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NSA super-leaker Edward Snowden granted Russian citizenship

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"If by "we", you mean nato, then yeah, most of those wars fought after Vietnam were against vastly inferior people (in terms of their equipment)."

No, not NATO - NATO member countries, yes. Please learn the difference. Vastly inferior equioment? Equipment supplied by Russia and China?

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"Or just Google "Group W Bench"."

Kid, have you rehabilitated yourself?

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"Bullshit, They called up people with prior combat experience to rotate through their forces"

That was the claim, yes. Actually believing that is a different matter - there have been reports of "recruiters" turning up in villages with demands for X number of "volunteers".

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The US Backed coup[3] empowered Nazis["

I love how your justification for this is "according to Putin". So you are actually trying to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine based on the ridiculous idea that there were actual Nazis in control (Zelensky is jewish by the way)?

"Putin's absorption of Crimea and support for the rebellion in eastern Ukraine is clearly defensive"

You do know that Ukraine was refused NATO membership, don't you? Even if it was part of NATO why is that a threat to Russia? NATO is a defensive organisation specifically set up to counter aggression from...oh yes, the Soviet Union, aka Russia.

Sorry, you have swallowed some weapons grade bullshit.

It reminds me of the convoluted attempts by the British Communist party in 1939 to explain why they were now supporting nazi Germany following Russia's inasion of Poland.

The Azov battalion is, or was, about 2000 strong. I'm sure you can work out percentages of that vs the whole ukraine military yourself. While you're at it you could look up the Wagner group and their delightful activities, and why they are "recruiting" long term inmates from prisons. How about the mass burials of civilians in russian held areas who were all shot at close quarters and often tied?

No doubt you consider the referenda in the occupied regions of Ukraine as free and fair - those 99% + votes in favour of joining Russia are all genuine, I'm sure...

OK, Google: Why are you still pointing women at fake abortion clinics?

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"common practice across the entire web. Once there they are simply saying what they believe. If you disagree, go elsewhere"

So, you would be ok with a search for, say, a history of socialism, you click on a link that says "a history of socialism" but ends up taking you to a pro-fascist website? (this is a hypothetical example, just in case you don't get it)

Or searching for help with the latest MS OS takes you to an Apple page despite it being advertised as a Microsoft one?

It's exactly the same thing.

Girls Who Code books 'banned' in some US classrooms

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Re: "You cannot be what you cannot see"

:@ cederic - ;ike so many people who believe the myths, you don't know what "privilege" in this context means.

It doesn't mean you were wealthy, it means you have or had all the disadvantages of being poor but without the additional disadvantage of being black or asian or whatever. It's an inconvenient fact that you are more likely to get a job if you're white and male.

The RAF case was ridiculous, I agree, and they have apologised for it.

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Re: "You cannot be what you cannot see"

"Critical Race Theory and the stuff they are pushing in classrooms and corporations is not actually inclusive"

It's not taught in classrooms - it's the usual nonsense when you know quite well its only ever an option at university level. You are like so many right wingers insinuating its taught in schools.

It's not inclusive because it originates from a liberal viewpoint? Sorry, did they hurt your feelings by pointing out the actual history of the USA?

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Re: critical race theory, sex education, and inclusive gender language

"But what was your point?"

It's not legal in the USA either, unless you believe the more hysterical "news" outlets. Clear enough for you?

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Re: Mission creep

"Passover is a celebration of God killing all the firstborn children, if I recall correctly. "

You recall incorrectly - it's a celebration of their children being spared.

The clue about "firstborn" is in the word "born"

I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make.

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Re: "You cannot be what you cannot see"

"Imagine being a poor white boy these days. You're being told you're guilty of every crime under the sun, the education system is going to fail you and you know that any job you apply for will be given to another demographic in preference to you even if you do overcome the system and gain the needed qualifications"

Except not a single word of that is true. And you know that perfectly well. Why are you trying to perpetuate a well-known lie?

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Re: critical race theory, sex education, and inclusive gender language

"just as these official quotas are a problem too!"

What official quotas? That's illegal in the UK. As usual you miss the point completely.

