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JPMorgan exec claims bank repels '45 billion' cyberattack attempts per day



This is key.

"They go into the law firm that's sending you an email, take over the email, and they send the bank a note saying 'please send the money here,'"

And the point is, after receiving an email they do actually send the money there!

I worked at 3 major banks in London. 80% was automated, and 20% we via paper and emails and phone calls. All of that was considered "risk", I.e. No attempt at security auth or validation. Just put it as risk and write it off if it was fraud.

I would guess Jp has 60000 wide boy brogrammers as staff. Never seen worse code than in banks. High staff turnover. It's all about the money, naturally. No-one in the building has any high-level goals like clean code or solid architecture. It's just hack for money. Security is an afterthought at best. At worst it's just a building full of disconnected workers getting paid top dollar to handle shit code without any input to the code.

I also know people are that hack banks. It's I high risk game in the long run, but easy money in the short run.

I knew people that can open a bank account, put 5 grand credit in it, and have a card sent where ever with what ever name you wanted. That's high street banks who seem to be just as bad.

I am pretty sure it's an induswide problem.

Google is changing how search results appear for EU citizens


They just moved the tricks to maps

I don't use Google search since it stopped being useful a while back due to ads.

But maps recently took a huge turn for the worst. At least in Spain where I am. They now don't show businesses which they don't have ads for, however close. Clearly monopoly abuse, but also makes maps useless since it only has big bizz that pay the Google tax. That's passed on so I try to avoid any bizz who uses Google: I know their rates.

They vary rates, (despite this being illegal) essentially taking all the area under the supply curve, so pretty much any bizz that's in bed with Google for marketing is as expensive as it could be.

Here's who thinks AI chatbots will eventually be smart enough to be your coworker



Can't help but think app developers should be more diligent with cli development and bash should be taught schools.

Automation ought not to be hard enoughto require AI.

But for many people it is, because app companies

want developers to hold special magic powers instead of empowering users with trivial cli interfaces.

With a de ent cli you write your code in python or whatever if you prefer, but you can't beat the simplicity of bash for automation of cli tasks.

Creating a single AI-generated image needs as much power as charging your smartphone


Re: Do charge a thousand phones instead

I call BS on (11.49kWh) per image. Stable diffusion is giving me £1 per image as a free giveaway and all these AI image sites paid for by ads are getting £1 per click.

Something in these numbers don't add up. Maybe it's my price per kwh

Boffins find asking ChatGPT to repeat key words can expose its training data


Yeah but...

Language models don't have memory as such. It's reconstituting this data. It looks like an email, and may actually be someone's email. But if you text scan the model, it isn't in there stored like that.

In simpler terms: ChatGPT can generate fred@gmail.com easily but can't tell you why or of its a real email address.

Tesla sues Swedish government after worker rebellion cripples car biz


Re: I am enjoying this dispute

Either that, or the world missed out on some amazing sculptures.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft make the Mozilla naughty list for Christmas shopping


Re: Christmas present

Never forget Amazon's remote digital burning of books including Fahrenheit 451.

Unforgivable. I have never connected an E-book to the Internet as there is no need.

Long-term space missions may make liftoff harder for male astronauts


Other factor at play

Surely being a 'naut significantly improves your pulling power, which should more than compensate for a bit of confusion about which way is up.

Broadcom re-orgs VMware into four divisions – none of which mention end-user compute products


I didn't. I know vmware was a lot of Linux under the hood. But that's handy info. Each time I look at virt tools the landscape seems to have changed.

I recently purchased headless hardware for windows to save myself the virtyslisation headache: USB involved.

OpenAI's CEO merry-go-round tosses out voice feature for ChatGPT


Oh purlease

Can't do facts therefore : "it isn't much more than an impressive tech demo."

Is sorely missing the point of gererative AI.

Oft repeated, but this is le reg! Come on!

Really. RTMF. And be aware that these tools are crazily changing the way many people work without ever once promising a fact, or any statement of truth.

That's just not how these models work, never will be, and they are still amazingly useful.

If they ever do facts and/or calculations they will immediately marked as general intelligence, no matter how basic or untrue that statement is

If you can't understand this: stick to scraping Wikipedia for your "facts".

Robocar tech biz sues Nvidia, claims stolen code shared in Teams meeting blunder


Re: Oh FFS.

N ida have been fully busted on this one. Culprit has admitted it. Question now is, like Trumps case, just about the damages

Half a kilo of cosmic nuclear fuel reignites NASA's deep space dreams


Price per watt

What is the price per watt of Pu-238 compared to natural gas?

Asking for a friend in the UK.

