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Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham

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Re: scaling up is the answer?

"Smart arse, do you have a question for the boffins ?"

No, I have a question for you. Do you think insulting people is somehow a sign of your intelligence and superiority? Your post is full of inaccuracies and nonsensical ranting.

Now go away, have a nice rest and then try to engage in conversation and debate without looking like an arse.

Council culture: Software test leads to absurd local planning SNAFU

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Re: this process could cost the council £8,000 in taxpayer funds.

A tiger? In Africa?

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Re: Tunbridge Wells?

Disgusted, surely?

The Eigiau Dam Disaster: Deluges and deceit at the dawn of hydroelectric power

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Re: Interesting article!

"people had the technology to build decent sized dams but they didn't necessarily have the know-how to site them correctly"

I would argue that engineers knew perfectly well where to site dams, but pesky things like science and experience are often over ruled by corporate greed.

Ex-DJI veep: There was no drone at Gatwick during 2018's hysterical shutdown

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"It all reminds me of that time Tony Blair sent tanks to Heathrow, claiming that there was good evidence that terrorists had a surface-to-air missile and were preparing to use it"

Well, that was yet again an example of Blair relying too heavily on US-led intelligence, exactly the same as the WMD in Iraq. The Pentagon claimed to have foiled a terrorist plot to attack Heathrow shortly afterwards.

"one of his wars"? Iraq 1.0 was a UN sanctioned operation. Iraq 2.0 was based on debatable/wonky US "intelligence", but given our so-called special relationship with the US why would he have cause to doubt it?

Oh the humanity: McDonald's out of milkshakes across Great Britain

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Re: A number of sound decisions?

"Except in the US and is increasingly an issue in Europe as it opens up"

Last time I looked the US wasnt in the EU.

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Re: A number of sound decisions?

"recycling your own comments as "proof" like some sort of expert sophist?"

Thats all he does, citing his own opinion as fact then being smug about it in true brexiter style as if hes "won"

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Re: A number of sound decisions?

Bananas have always been classified by quality and size for international trade. Because the standards, set by individual governments and the industry, were confusing, the European Commission was asked to draw up new rules.

Commission regulation 2257/94 decreed that bananas in general should be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature”. Those sold as “extra class” must be perfect, “class 1” can have “slight defects of shape” and “class 2” can have full-scale “defects of shape”.

Nothing is banned under the regulation, which sets grading rules requested by industry to make sure importers – including UK wholesalers and supermarkets – know exactly what they will be getting when they order a box of bananas.

The application of criminal law if breaching this was only ever theoretical, as you well know.

Troll jailed for 5 years after swatting of Twitter handle owner ends in death

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state sponsored murder is not a solution to anything.

Mountains on neutron stars are not even a millimetre tall due to extreme gravity

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Re: "extreme gravitational fields"

"If the object was of any size I'd think that the differential force betwen the bottom and top of the object would pull it apart during its short journey to the surface."

Well you couldn't stand there to drop it either, but as a theoretical exercise it's fascinating.

The lights go off, broadband drops out, the TV freezes … and nobody knows why (spooky music)

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Re: Supply pipe location

We had a leak at our (newly installed) water meter. Water was pouring out and running down the street (costing us money) so we complained to the water chaps several times. Eventually a man sauntered out, lifted the cover and poked about with the gushing pipe, causing it to leak with renewed vigour.

"Yeah, it's knackered", he said when asked what the problem was, chalked around the cover in blue chalk, and off he went. 10 days later (with neighbours down the road considering sandbags) another van turned up and the leak was duly repaired.

We were informed that we wouldn't be charged for the excess water that had simply run down the slope to the nearest drain, huzzah! A few weeks later we get a bill for many hundred pounds from the water company. We rang up, explained, quoted their email, and eventually they grudgingly accepted that we didn't have to pay. Great. Two days later we get a bill in red, demanding the immediate payment of the outstanding many hundreds of pounds. More calls and emails ensued.