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Re: One day they will look at their daughters killed by the Moral Police...

"the woke bulldozer obliterating US culture "

Somehow other, far older cultures, seem to have managed fine without the poisonous right-wing populism accusing the "woke" of every sin under the sun. Can you list the US culture that's been obliterated? Statues of slavers and racists? We had one here that was thrown in a river, briefly. The UK equivalent of your kind of right-wing loon screamed the same rubbish, and we ended up with a gang of white middle-aged thugs "defending" a statue of Churchill (from nobody) doing nazi salutes.

Seems like the right is doing very well at obliterating culture.

Scientists overjoyed after DART smashes into asteroid Dimorphos, contact lost

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Re: There goes the prime directive... Murica Successfully Saves the world AGAIN with a bomb

"asteroid didn't move a millimetre, do the math"


It did move, it's been pushed into a slightly lower orbit. The whole point of the mission was not to blow up the asteroid but to test whether an impact by a comparatively tiny object could A) be accurately targeted across millions of miles, and B) whether it could actually have an effect.

I'd suggest a little reading up on the topic before ranting about...whatever you were ranting about.

Cloudflare stops services to 'revolting' hate site

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Re: Eternal September

"Ashley Babbit, who was shot without justification, through a door opened by security, after calmly speaking to a police officer."

Dear god you actually believe this rubbish, don't you? She was shot while climbing through a window as part of a mob carrying nooses, at least some of which were armed with semi-automatic weapons. I assume basic reading is beyond you, or you could actually look up the facts for yourself instead of bleating out the MAGA "ooh we're victims of the leftists" well-proven lies. What's next, the elections were a "steal"?

Lonnie Coffman of Falkville, Alabama, was sentenced to four years in prison for bringing loaded guns, ammunition and Molotov cocktail ingredients to Washington on Jan. 6.

Guy Reffitt, was convicted (among other charges) for being unlawfully present on Capitol grounds while possessing a firearm and transporting firearms during civil disorder.

Christopher Alberts, Maryland, was found carrying a Taurus G2C semi-automatic handgun on Capitol grounds on January 6.

Mark Sami Ibrahim, 32, was also indicted by a grand jury for bringing a firearm within the United States Capitol and its grounds.

Among the more than 800 people charged in connection with the Jan. 6 riot, more than 85 have been accused of using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to an officer.

"insurrection is an act of violent resistance against a civil authority or government, that may involve any weapon or hand-to-hand combat. On January 6th, the act of using a crowd-control railing to hit those charged with defending the Capitol building is an act of insurrection,"

the crowd "battered the capitol police with flagpoles, sprayed bear spray, and shoved, kicked, and punched officers, among other episodes of violence, all while chanting, 'Hang Mike Pence!'"

Grow up.

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Re: This is how it starts

"Each side's nutjob radicals do their best to act like dangerous sulky teenagers and cancel or harm the other side "

Really? Citations of attacks by "leftists" (that's anyone vaguely centrist for any Americans - you don't have an "extreme left" despite outraged squawking by some commentators here) that resulted in severe injury (cars being deliberately driven into a peaceful march, for example) or murder (labour MP Jo Cox shot by a BF loon).

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Re: far right?

"you'll no doubt join me in denouncing Zionism or Anti Palestinian racism."

If there is any such thing in British politics, then yes. Zionism is a convenient slur to use against Israel, and its directly because of casual labelling like this that attacks on jews in the UK have gone up massively since 2016 (along with all the casual racists allowed out from under their rocks by brexit). It's lazy typecasting.

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Re: far right?

"It's also clear that the ECHR found Corbyn innocent and the claimants at fault"

Hmm no not really. The point that all the corbynistas fail to grasp is that Corbyn was the leader of the party. The buck stopped with him. There was evidence of interference into antisemitism inquiries within labour from the leaders office - this doesnt mean necessarily Corbyn himself but someone very close to him, that he was responsible for.

You cannot constantly claim that Corbyn was victimised by the very people who elected him as leader.

The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) said the report provided Jewish Labour members “with the relief that they have been seeking from the Labour Party, but which it failed, over five years, to offer”.

