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AWS Aurora PostgreSQL versions vanish from the mega-cloud for days, leaving customers in the dark

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Re: Sorry, I don't understand

The magic of the cloud is you can turn off the bill. Its rented hardware with fairly active support, & clear definitions of what they do and what you do.

Plus economies scale.

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don't know much about postgres but mysql has a clean backend front end split.

You can use a mysql client to talk to mysql front end that has different types of storage. You can write your own storage without breaking the licence afaik.

Up from the depths, 864 servers inside, covered in slime, it's Natick!

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Re: Orbit

Not necessarily a joke.You can hide satellites behind the planet if solar flares are predictable. They do this around Mars.

Oracle customers caught in the cross-hairs of Larry’s 'interesting dynamic'

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java, solaris, did we buy the them? I forget.

we were unbreakable Linux until I can't rember why.

Now we are AWS-also-ran .com + salesforce-a-like.

Seems like the Oracle gets its ideas reading the papers.

Paragon 'optimistic' that its NTFS driver will be accepted into the Linux Kernel

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Re: @DrXym - Whatever for?

I don't think it comes with no support. It comes with no test suite, presumably because it's different to the ones currently used by Linus et al. If Paragon continues to sell its version, I don't think it is in their interest that the version most people see and use is sub standard.

Tech ambitions said to lie at heart of Britain’s bonkers crash-and-burn Brexit plan

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Let's be clear about this, Cummings wants to hand out money to his chums, this is not investing.

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Re: The next U-Turn?

Let Brexit happen (with no deals) by doing nothing, is not quite "get Brexit done".

The Honor MagicBook Pro looks nice, runs like a dream, and isn't too expensive either. What more could you want?

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Wanne be careful about banning Huawei the lads, you might miss out on some good cheap kit.

TCL's latest e-ink tech looks good on paper, but Chinese giant will have to back up extraordinary claims

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Re: not particularly useful at night.

Does not _require_ a back light does not mean it can't have one. Potentially a system that is thinner than an lcd display.

Some use cases might not want a back light and prefer to be thin.

Google, Amazon pass on UK Digital Services Tax by hiking ad prices, fees at same rate the government takes

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Re: No surprise here

When you have a monopoly and thus totally inelastic demand. In a free market economy its added to the supply curve as a cost.

Two out of four ain't bad: It's been a weekend of mixed emotions for rocket fanciers

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single use plastic/metal

that'll be my wacom tablet, two crap mp3 players and about 10 free mice.

single use electronics seems to be a thing.

US Air Force shows off latest all-electric flying car, says it 'might seem straight out of a Hollywood movie'

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Re: Not quite finished yet

The flying car concept is stupid. Four man light aircraft exist at reasonable prices that require short, grass runways. VTOL does not mean you don't need a trained pilot or air traffic control. A pilots license costs 40 hours flight time and a few grand, comparable to a lorry license. planes are cheap.

VTOL is pointless for most travel, just like cars require roads and traffic lights, air travel requires runways and flight paths. I don't think that will ever change. The more people have these things the more control we will need to prevent accidents. No matter how you take off the a journey will be on controlled flight paths as soon as more than one neighbour has one. you'll be better off on the road where at least you can stop for a pee if you want to.

US senators: WikiLeaks 'likely knew it was assisting Russian intelligence influence effort' in 2016 Dem email leak

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Re: Interestingly,

But what I don't get is how did the Russians know that everything would go titsup if the Trumpster was in charge? What was it they knew that the Republiclan party did not?

Dido 'Queen of Carnage' Harding to lead UK's Institute for Health Protection because Test and Trace went so well

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Worked with the WHO, Mr T hopes.

Donald Trump thought-bubbles an Alibaba ban as Chinese clouds clam up about Clean Cloud plan

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Re: ban Chinese tech giant Alibaba.

Churchill did a back of an envelop analysis to see who had access to resources to win the war: and set about securing them.

Trump banned envelopes.

How do you feel about single-use plastics? OK, interesting. Now tell us your views on surprise Windows updates

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Re: Tiny?

Which system would that be, Mr Grey Beard sir?

I tried Google earth, maps, apple maps, street view and I just couldn't reproduce your test incident.

Ever wonder how a pentest turns into felony charges? Coalfire duo explain Iowa courthouse arrest debacle

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I have been asked to pentest as part of building new systems. In addition to pentest tools it's worth having a human take a look, try something unexpected. I have found big ol holes with more consequence than a jira ticket.