"Oh yes that's fine, just ignore the bill, it's all automated," we were told. So we did. A second very red bill duly arrived, more calls and emails, and eventually the billing machine (I assume) was quietly informed that it could stop now.

Phew, we thought.

A week later we got a bill from the waste water company for many hundred pounds as they calculate their bill as a (quite large) percentage of the incoming water used. More calls and emails.

"We need a letter from the water company" they said, so we rang them and they said they'd send one explaining the situation, not to worry. A week later we get a red bill from the waste water people. More calls and we were told they had sent the relevant letter, if we really insisted they would have to resend it at great inconvenience (resending an email is such a drag). We insisted. Cue very red bill, more calls....


A real go-GETTR: Former Trump aide tries to batter Twitter by ripping off its UI

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Re: reason us politics are so toxic






Again, please show me one example of "radical left" in US politics. Previous requests have been met with self-congratulatory twisted logic about how you can't show me if I don't believe it exists, which as a tautology is impressive. Let's be clear - I'm not talking about fringe lunatic groups that have roughly zero input into daily political life, I mean real actual left wing radicals. One example in the democratic party.

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Re: reason us politics are so toxic

"when idiots promote socialism as a good idea, go to rallies with Che Guevara T-shirts and hammer and sickle flags it is fair to assume them marxist. Or marxist organisations such as BLM which was given a fairly free pass to trash and burn cities while Trump was in power with support from dems doesnt look good either."

Well, plenty of people turn up with t shirts with daft things on them. I'm wearing a Monty Python Spanish Inquisition t shirt as I write this, it doesn't mean I'm in favour of torture and auto da fe.

BLM is not marxist (there you go again with your far right fear tactics - striving for equality after decades of oppression is not the same thing at all) and neither were they burning cities; most fo the damage was done by far right groups pretending to be BLM supporters - go ahead and look there is plenty of evidence. You are still pushing the "radical left" idea about anything that doesn't wholeheartedly prop up the far right idiocy of trump et al, and have yet to actually offer any evidence other than "because I said so" to prove it.

What are you so afraid of?

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Re: reason us politics are so toxic

"you wouldnt have libertarian Rand Paul on the left just as you wouldnt get AOC on the right."

True, but neither of them are "extreme left" are they? It's a matter of degree, that's all. None of the democrat policies are even faintly radical left wing, its just that you are so used to tarring anything vaguely do to with social care or moderate gun control etc as "marxist" as a knee-jerk response that you fail to see what it actually is.

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Re: reason us politics are so toxic

What you have in US politics is the far right, and the centre right. The far right and their supporters claim that anything that they oppose (like very simple gun control) is "far left" or "communist". People in this forum have claimed that there is an extreme left in US politics but are unable to provide a single example. Voter suppression, insurrection and hysterical claims of fraud are the domain of the far right, I've yet to see any similar claims or actions by the "left".

Richard Branson uses two planes to make 170km round trip

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Re: Where does Space begin?

So what you're saying is space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space....

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Re: Sorry, I don't get it.

You take life lessons from Lemmy and you're still alive? Impressive.

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Re: Mealy-mouthed snark

"For some reason it has become socially acceptable that those people can get away without paying the right amount of money to the workers."

What is the "right" amount of money?

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Re: At workers' expense

"How many workers' dreams he crushed so that he could have his dream come true?"

Or, how many people has he created jobs for? You sound like a student agitator, all property is theft...

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Re: At workers' expense

"However you dress it, people who make disproportionate money to their workers are simply stealing from them."

You might want to put down Das Kapital and think what stealing actually is.

Do you also believe taxation is theft?

You are seriously saying that all staff should be paid the same no matter what their role?

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Re: Awaiting FlatTards....

Anybody who lived near the coast or sailed anywhere knew thousands of years ago that the Earth wasn't flat - just watch a ship appear or disappear over the horizon. It all seems to stem from a rather literal reading of biblical text involving corners of the earth. But yes, the convoluted logic they come up with to justify any inconvenient facts that counter the flat earth theory is hilarious, even when their own attempts to prove the flatness actually proves the curvature.

