora".

I think it's lame to make the name CentOS a beta branch. Its disingenuous.

I hope some one tracks RHEL, CentOS users wanted that.

I know redhat cost money, it also sells Linux.

75% of databases to be cloud-hosted by 2022, says Gartner while dishing on the weak points of each provider

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Re: Heads in the cloud ?

I suspect those numbers are pulled out of garters arse. If you are on prem with an open source db, or even in a self built vm or container in the cloud, how would gartner know?

If you have a website how do garner estimate how many dbs you have behind the scenes processing logs or even just managing your contact list.

I have more databases on my phone than in the cloud. That 75% figure means absolutely nothing.

Imagine things are bad enough that you need a payday loan. Then imagine flaws in systems of loan lead generators leave your records in the open... for years

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Use of SSN presumable makes this US specific. GDPR will not come in to it.

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Re: A bad code push ? Really ?

deutsche bank uses national ID number (that everyone knows) for username and a 4 digit pin for security.

I don't know how they got that past even the most basic security audit

Privacy campaigner flags concerns about Microsoft's creepy Productivity Score

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Re: evaluating "productivity" data can shift power from employees to organisations

Today I communicated at the start or the day I was going to do no more communication, turned off Teams and Outlook and was far more productive as a result.

Salesforce reportedly poised to scoop Slack for billions

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what the world needs now is a simple, common distributed, chat protocol with presence and proof of work for the entity initiating the call.

Put an end to these stupid valuations of walled gardens and all the weeds growing in them

How the US attacked Huawei: Former CEO of DocuSign and Ariba turned diplomat Keith Krach tells his tale

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Re: It's not about clean or secure...

Fact is Huawei made a lot of money and the US now sees breaking thing as a success story. The article is depressing, the guy has a smug attitude to doing massive amounts of damage and replacing it with something more expensive.

That is the current US economic policy.

Radio Frequency fingerprinting of aircraft ADS-B transmitters? Boffins reckon they've cracked it

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Re: uniquely fingerprint aeroplanes

silent doesn't help unless you are off the radar.

borrowing a unit from a registered/known commercial aircraft might work.

One more reason for Apple to dump Intel processors: Another SGX, kernel data-leak flaw unearthed by experts

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Re: More arguments for AMD, thus?

Probably not, or AC also did not notice that the mitigations do not have perf impact.

Super-antique-fragile-and-it's-XP-alidocious, even though the sight of it is something quite atrocious

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Re: Windows XP is still around in many places.

"all traffic to the Internet is blocked" worrying sounds like it's not airgapped. When was the firewall / router last patched?

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Re: To be fair...

Showing the boot screen for ten mins to the public counts as "working" and "doing what is required"?

GitHub warns devs face ban if they fork DMCA'd YouTube download tool... while hinting how to beat the RIAA

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Re: I can still remember how I was chastised

You can refuse a takedown request until there is proof that it's illegal. It was a Microsoft exec that decided not to.

Voyager 2 is back online after eight months of radio silence

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Re: Pretty reckless

but this is nasa, you did notice they spent 7 months working on an upgrade turned it on and it "just worked" including backwards compatability with 1977 and hardware latency of 17 light hours.

Linux kernel's Kroah-Hartman: We're not struggling to get new coders, it's code review that's the bottleneck

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Re: Linux and more

Best feature of rust, code and tests with asserts in the same file.

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Re: Linux and more

I call them SBO comments, "Stating the Bleeding Obvious", this works for me as a rule of thumb for what, and what not, to comment.

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"I do testing so I don't have bugs" has been proven time and again to be a dangerous simplification of the realities of writing code.

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Re: Retards...

maybe, it might also lead to companies not making the mistakes.

It might lead to a world where "too big to fail" stops getting used to justify sistemic failure.

Linus Torvalds hails 'historic' Linux 5.10 for ditching defunct addressing artefact

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Re: bye bye 2038

Normal 64 Unix time is OK for most uses and easy for interop with other systems Inc browsers.

There are so many wierd realities of representing time in computers: better the devil you know.

Linux 5.10 to make Year 2038 problem the Year 2486 problem

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I'm with OP. Linux has a 64bit time_t for ages, even on 32bit systems.

This is a xfs "fix" that does not use 64 bit time. It introduces a new problem as it fixes the old one.

Atlassian sprays more machine learning over its cloudy BitBucket, Jira, Confluence wares

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Less "smarts", where I work Jira needs a little blue pill: so it stays up longer.

It's 2020 and a rogue ICMPv6 network packet can pwn your Microsoft Windows machine

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Re: A new bug in 2020 ...?


teknopaul Silver badge

Re: reminds me..

I write a lot of rust, I would not recommend it for anyone but a team of one.

I call it "compilerdom", its like Findom, the compiler spanks you repeatedly until you are totally humiliated.

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Re: IP6 is the second thing I turn off

I love it when people get upset by far-side cartoons, sorry, but I do.

ESXi-on-Arm is real and VMware will use it to run networks, storage, and security on SmartNICs

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sounds good but kubernetes will do the same.

esx has to fight with containers.

both are essentially linux on linux.

vmware will not be running x86 code on Arm, neither could k8s.

containers are more efficient than virtulization on arm and x86

Airbus drone broke up in-flight because it couldn’t handle Australian weather

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I'm with OP, come a long way, but, not all the way. It failed in 2020. I'm sure they will try again in 2030.

in the meantime, flimsy and unpredictable weather don't mix.

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It tells you relative wind speed, one to one with what the thing is capable of.

Big US election coming up, security is vital and, oh look... a federal agency just got completely pwned for real

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agreed, if you use morse code it is less distracting than Teams. And has more secure cyber.

'Robbery, economic plunder, victim of larcenous cronyism and a heist'

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Re: It would be fun if the Chinese Govt just turned it off

A lot of haters would take to twitter where Trump's remaining supporters hang out.



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