Lesson learned: people who are more concerned with _who_ secures the system and going by the book, instead of how secure it is, should be be given no more responsibility than the cleanliness of a public toilet.

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Re: legislation??

Vote Chad Leonard - tough on innocents, weak on security.

You'll soon be fragging noobs on Kubernetes with Google's cloudy take on game servers

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Re: Is this new?

Barcelona and much of Catalunya has 400 mbit connections for domestic customers. Most villages are fiber to the premises.

I did not know 144fps was a thing. 60 seems slick to my eyes.

Dell ‘exploring’ VMware spin-off, insists they must keep their special relationship

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closed door

"he doesn’t think anyone other than Google would want to buy it"

And clearly no-one outside the US _can_ buy it because of isolationism.

The US has to sell to itself now. Or sell at a reduced price to compensate the risk of state run economic attacks on the company.

Sorry to drone on and on but have you heard of Ingenuity? NASA's camera-copter is ready to head off to Mars

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Re: Why

While this is true, nasa missed an opportunity to design the solarsystem's most bling helipad.

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More than 2 cars. There have been 6 Mars rover attempts, 4 successful, and 4 lunar rovers.

Just sitting there with they keys left in them, waiting for the next naut with a jerry can of nuclear fuel.

Here's a headline we'll run this century, mark our words: Alien invaders' AI found on Mars searching for signs of life

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They thought of that. There are a few comms Sat's around Mars already, I think 4. I remember reading here about them hiding behind Mars from solar flares.

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Comcast to handle DNS-over-HTTPS for Firefox-using subscribers

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Re: Comcast will just handle it anyway

So at best, a no-op, and at worst, a false sense of security.

also breaking dns, e.g. dns load balancing or perd hacks, local blacklists etc.

dns/https is a powergrab, as soon as mozilla made it acceptable Google do it. so most of the world just get another wall around their Internet and a single point of contact for your local cops.

Fasten your seat belts: Brave Reg hack spends a week eating airline food grounded by coronavirus crash

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Re: Extra flavourings

I heard this too, however now that we know at sea level airline food tastes bland we know that was being used as an excuse for shite cheap catering.

Now I come to think of it, I also rember bacon sandwhiches at 40,000 ft tasting like bacon sandwhiches.

Maybe there is hope for 2020: AI that 'predicts criminality' from faces with '80% accuracy, no bias' gets in the sea

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Re: Fizzog

Those who are treated as criminals, have nothing to loose by being one.

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Re: Body language

"Stop and search" is a term invented to downplay unwaranted arrests.

ar•rest ə-rĕst′►

intransitive verb

To stop; check.

Google isn't even trying to not be creepy: 'Continuous Match Mode' in Assistant will listen to everything until it's disabled

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Re: Oh mighty one...

Even Goolge needs a name you can google.

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Re: Catching up, maybe???

Latent Microsoft hate: left over from when they had they had the worlds worst agressive and outright illegal business practices.

Relax, its Microsofthate not Googlelove.

Its sparks and smoke from something M$ extinguished. We are many that know that Wordstar was the superior product and the ubiquity of Markdown is the living proof of this fact.

We shall never forget. We shall never forgive.

Xiaomi's Poco F2 Pro flagship lands in the UK with considerably gentler price tag

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Ex-director cops community service after 5,000-file deletion spree on company Dropbox

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Re: Backups? We've heard of them...

Arguably Dropbox is a backup.

On an IT forum one would expect a lot of "wouldn't happen to me"responses, I think its a bit harsh to point the finger at the victim.

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Re: So... the headline should be

Company learned nothing. It went bust.

A memo from the distant future... June 2022: The boss decides working from home isn't the new normal after all

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Re: New Normal?

I've been on some excelent ones. In Finland they start with a shot of something toxic as you get on the bus. Games, relax, chat, booze and an opportunity to get naked.

Across the company the rule is get together, apply food and booze.

A team that has broken bread is significantly more productive. IMHO

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Re: New Normal?

"Perhaps leadership courses for manglers would be money better spent?"

No. No. No. Defo spend the money on booze for the troops.

ServiceNow slammed for 'tone deaf' letter telling customers contracts can't be tweaked as COVID-19 batters businesses

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Re: We use Service Now where I work...

"Nasty stupid" sums up British Politics and Goverment that results.

What does London's number 65 bus have to hide? OS caught on camera setting fire to '22,000 illegal file(s)!!'

