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Tesla eyes Nevada for Semi electric truck plant, battery factory

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We designed the truck to be like a bullet

Ignoring practicalites such as speed limits, and that fact that pointless acceleration costs energy.

China has a bunch of electric truck manufacturers and a lot of usage. Musk could do a lot worse than see what they are up to, since things like battery changes are tried and tested for a few years.

Global network outage hits Microsoft: Azure, Teams, Outlook all down

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Re: Teams outage

Unfortunately I wasn't affected. Seems only some people got lucky

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You can't do email and chat voice without a server somewhere.

Twitter tweaks third-party app rules to ban third-party apps

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Re: Be Thankful because

Twitter's death is pretty close to world peace.

Probably a good thing for vaccination programs worldwide.

Laser-wielding boffins bend lightning to their will

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Re: What about the other way?

Simple: just put a lightning rod on the big fat laser.

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Re: Just a thought

I hope this can make power.

Because replacing Benjamin Franklin's solution that has a very low CO2 cost, with this high tech and high power solution seems like its not progress at all.

Cool tech. But not practical until we have, free energy, no planes, and a power supply that does randomly turn off in bad weather.

Plugging end-of-life EV batteries into the grid could ease renewables transition

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Plugging in all EV batteries is going to be the best approach. Not only do you get storage but you energy transport for free too.

Years late and 36 cores short of AMD, who are Intel’s 4th-gen Xeons even for?

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Re: As a thought...

Doesn't that presume these payments have no return.

Yes, price goes up it affects everyone. But if performance and profit go up, it affects everyone too, no?

Midjourney, DeviantArt face lawsuit over AI-made art

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I hope they have a case

It just feels wrong that you can scrape an artist's work for free, then setup an auto-art service that literally accepts the name of the artist as input, makes money, and doesn't share any of the proceeds at all.

Ex-Twitter Brits launch legal challenge against dismissal

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Re: Pyrrhic victory ?

It would be quite fun to host a mastodon node at twitter.co.uk.

Microsoft to move some Teams features to more costly 'Premium' edition

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Straight up illegal

This kind of tactics is illegal in the EU. Companies with huge market shares and deep pockets are not allowed to price services at a loss to close out competitors then hike the cost when they have achieved market share goals.

Being illegal never stopped them in the past, and weak enforcement ensures that they will continue to do it in the future. They have no morals.

Bad news for small companies providing innovative new services.

China's Hisense bakes Teams into Android-powered commercial displays

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Re: Quick - Ban them

Don't worry, everyone turns off video in Teams meetings or fakes the video, if it doesn't have a keyboard nothing interesting will be available, just your manglement's monolog: unlikely anything said will reveal any secrets, or even basic understanding.

Microsoft’s Nadella: Tech is in for a rough two years

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Started happening.

Saw that one fintech discovered that a simple https server out performs it's block chain based solutions by so much that the much hyped code is being replaced already.

AI is fun, but well understood repeatable outcomes are often a core requirement.

China may have to reassess chip strategy in face of US sanctions

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If you have a technical advantage its madness to not sell the fruits of that advantage. You may not have the advantage for ever.

Crypto craziness craps out – and about time too

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Re: Blockchain next..

I worked in a bank that screwed-up approx 20% of transactions.

Wide boys on phones on the shop floor would be doing crazy trades all day, some of them with terms agreed on the phone, without known risk and these were written down on bits of paper and entered into a system that had a target of handling 80% automatically the rest were signed by hand or cancelled.

Banks _regularly_ screw up transactions and _usually_ fix them up.

Systems like visa are more reliable.

Of course, Bitcoin and AltCoins are sometimes unable to achieve the hash rate to complete any tx.

FCC calls for mega $300 million fine for massive US robocall campaign

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Re: And the operators that allowed the spoofing?

"The problem is indeed that they still make a profit. The moment it would turn into a loss the show would be over"

While this is true evil people also need to be reminded they are evil. Or they well just move on the next scam

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Re: We need to go beyond fines

Which is the root cause of robocalls. Politicians aren't going to criminalize them because they want to use them.

SEC: Startup had 'no functional streaming service', raised $1.3m anyway

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Re: How far did they get

Still fraud. If you say you are going to build a dam you have to know the basics of how expensive it is to build a dam.

Qualcomm talks up RISC-V, roasts 'legacy architecture' amid war with Arm

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Re: Interesting quotes

Maybe they are looking at the success of other open source projects and thinking this could apply to hardware too?

It may not make sense to screw the platform you are heavily invested in?