Arm's tiny Cortex-M52 packs AI punch for small devices


Yeah but can it run

Stable Diffusion

That's the only bit of software that would persuade me tobuy new hardware right now

Biden's facing the clock to veto Apple Watch import ban after ITC patent ruling



Rich so often means prepared to pay lawyers rather than pay humans.

Apple refusing to pay for patents, despite the deepest pockets in the world massive margins and even tho it lives by abusing the same system.

Pope tempted by Python! Signs off on coding scheme for kids


Re: How infallible is "apparently infallible"?

This. Computer science requires you to think for yourself and be right, you can't hand wave your way to working code. Catholics involving themselves in programming seems like hipocrisy.

These guys don't believe in dinosaurs. Thet should be never be trusted with tech. And you should keep them away your kids.

The problem with Jon Stewart is that Apple appears to have cancelled his show


Open platform

It's laughable that Apple does anything other than censor apps in any jurisdiction.

Apple takes 30% of charitable donations made via apps.

It's not permed for the app to direct Fanbois to a webpage where 100% of their donation goes to the good cause.

It's also forbidden to mention that the option exists.

That not censorship?

Never give money via Apple. For anything.

America: land of the free to abuse monopoly.

X marks the bot: Musk thinks spammers won't pay $1 a year


By charging $1 to post they have effectively guaranteed that no human will ever post free content for Twitter.

The only people posting will be marketing bots who expect they can cover the cost.


In Other News

New York Times now requires it's staff to "pay to publish".

Changes were announced to staff @nyt.com

Reminding them that it is a stackable offence to try to monetize their own content via affiliate links

Cisco zero-day bug allows router hijacking and is being actively exploited


Re: Who uses that?

"any switch, router or WLC running IOS XE and has the web UI exposed to the internet is vulnerable"

Seems wierd that anyone would expose a routers admin UI to the Internet. Even if you did it by accident you would immediately get a lot of traffic flagged as bots target you.

As it prepares to abandon its on-prem server products, Atlassian is content. Users? Not so much


Re: Several issues....

We became customers because you could download it and run it on local servers with no hassle. It saved time. The eventually got more dependent on it and will probably move to the cloud.

But we would not be customers in the first place if we had to have managers justify yearly costs upfront and do all the paperwork for having data off site.

So this one time, at Bandcamp, half the staff were laid off


If they can do that to staff

Stealing off artists is next.

World needs bandcamp this is a crying shame.

US lawmakers want China export bans to include open tech like RISC-V


Banning open-source exports don't work

Who wants risc V with export restrictions and no ability to fab where you want?

You can just virtually move dev to Sweden or China. Open-source is not owned by one country to restrict it.

If they do it it will be like SSL, pain in the arse for USA and US companies customers, and for everyone else SSL just works because there are no restrictions.

You'd have thought they would learn.

Cat accused of wiping US Veteran Affairs server info after jumping on keyboard


Re: A cat that can type "DROP DATABASE veteran-affairs;"?

I have done a bunch of scary dB work in production (successfully) only to find out at the end that my copy paste buffer had some totally destructive sql in it. I was one misplaced paw away from disaster for hours.

I am quite careful cleaning buffers nowadays. If its dangerous copy commands with # at the front or - - for sql.

Musk in hot water with SEC for failure to comply with subpoena


Re: He is copying Trump in everything

Difference is, if they took control of his companies and forbid him or family any involvement: they would just make more money.

Microsoft introduces AI meddling to your files with Copilot in OneDrive


Re: One Hopes

I had a bunch of wiki pages with instructions for disabling OneDrive and for those of us for whom there was no hope of data recovery, or ever getting thing to stop screwing with your files, I ran an emotional support group called Victims of OneDrive.

I believe having AI to blame, might help some of our newer Victims Of OneDrive come to terms with their loss.

Why can't datacenter operators stop thinking about atomic power?


Re: Since

No development required: just Dock a nuclear sub and plug it in.

I vote for Gibraltar, there are already a bunch of data centers spewing poker and gambling bits at the public, and the Spanish hate the British already.

UK only needs 3 subs in case one has to surface. Whenever systems are working, one could be powering bit barns.

That was meant as a joke, but thinking about it, it's not a bad idea for the monetization of the trident program. Someone ping Rishy he's a business man.


Re: "Three words: Cheap, reliable, power"

Germany is very much aware that this is not good, but there is a war in Europe.


Re: Judging from the way micros~1 dump crap upon Windows users

It'll be fine, just build it in Utah.

Bids for ISS demolition rights are now open, NASA declares


It's in orbit!

It's in orbit ffs.

All it takes is a little nudge and it will spiral _outward_ without 1 billion dollar cost god knows how much Co2 spent.

Last man out gives it a kick.

