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McAfee splats bug that knocked punters offline


Thank You

Ta for this, Reg. You prevented me hurling my computer out of the window in a fit of 'why won't this f***ing thing connect to the Internet' pique.

Funny how McAfee can get 'please buy more from us' emails out but not 'we have screwed your computer'.

Still, to be fair, once you had pointed me in the right direction, the fix was quick and painless.

BT vs Sky vs Virgin


How can Sky justify...

...that I own my Sky+ HD box as in if it breaks it's down to me, but that if I un-subscribe (as I have had to do for a while due to a household financial meltdown) they turn off the recording function? Either I own the box or I don't. There is now a nice big shiny hard drive inside the box with very little to do. Its not even as if the charge for the Sky+ part anyway.

Given their intransigence, and given that my finances will again change, I may just look at using someone else and throwing 'my' Sky+ HD box in the bin. Still, look on the bright side, I suppose Sky could have turned off the HD part as well.