Perhaps Arm will die and RiscV will grow for exactly this reason, and the early adopters will benefit the most?

Just a thought, but that is what most people are explicitly saying, and at first glance it seems to be working rather well.

OneCoin co-founder pleads guilty to $4 billion fraud

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Code is law


unhackable system,

no one has ever broken the math.


Seems no one had, ever, even so much as connected to this network.

Devil's lettuce: Toxic weed harvested with baby spinach causing delirium in Australia

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Know what you are eating

"Whether it's a mushroom or whether it's the sorts of weeds, if you don't know what you're eating, don't eat it."

Especially if you purchased it from your local supermarket with clear plastic packaging.

US Air Force signs $344m deal for hypersonic Mayhem aircraft

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$334 million

I would be more interested in a device that costs less money to build that one that costs so much it can't be used in Ukraine.

There is only one war in Europe and it will be one with cheap drones, big bombs, or lost.

Epic payment: Fortnite maker pays record $520m to settle FTC case

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Re: Insert clever game pun here

It will be interesting to see in the coming months how many game developers change their tactics.

I suspect close to zero. Perhaps minus zero as apps move to app stores to swallow the blame.

And any minor change in app store policy makes waves in industry.

A lesson indeed.

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In other news, all their apps are still available right now on major app stores.

And via direct downloads nautrally.

Chances of this stopping other apps from forcing users into handing over credit card details (Google app store does it) are below zero.

Amazon, Games Workshop announce Warhammer 40k film deal

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Not the first

It would not be the first war hammer 40000 film. The previous one I have seen was pretty basic, all cgi, no human actors.

There is no shortage of stories to tell, and a wealth of visual art to pull from. It it will be hard to do anything that is not full cgi or cartoon.

NIST says you better dump weak SHA-1 ... by 2030

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Re: Trusted for deduplication too

It's a mistake to think that sha256 "can't happen" or "nobody can make a collision".

Assume it can and make sure nothing too bad happens.

Assume it will and that nothing too bad happens on that day and you can rapidly change.

Relying on any one layer of security is a problem, having one "broken" but quite fast and easy layer in the stack it not a problem.

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Re: What the....?

You can totally "rely on sha1 for security" as long as you don't rely on it to provide collision resistance when inputs can be manipulated. And are not interested in dictionary attacks (if you are concerned about dictionary attacks none of the other sha hashes are recommended)

Still plenty of good use cases: many in security.

Sha1 fine for a checksum shorter that 256 bits.

Signing a cert is not one of them (can't control inputs) but there are plenty of signing uses cases that would be valid except for the fact that security bods will probably fail your audit. In which case you can do a sha256 hash and crop it to sha1 length.

Corporate execs: Get back, get back, to the office where you once belonged

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Re: "Hybrid"

I consider hybrid having an office in the first place. We have one, and I use it occasionally (1 day a week) to help separate work time and play time.

Linux kernel 6.1: Rusty release could be a game-changer

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Re: Better Security, nearly always makes things a bit more complex.

Point about rust is pushing issues into the compiler so it will always be a compiler issue.

But yeah gcc so no worries.

If Linux embraces rust that will only make rust more accessible, not less.

Google's Dart language soon won't take null for an answer

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I don't see a problem with null

Derefing null is a problem but one Java doesn't face. They have null and throw NPE if you try to dereference it.

optional I find annoying, it's just a pointer to a null and I have seen

opt.get().doThing() cause npes just as often as codes that allows returning null to mean "nothing here yet" .

I don't see why null matterers if you have Java's level of control over pointers, I.É. You can't find the value, you can just compare it to null. If your language can convert null to zero and play with it. Fix that first: then null is a better optimization that having one more level of Indirection for every pointer.

Theranos' Sunny Balwani gets longer sentence than Elizabeth Holmes

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Re: "said US Attorney Stephanie Hinds in a canned statement."

Failure to apply "principle of most favouravle interpretation" perhaps.

If you don't understand something, to follow the principle; presume the best possible interpretation and then ask for clarity with that in mind.

If you ask and presume the worst the responder naturally is on the defensive, thus conflict.

'What's the point of me being in my office, just because they want to see me in the office?'

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Devil's advocate

We are fully remote, and don't do video calls ever.

But one day in the office with the new team in Rome (plus a dinner) was amazingly productive.

We have a bunch of new ideas and new ways of working, while our day to day is still fully remote

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Re: Hmmm

Most SMTP support telnet, you might to start an stunnel to the port first.