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Re: 65 bus route

What is it with English people and pride about transportation knowledge? For Taxi drivers, The Knowledge, as if any other knowledge is incidental.

If you enyoy the journey it matters little how long it takes. Perhaps there in lies the problem?

Australia's Lion brewery hit by second cyber attack as nation staggers under suspected Chinese digital assault

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Re: If China has nothing to hide...

You dont have to choose a side.

Not going to war was an option.

Ending it still is.

Meet the dog that's all byte and no bark: Boston Dynamics touts robo-pooch Spot with $75k-a-pop price tag

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Re: It's incredible. It's amazing. Engineering to die for.

I dont understand the no head thing.

Seems a very clever toy but lacking 3D printed head, 2 scarily powerful red leds, a couple more stepper motors, some gaffer tape and a raspberry pi to make it whole.

I'd call it a prototype.

Looking for a home off-world? Take your pick: Astroboffins estimate there are nearly 6bn Earth-likes in the Milky Way

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Re: "Getting to them is, however, quite another kettle of fish"

No rules says you cant live on a planet if you have to wear a suit outside.

I personally am ill equiped for a sunny day or a winter's night on this planet without some protection against the natural environment.

I suspect we will make the moon and mars habitable in some ways, as we make this planet unbearable without protection outside.

If you're despairing at staff sharing admin passwords, look on the bright side. That's CIA-grade security

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Re: Numpties, the lot of 'em.

Any one want to join my setting up the CyberSpace Force. I suspect we can secure a decent budget for playing war games and flight simulations in cyber space.

As Uncle Sam flies spy drones over protest-packed cities, Homeland Security asks the public if that's a good idea

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Re: I submitted my comment

Honestly mate, how long have you been living in a world of targeted subliminal marketing.

They dont want your answers: they want you to read the questions.

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Re: "lol they're just using them for surveillance"

Word. I'd prefer to pulled out of the water by a well funded RNLA than a well funded death squad.

The use of drones in emergencies and use of military surveilance at protests are two unrelated questions despite the fact that the ministry of truth would have us think otherwise.

When military kit is the best for civvy use, you paint it orange.

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arms and no brain

First responder organizations have used UAS to search for lost children, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and many other use cases which justify the name Predator such as shooting "hellfire" missiles at people from the comfort of a bunker.

Its crazy that armed people dont understand that their presence is a threat.

Remember that backdoor in Juniper gear? Congress sure does – even if networking biz wishes it would all go away

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Re: Peace and Quiet

A representative republic is (meant to be) a representative democracy.

Still a democracy.

What you actually have in the states is rather less democratic than a representative republic ought to be, not because its a republic, but because the democracy has been corrupted, by Republicans arguing with Democrats.

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Re: Backdoors

A backdoor is deliberatly made. Not a flaw.

Nowt to do with direction.

Russia drags NASA: Enjoy your expensive SpaceX capsule, our Soyuz is the cheap Kalashnikov of rockets

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Re: Sour grapes

The Russians are big supporters of the US democratic system.

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Re: Roomy

Very trek, but is it an improvment? Tesla driver's attempts to replace the steering wheel with a touchscreen have not always been successful.

Huawei's latest smartphone for the UK market costs £1,299. And yes, that's without Google apps

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Re: Nearly spat my tea out

I'm not interested in any Huawei phone news until Reg's pun-o-matic headline generator is let loose on the Huawei Five-O.

MongoDB 4.4 aims to be a dev crowd-pleaser, but analysts say it's still short of 'general-purpose' database territory

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Re: Clueless analysts

Schemaless can reduce the complexity. new_att might be null, but if you add it to an existing relational db it will be nullable too.

We have a nightmare changing the schema every golive. It takes downtime.

I agree with your tx data statement, I find many systems have a couple of core requirements where the money is that need to be acid tx and almost all the rest is locked into a complex multi-table schema because of that.

"As the number and type of databases and data sources incorporated into modern applications has exploded over the last decade,"

I wish. We have one big iron/host and a fat db2 for everything we do.

However even at 4.4 mongodb has gaps in reliability and write locking that make it hard to justify even for less important data. Maybe in 5.0?

Big Tech trade association warns Uncle Sam against knee-jerk national security measures that harm industry

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Unintended 'negative consequences' = your not intelligent enough to see the economic and social damge caused by your ranting.

'National Security' = 'Otherwise Unjustifiable'



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