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Re: Awaiting FlatTards....

Oh they will come up with the usual excuse, it's clearly a fish-eye lens......

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Re: Space Cadets

*slightly* higher? Your average commercial aircraft flies at between 36000 and 43000 feet. That's 6.8 - 8.1 miles (or 10 - 13.1 km)......

Western Approaches Museum: WRENs, wargames, and victory in the Atlantic

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Re: Book recommendation

" German war production didn't peak until June/July 1944"

Indeed - the navy wasn't predicted to be ready (ie surface ships not uboats) until 1946, so it was never really a credible opposition. The vaunted panzer divisions invaded Poland (and to some extent France) in training tanks and small light tanks that were essentially gun carriers rather than actual tanks. The luftwaffe while relatively numerous was hampered by ridiculous vanity projects and competing designs that were imposed on it because of the makers' influence on Hitler rather than for tactical and strategic reasons.

I'm always astonished that he Germans managed to do as well as they did.

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Re: a quote from American journalist David Fairbanks White, …

"In 1940 it was Britain that was under threat of invasion. And the bulk of the forces in play were British - both in terms of personnel, manufacture and funding."

Only very, very briefly, and the German invasion barges were never really up to the task of moving enough men and equipment to our shores in enough numbers in order to succeed. The Battle of Britain definitively stopped any German intent to invade, and had they succeeded in forcing the RAF back from the South coast we still had plenty of airfields further North.

The invasion threat, while real, was only every a short term issue which the German high command never seriously pushed - the famous halting of the tanks at Dunkirk allowed (with a lot of effort) us to evacuate the bulk of our army and quite a lot of the French, meaning we had a lot of battle trained troops (granted lacking heavy equipment temporarily) available as defence. Changing tactics against RAF bases allowed us to rebuild and re-equip, thus the Luftwaffe never really had a chance (poor tactics imposed on fighters etc didn't help either)

Standing alone? With huge quantities of material and supplies being shipped in from all over the world?

(coincidentally as I wrote this a Spitfire flew overhead :) )

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Interesting place, it's on my "to-visit" list now. My father served in the N Atlantic in 1943 and on at least one Murmansk convoy escort before transferring to North Sea and Channel operations following D-Day.

Wish you could play tabletop Dungeons & Dragons but have no friends? Solasta: Crown of the Magister offers a solution

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"The aim is to role play and not rule play"

There have been "diceless" systems around for a while. I agree in general terms though - my own homebrew system has stats/saving throws/hit chances etc for the basics of the characters but I prefer the players to flesh their creations out. It makes it more fun for me for one thing. My ex gf hated most RPGs but quite liked mine as it was character focused not a number cruncher.

D&D 5 is very much D&D-lite as far as I can see - quick, simple and very limited.

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Re: Play By Email.

Our group runs twice a week for a couple of hours online, with a roster of DMs (different systems) - when one gets tired the other takes over. We usually do a catch up message after the sessions to recap what went on, very handy when you come back to it after work/family etc.

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Re: Friends ≥ null program

"we did try a zoom dnd (before lockdown) but it wasnt the same."

We run 2 days a week online using Fantasy Grounds. We tried discord but it's not exactly user friendly and always kicked one of our group off every 5 minutes, so we switched to messenger, which while not ideal is at least stable.

It's nice to get together even virtually, but no, it's not the same.

Ah, I see you found my PowerShell script called 'SiteReview' – that does not mean what you think it means

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We had a similar manager when working for /international package delivery company/

Back in the days when internet access was not universal, managers had to apply to get internet access on their work computer (the drones had no such luxury). Newly arrived manager insisted he needed t'internet to assist him in customs clearance, etc, and the application was duly approved by his manager, so we set him merrily on his way into the world wide web. Log files of internet sites accessed were routinely kept in a folder on the server. Two weeks later the same manager arrived in very shouty mood at the IT office door, demanding to know why we had shut off his internet access, he was going to complain to the CEO who was a close personal friend, etc etc. Our jobs were on the line. So we showed him the list of, erm, inadvisable Russian pr0n sites he had been accessing in the wee small hours (it was a 24/7 operation), and the email revoking his internet access from his line manager. No more was said, although he was allowed access to the web again a few months later when a new customs system was implemented.