“Since 2015, we have consistently warned the Labour Party about a deepening casual culture of anti-Jewish racism, that saw Jewish Labour members and activists harassed and discriminated against,” the group said in a statement.

“Instead of listening to our growing concerns over the scale of the challenge, we were told that this racism was imagined, fabricated for factional advantage or intended to silence debate. Today’s report confirms that our voices were marginalised and our members victimised.”

Sounds fairly comprehensive to me. Unless they were all just lying jews, eh?

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Re: far right?

"attempted genocide"?

Oh dear, and you seemed like one of the brighter ones...

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if your account is deleted, then your posts show up in the CMS as A/C.

So could be that."

Could be.

Could be that our sad little apologist for abuse is too scared to post under an actual handle as he knows he would get kicked.

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"the only way to keep a privately-owned forum running is to host it in Russia"


Thanks! I have every box ticked in my "spot a sad little hard right everyone-is-out-to-get-me anonymous poster".

Nazi apologist? Tick

Excuse right wing thuggery? Tick

Extol Russia as a bastion of liberty? Tick

Post anonymously? Tick

Spread disinformation and make wild unjustified claims? Tick

Good grief, do you actually believe the garbage you spew? I've seen more wholesome material washing up on my local beach after a heavy downpour.

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Re: 'far-right

"Anything right of Marx is labelled as 'far-right'.

Anyone to the left of Thatcher is labelled as far left. FTFY

Sadly, plenty of people are fooled.

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Re: This is how it starts

"Cloudflare, by abandoning KF, are facilitating criminal acts. DDOS is a criminal act."

You really are quite deranged in your desperation to support the most unpleasant people aren't you? And you dont even have the bravery to post under a name, just hide and snipe like some kind of (in your head at least) far right robin hood.

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Re: This is how it starts

"socialist agendas fail to live up to their egalitarian aspirations."

Such as what? There are clear and well-known examples of "socialist agendas" that work perfectly well. The NHS for one, until it was systematically starved of funding by, oh yes, the right wing. Pensions. Free education. Free emergency services. Maternity leave. Unemployment payments.

Shall I go on? All these were opposed by the conservative (with a small c) MPs at the time. The creation of the NHS was virulently opposed by the Conservatives (large C), despite their latter attempts to claim they were instrumental in setting it up.

Scandinavian countries run a lot of "socialist agendas", and have high living standards for most of the population.

You are correct though - we have a system propped up by a media fear campaign that demonises any attempt at bettering peoples' lives as "marxist" and extols greed and selfishness.

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Re: This is how it starts

"Never been a communist or marxist country or leader, just facists pretending to be communists"

A quite astounding lack of knowledge.

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Re: This is how it starts

"The biggest problem with today's media protrays left wingers throwing rocks and bricks while burning down their own cities and killing cops as being peaceful protesters"

I think you could have stopped after the word "media". Disagreeing is not violent or terrorism, and nobody who merely disagrees has been condemned as such, as you know perfectly well.

Much of the media is right wing, which again you're well aware of, yet you persist in dragging out the same old tired dogma that its all a leftist conspiracy to upset good honest right wing folks.

Conservative = peaceful? Look up the number of right wing groups that infiltrated BLM marches in order to cause damage and chaos. Your bias is so obvious it's painful.

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Re: This is how it starts

"has been accused "

By whom?

"Someone on another site commented"

Must be true then.

Is there any actual evidence to support this or are you as usual running purely on hearsay that happens to support your views?

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Re: This is how it starts

"as myopic as letting right wing fascists promote hate and brain wash people"

Ah, there it is, the mask has slipped. Left wing fascists.....


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Re: This is how it starts

"It's embarrassing that 24 people (so far) have failed to learn the lesson of Niemöller and instead embrace the dopamine hit of the vicarious jackboot. "

OK< so you like to sound clever. However, you're still defending, essentially, fascism by attempting to equate pre war communists with the nazis, saying they were just as bad. Yes, there were plenty of thugs on both sides, yet only one side set up mass murder in Germany.