Might not help much if you are asked to authenticate but using telnet is still supported

Windows 10 – a 7-year-old OS – is still having problems with the desktop and taskbar

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Re: Exceptional service

You are probably trying to reinstall windows on a computer where windows came preinstalled and trying to install Linux on a pc where Windows came preinstalled.

For a fair comparison try installing windows on a computer where Linux came pre installed é.G an owrt router or android phone.

NASA's cubesat makes it to the Moon to test orbit for human visitors

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Re: Plan B

I guess no point if solar energy can get you there and back.

Intel plans to cut products — we guess where they’ll happen

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Re: Intel Circling the drian... When Monopolies end

Yeah you wonder if any one at Intel would think like the Reg article.

Probably the decision making process will be more like...

First in first out, unless the product manager plays golf with the C level manglement or its on the up slope of the hype curve.

Then pay some hipkid to write marketing blurb to explain the decision.

It's amazing how big corps can be suckered by hype and fail to do the numbers, even when doing the numbers is literally just a case of asking someone in the same company.

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Re: Don't get us wrong. Intel's NUC mini PCs are cool, little feats of engineering

I have both types, because they are tiny they are tucked away out of sight, so it matters little what they look like.

Agree the Intel ones are not pretty.

Version 252 of systemd, as expected, locks down the Linux boot process

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Re: Great news

"Secure" does not mean the owner of the laptop can't change it. That is "control" (by a third party) .

Don't mix the concepts.

Not having access is loss of "control". If anything it's insecure.

If you throw your laptop into the ocean its not "more secure": you have lost access, and lost control.

Not being able to choose your kernel will never be "more secure" that's marketing nonsense. Someone else is choosing it, and you are being stitched up.

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Re: Systemd or not....

Let me guess you are a Microsoft / Azure user and don't have any choice ever anyway.

Rest of us care.

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Re: Then why ?

Three BSODs recently Micro$oft have good reason to drop their own kernel

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Re: Free as in Freedom

"Hobbyist"? , that's the term you are using for the entire Linux development community?


Hackability is the core feature of Linux it ain't niche.

Chinese carriers collectively claim to have cracked a billion 5G subs

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Re: I do wonder

Bit of googling: perhaps more in total but 10% power per byte.

UK facing electricity supply woes after nuclear power stations shut, MPs told

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Re: Grid scale storage

Grid scale storage is totally possible at quite high efficiency. >90% I was reading recently.

hydro, lifting concrete blocks, heating rocks, and other battery tech.

Teen dream team reboots Rolling Rhino into Rhino Linux

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Go team

Ubuntu so needs one of these. There regular pain of upgrades is getting to me. Even at two year LTS.

Canonical displays controversial 'ad' in shell update prog

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Re: Slight overreaction

I take it all back, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS has made netplan.io and snapd hard dependencies of ubuntu-minimal.

Time to go to another distro

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Careful what you wish for

Try not to forget: Free Ubuntu itself _is_ an advert for paid Ubuntu.

Bitching like this lost us a well supported desktop option.

Nothing to stop Canonical dropping the free version ala IBM.

I for one am greatful that Ubuntu is what it is.

How GitHub Copilot could steer Microsoft into a copyright storm

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Re: Major privacy issues

N.B. Its piss easy to migrate code off github.

To set up a git server is literally

ssh myserver

git init

If anyone wants community tools and pull requests go to gitlab.com.

N.B. can install gitlab locally too.

If you have deep embedded you whole private company, and all your private code in Microsoft's github... Get out ASAP.

Github only makes sense because it's the biggest community, hosting _private_ code since Microsoft sell out is just plain stupid IMHO.

You might think nobody got fired for choosing github, but check yourself, lots of people have been fired for accidentally exposing secrets in github repos because devs were too lazy to run

git init

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Re: Just one question

Re: "Would that be fair use? It's not clear. " it's very clear, it's written in the license that by law should be published along side my code.

Anyone who really thinks publishing = giving away free has never read a book or watched a dvd.

This is "git"hub, Linus should step up and claim copyright infringement of git itself.

It's not been tested, but it would interesting what punishment a judge could deal out for blatant copyright infringement on such a massive scale. They have breached a million licences in one fell swoop.

Microsoft have illegally copied my software, I want to see them punished.

I moved most code off to gitlab as soon as Microsoft took the reigns. It was clear they would fsckup github the moment it was announced.

Oil company Castrol slips and slides into immersion cooling

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Re: Castrol

Mates of mine dunked a whole PC including power supply and fans in fish tank of oil and ran it in a hacklab. Looked cool: had fake goldfish and a sunken ship.

With current energy prices the coolant is probably worth more that all the rest of the hardware now.