Devilish plans for your next app update ensure they never happen – unless you start praying

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Re: Laundry Files

"check out the Lovecraft Investigations podcast from the BBC"

That was rather good wasn't it? A nice modern slant on the whole mythos.

Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request

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Re: re. That doesn't mean that the citizens of Israel are responsible for those things.

"the citizens of Israel ARE responsible for 'those things' - collectively, including those that did not vote for their government. The government represents the 'nation', and the 'nation' represents their government"

By this logic then the opponents of national socialism in Germany were responsible for the Holocaust, CND are responsible for Britain's nuclear arsenal and remain voters are responsible for brexit.

I think your logic circuits are on the blink.

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Re: Mooseman

"it would be best if you didn't place yourself in a high-traffic place."

True, but with assigned seating at a lot of shows you don't get the choice.

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Re: Activist

Gilmour also sold his London house and gave the proceeds to Crisis (about £4.5 million) which for those of you across the pond is a homeless support charity.

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Anti-semitic? Well I have yet to see or hear any evidence of that. Gullible? Yes.

If you equate criticism of Israel with anti-semitism I would say you are wrong, unfortunately there are a lot of people who cannot differentiate the two, which is why we get attacks on jews living in London, for example, or the constant low evel anti-semitism that the labour party failed to eradicate (and to add balance, that the conservatives have never bothered to even try to).

Waters blithely accepts anything he is told by pro palestinian sources without verifying it. This doesn't make him antisemitic.

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Waters is quite happy to repeat questionable "truths" he's been fed by Palestinian sources. My comment on taking their money was to highlight that his opposition to Israel seems to be rather late in the day. He like many others doesn't consider that a nation under constant attack might tend to lean towards a more aggressive response to perceived threats. Yes, the Israeli government has been guilty of some very dubious decisions, but it has never set out an official policy of the destruction of its neighbours (unlike Hamas, for example), but to many like Waters there is one "bad guy" and he is quite happy to push this viewpoint. Attacks on jews in the UK have soared, I don't see Waters and his fellow apologists speaking out against this.

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Re: Pedant alert.


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Re: Money...

Would this also price out the deeply irritating morons who pay to apparently talk/shout/take phone calls (yes, seriously) and/or constantly push past me on the way to and from the bar and toilets?

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The trouble I have with Waters is that he is turning into a self-important prick himself. The man who declared Pink Floyd was over (without consulting his bandmates) and who's immediate response to any challenge was to lawyer up, and now whines that Pink Floyd won't let him promote his solo material on their website. I quite liked some of his solo material, apart from the latest which was tedious guff, but he really needs to learn to think before he speaks. His constant ranting about Israel is annoying too (he was quite happy to tour there and take the money until he decided to go bonkers)

Deluded medics fail to show Ohio lawmakers that COVID vaccines magnetise patients

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Re: Struck off?

"The Puritans, persecuted n their native England, set the foundation for the culture in America."

Except they weren't persecuted in England. They left because they were intolerant of the rest of the country's lax ways (as they saw it) and the parallels they saw with the Catholic church. So they went to the Netherlands for a few years where they fell out with the locals and each other before deciding on a new venture without any pesky dissenting voices in the Americas.

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Re: Evidence is

"showing how much stupidity there is in the world. Pro/Anti vac, doesn't matter"

If you can't see the difference between pro and anti-vax then you need help. Pro vaccine? Do you know anyone who has died of smallpox, cholera, whooping cough, measles, polio, tuberculosis, etc etc etc?

Do you know any anti-vaxers who "haven't" had at least one vaccine in their lives?

What we have is the "right" for any loony to spew their uniformed paranoid garbage across the media and in the case of Bumfuck, Ohio, to try to pass their insanity into law.

We had antivax "activists" handing out leaflets to schoolchildren here - in some cases forcing them to take the propaganda so that they could help their parents "choose".