Don't like fascists being mocked? Too bad.

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Re: far right?

"Whether that is historically their aim to destroy the banks, capitalism, the 'system', certain religious groups historically associated with banks (far left is riddled with this), the patriarchy, all Conservatives, white males, the government, anyone unwilling to sacrifice their farms or taxes 'for the cause' (more of an Eastern left-wing trend, but very definitely a left-wing thing)."

Again, a lot of claims - what "far left" groups have religious groups associated with them? You're conflating a rather hysterical view of the "far left" propagated by right wing media in the US and here with a broadly left wing outlook where someone suggests maybe paying ever more to fund the rich might not be a good thing.

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Re: far right?

"literal communists and working class union members who clearly have problematic racist/nationalistic/terrorist mindsets"

Such as? Details or its simply random ranting.

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Re: far right?

"Compare him standing up for the rights of the oppressed to genuine antisemitism from right wing Nazis."

Not the point. There should be no room for racism of ny kind in British (or elsewhere) politics. The fact remains (despite desperate misreadings and whataboutery and downright lies from those eager to defend Corbyn) that under his leadership antisemitism within labour was allowed to exist. Unless you're calling every jewish labour member that reported abuse a liar, of course? I've listed a load of antisemitic instances and the feeble response by Labour (no doubt it was all Starmer, Corbyn the great leader couldnt actually do anything, eh?) before - labour members suspended briefly then allowed quietly back in, etc.

Of course, it's not like far-right racists, but to deny that it existed, to deliberately twist the ECHR report etc is extremely sad.

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Re: far right?

"I'm glad my Jewish grandparents, decided to stick to their faith and not take up arms (in breach of a clear tenet of their faith) and join the Zionists in Israel, instead they became Quakers and remained in the UK."

Some confusion there I feel. Lovely use of "zionists" to condemn people who took the chance to set up a new homeland after WW2.

The point is that Corbyn's resistance to stamping out antisemitism within the labour party is nothing to do with his opposition to Israel, unless you're saying he was unable to differentiate the two?

Are you suggesting jewish labour MPs, councillors etc were all lying about the abuse they received?

Think of it this way - had it been any other kind of racism would it have been tacitly supported by Labour? No.

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Re: This is how it starts

Sorry, hang on a moment while I try to summon up a scintilla of sympathy.

Nope, sorry, I can't. You are complaining that they blocked a website for harrassing someone for being trans? Too bad. Sorry that they don't align with your dubious political and moral stance. Whats next, you whine when they block a website for being anti gay? anti abortion?

Right wing extremism is on the rise, like it or not. Call it what you like, alt-right or plain old nazism, it's all unpleasant and if it goes, who cares other than the extreme right?

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Re: far right?

Whether or not Corbyn was antisemitic is irrelevant - he enabled antisemitism within labour (those found guilty of it, and oh yes there were some, were "suspended" and then quietly let back in) and there was interference from the leader's office into antisemitism investigations. The ECHR found labour had been guilty of antisemitism, Corbyn still claims it was all a personal attack on him. The man is an idiot.

Bye bye BoJo: Liz Truss named new UK prime minister

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Re: How can anyone think...

"I don't believe that government spending of my tax money efficiently stimulates the economy. I also think it rarely benefits the general population."

There are ways to get out of recession - one is to stimulate the economy, get people spending, create jobs and thus creating actual wealth.

The other way is the Tory way - cut services to the bone, implement austerity, drive people further and further into poverty while the wealthy accrue even more money.

One of these methods works. Can you guess which one?

The government haven't spent your tax to stimulate anything but their own wealth.

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"quite poor people voted for tax cuts for the wealthy because they believe that is how the country should be run."

The same kind of people here that vote tory again and again, despite their increasingly dire circumstances that the tories have caused. They believe in the trickle down policies that the tories espouse, despite it never having worked except for the few very wealthy individuals t the top.

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"If you think a UK PM is elected, than you don't understand the UK political system"

Got to love people whose first response is to try to be condescending...