This time it really isn't rocket science.

No joke: Cloudflare takes aim at Google Fonts with ROFL


Re: I presume it's opt-in?

In fact Cloudflare is also a CA, so it can automatically transparently MITM any client if IT WANTS TO.


Teardown reveals iPhone 15 to be series of questionable design decisions


Anti trust?

Surely there is anti-trust law to prevent...

"Apple simply bought out the entirety of TSMC's capacity for the year."

Mixin suspends deposits and withdrawals after $200m cryptocurrency heist


Insider again?

How come we don't here about such heists in non crypto banking

Why Chromebooks are the new immortals of tech


Rpi love

So long as your box has an Intel or AMD x86-64-bit processor, 4GBs of RAM, 16GBs of storage, and you can boot it from a USB drive, you're in business.

Raspberry pi model B is not only supported, it's still in production should your hardware fail.

Had one since release: still doing the same useful work I purchased it for.

Unity apologizes, tweaks runtime install fees after gaming world outrage


Re: The damage is done

Nice to see companies getting hammered for greed.

The C suite will still get their bonuses I'm sure, but it always warms my heart when con.co changes their terms and conditions and gets caught and punished.

Unfortunately it's mostly innocent shareholders and not the execs that get the punishment this time

US military F-35 readiness problems highlighted in aptly timed report


Re: Optional Extras Not Included.......

The F35 is just a way to spend poor people's tax dòlars on rich people's bonuses. It doesn't matter if it flys. No one is going to attack the US. Nobody wants all it's problems.

usa has 11 carrier groups. That makes no sense. Only ever used in offense. Imagine how space age the US would be if they didn't do this, and invested in local infrastructure.

Europe wants easy default browser selection screens. Mozilla is already sounding the alarm on dirty tricks


Browser choice, while important, is a symptom of monopoly abuse not the cause?

We need anti-trust legislation with teeth. One that takes back money earned and spends it on alternatives that are viable.

We need to jail a few cros as a starting point. China do it. And it works

Linux 6.6's in-kernel SMB networking server graduates



This sort of stuff in the Linux kernel used to worry me.

Now it's reassuring.

Apple races to patch the latest zero-day iPhone exploit


Re: new to IT

Seems reasonable that pegasus would be careful.

At the same time I'm sure Apple have spyware as a service available for uncle Sam.


Re: The intentionally incompatible iMessage yet again?

Apple _outsources_ great hardware...


Best not talk about their software.


Re: That's why we use Signal

Would that help?


Seemingly, The vuln was in passkit, your rant-bang, would be better directed at that.

Why would anyone think to write passkit in a memory safe language.

Criminals go full Viking on CloudNordic, wipe all servers and customer data


Re: Where are the backups?

Read the article.

It states clearly that backups were encrypted with ransomware.

Google's next big idea for browser security looks like another freedom grab to some


Re: Naturally...

They already flag nay app that does not use Google play for notifications as "using too much battery".

Eu should step up on this it's clear monopoly abuse.

New York City latest to sue Hyundai and Kia claiming their cars are too easy to steal



Nooo Republicans would object by default to any attempt to regulate an industry more.

Better to have a long drawn out legal drama with (likely Republican) lawyers paid huge amounts on both sides.

Lamborghini's last remaining pure gas guzzlers are all spoken for


Gas guzzlers

I have a "sports" car that still cruises at 60 mpg. For a vehicle to be striking to look at and fun to drive it does not have to be inefficient.

Im pretty sure lambos would still be fun to drive with a regular engine. If the EU band stupid engines like that normal tax payer funded roads, rich kids would still buy lambos for half a million to show off and there would be no harm done.

NASA to tear the wings off plane in the name of sustainability


Parking problems

Need supersized Parking bays or everyone ion the busses to get to the terminal

Florida man insists he didn't violate the law by keeping Top Secret docs


Re: What I cannot understand ...

And tried to hide them from the raid.

And on tape discussing how to do that.

And was caught on his own security cameras doing so.

And lied about it repeatedly on camera.

And defended himself only with deflection and incorrect statements about the law, further incriminating himself.

Most of the evidence is from Trump himself.

Bang to rights.


Re: What I cannot understand ...


Very concise doc on the rules. It's clear that Florida Man has broken many.

Since when did my SSD need water cooling?


"while it's true that the latest generation of SSDs really are running hotter, Crucial doesn't yet see the need for active cooling for its drives."

Current tech you need to pretty careful about boxing them up and airflow. Writing from Spain where room temp can be above 30 already.

US mulls retaliation for China blacklisting Micron without evidence of security threat


Re: Ha ha ha

The best way to stop people from spying and stealing is to be open and share.