And this anti-Fauci rubbish is another facet of stupidity. Have a look at his bio.

Doesn't matter? It matters enormously.

We don't know why it's there, we don't know what it does – all we know is that the button makes everything OK again

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Re: The knob......

I used to work for a well-known UK high street purveyor of white goods (now defunct), in a flat roofed building with 3 glass walls (one long one faced south), sharing the room with dozens of desktop PCs and a few servers. In the summer the temperatures were unbearable (even in England) but complaints were met with the dismissive comment that the windows weren't designed to open and the aircon was too expensive to fix, so we sweltered when we couldn't come up with an excuse to work elsewhere.

One night at about 1 am there was a serious failure of the system designed to send customer orders to the dispatch branch and I went in to sort it out, to be met by one of the directors who wanted to see what was going on (!) 0 after an hour in temperatures in excess of 110 F (we had installed a thermometer) the director stomped off home. The next week opening windows and a functioning aircon were added, and the server never fell over again.

Royal Yacht Britannia's successor to cost about 1 North of England NHS IT consultancy framework

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Re: Swiss Cheese


Well that could solve the local unemployment issues :)

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Re: If it's not deigned and built in the UK from UK sourced materials

The police buy vehicles that perform best for the money they have available. The days of plod tootling around in an Austin Allegro are long gone - what "British" cars should they be using, in your universe? Morgans? Ford is US owned, Vauxhall is US owned, JLR is owned by Tata (Indian), we don't have a British owned car they could use other than a few specialist companies, so I really don't see the point of your comment.

You honestly believe that the general public base their car buying decisions on what they see the police driving, or the little vans the council provide?

Why were the navy's supply ships built in South Korea, do you think? Was it a fiendish plot to undermine Britain or was it simply a matter of economics and the ability to build the things to a budget and spec without the usual vast overspend and delay we are familiar with from UK sourced vessels?

You seem obsessed with Blair and Cambridge university in the 1950s, no idea what the relevance is to 2021.

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Re: Swiss Cheese

How do they get up the falls at Schaffhausen?

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Re: Blair didnt

"you don't pay dead soldiers redundancy or pensions. Much the same as why Thatcher allowed the foreign office to start the Falklands war"

Er, no. The families of soldiers killed in service retain their pensions even if they later remarry (post 2015 - previously if you remarried you risked losing the pension of your deceased spouse).

Thatcher allowed the Falklands to escalate because she was the least popular PM in about 50 years at the time, distracting the public with a bit of muscle flexing and killing foreigners allowed her to get away with murder.

If you really imagine that the tiny amount of money the UK spends on military pensions was the real reason behind both the Falklands and Gulf 1 and 2 then you are delusional.

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Re: Outrageous.

heir elites get richer!

(i.e. Bernie Sanders, BLM activists, etc!)

Have you considered that you may just be very very stupid?

Snowden was right, rules human rights court as it declares UK spy laws broke ECHR

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Re: Always listening to our customers

"You program a computer to do the searching and filtering"

Except that clearly doesn't work. A computer will search for what it's told to search for, so if the people being monitored have half a brain they will use coded references rather than the trigger phrases. The danger with mass surveillance is of course that nobody seems to be accountable for either the monitoring process or the results of that surveillance.

Who oversees what GCHQ et al is doing? Clearly not the government (MI5 was said to have been monitoring Harold Wilson when he was PM), or at least not parliament - what our current government get up to is anyone's guess.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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Re: Always listening to our customers

The irony is, of course, that mass surveillance yields basically nothing unless you have the vast manpower to read and monitor everything you collect. The killers of Lee Rigby, for example, were known to be a risk and were being monitored by MI5 etc - phone taps, emails read etc - and yet they were able to hatch and carry out their plot without hindrance. The Paris terrorists communicated by that most secure of methods, SMS.

Big red buttons and very bad language: A primer for life in the IT world

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Re: hydraulic computers

The old Hoover building is a fabulous piece of art deco extravagance.



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