I understand it perfectly well, thankyou. However, PMs are effectively elected by the voters; they are the face of government, they make the promises, etc etc. When was the last time we had a bald PM? People seem to care what they look like, or what they believe their policies are, and thus vote for that nice Mr Johnson, ooh we don't want that Corbyn.....

What we have yet again is a PM who has risen (much like pond scum) to the top through no discernable talent whatsoever. Nobody voted for a tory government led by Truss. New PM should = general election.

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Re: huge loan that further benefits the energy companies

"Energy producers are charging energy suppliers record high bills to generate record excess profits. Clearly energy suppliers are acting as gatekeepers and profiting from it."

No, that makes no sense. Energy suppliers are passing on at east *some* of their costs to the consumer - businesses with uncapped energy costs are paying full price. Energy *producers* are making the huge profits, not the suppliers - they aren't profiting from it, most of the surviving ones run at about 5% profit at the best of times.

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Re: Please don't take this the wrong way, but

"let the energy companies charge what they like."

Except the energy companies that have the cap aren't the ones making vast profits, unfortunately. They are simply passing on the outrageous costs they incur from the energy generators like BP, Shell etc. But of course, the government won't touch their profits.

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Re: China

"Working class riots will be fun,"

Riots in the UK ? Proper ones? I'll be surprised. The rest of europe had revolutions, governments and monarchs were toppled. We had a petition.

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Re: Depends on what you mean by "it"

Ah you were doing so well, and then you fall into the old trap of condemning Starmer for not being Corbyn.

Shame about the ECHR report into labour under Corbyn, really. If you want to look at a party shooting itself int he foot, you have a great example of the left wing of Labour constantly whining on about Starmer, constantly denigrating him. Party unity is required to win elections, surely labour realises that by now?

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Re: @werdsmith

" fear of foreigners motivated some of the remain group."

Still repeating that rubbish?

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It's amazing. Someone is going through these comments and downvoting every single one that dares to suggest our glorious unelected PM is likely to be less useful than a chocolate teapot. How can anyone actually think that what the tories have done to the UK in the last decade or so is in any way beneficial to anyone but a tiny number of already very wealthy individuals, or that Truss will be even faintly different? She is a Johnson clone (no doubt those same people think he was hard done by, he only broke the law a bit, after all) - her political affiliation changes with the wind of personal opportunity. She has no moral stance, no ethical viewpoint. All she cares about is herself.

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Re: Trussed Up

"Norwegian farmers have such control over the Norwegian government there are a ton of bullshit protectionist laws in place to restrict imports"

We very nearly got caught smuggling potatoes in to Norway!

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Re: Trussed Up

"I love living in Germany, but I am missing Leicestershire, Wensleydale, Lancashire, Stilton, Caerphilly... 'Cheddar' made in Ireland somehow doesn't cut it."

My cousins in Germany always ask for English cheese when we ask what they want when we visit. They're like starving animals!

G7 countries beat UK in worldwide broadband speed test again

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That rather depends on having a phone signal at all, nevermind 4g

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Re: What is "enough"?

interestingly enough you're more likely to get a better speed if you live in the back end of nowhere than in many cities. Fat internet has been a priority for rural areas as it looks good for governments to say they have done something. Lots of city areas still have far lower speed than the quoted mean - I barely get half that.

Tories spar over UK's delayed Online Safety Bill

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Re: The Internet reflects real life

"You can’t really control either without systemic authoritarianism.

Mind you, that’s probably in the Tory Manifesto."

I believe it was - limiting the power of the courts and HoL etc. In other words, prevent anyone from interfering in Johnsons latest wheeze to to circumvent democracy.

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"This is a WEF mandated bill and is meant to censor people leaking what WEF is up to and other shady stuff that will be going on."

Yet again (ffs where do you people get your "facts"?) -

Citation, evidence, proof or admit you're talking paraniod crap. Do you still think Bill Gates is putting tracking devices in covid vaccinations (just before they kill you, as part of the "great reset", natch)? What's the next stage of your delusions, the WEF is run by the Rothschilds? Its the jews again?

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Re: I'm surprised


Yes. We need to adapt to new conditions and limit the power of global corporations. Terrible.



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