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War declared on bosses using 'omnipresent surveillance' tools to quash union efforts


Re: Depends on who owns the computer...

Just how does this same logic apply to company owned toilets. What does the company have rights to? Video? Sound? Smell? Rest assured they are certainly getting each employee’s maximum daily output.


Re: NLRB one more reason voters in Muruca will crack down on UNION JOE

Yes, that is useful distinction to understand, but still in essence for the employers, right-to-work equals right-to-fire. Their bonus is that the fired employee won’t have union representation to challenge management. It’s easier to isolate and fire individuals without union affiliation. BTW, many large companies prevent union formation by contracting union busting consulting companies as part of their yearly budget.

Techie in need of a doorstop picks up 'chunk of metal' – only to find out it's rather pricey


My fist job out of college was as a plating engineer for semiconductor products. We had several 100 gallon gold plating baths containing 1 oz per gallon of gold cyanide. We used to have 4 foot tall cardboard craft barrels on the back dock full of potassium or sodium cyanide "briquettes" used to maintain the cyanide plating tanks and cleaning solutions. No security or concerns at that time. This plating line was rather long in the tooth and had known better days. there was an engineering lab full of chemicals used for running experiments or analysis. I decided to inventory what was sitting on all the rusty shelves one day when I came across a 4 oz bottle of trinitro phenol. That rang a bell. It's a more sensitive cousin to trinitro toluene, or TNT. Metal contamination, like rust, only makes it more sensitive. I had our Chem Services remove the trinitro phenol.

Zuck brushes aside dull 750m Facebook sign-ups metric


Google+ = OpenOffice?

Google's Google+ reminds me of Sun Microsystems Scott Mcnealy releasing OpenOffice - FOR FREE - just to rain on what Bill Gates trumpeted as his Opus. Sun's message was that the code was dirt simple.

Facebook is a side show in the arcade of internet functionality. Someday there might be a bit, or byte, museum ala a wax museum, sporting a hall of ancient, dormant home pages along with a plot of each companies celestial stock price rises and meteoric ebbs.

Feds charge 10 with running Nigerian 419 scam


Natural Selection

Yes, this is stupid-on-stupid crime, but why not take this opportunity to sterilize the victims so they don't breed further. The Saber tooth tigers who would carried out this function long ago are long gone. It is politically incorrect to re-introduce them (the tigers) to school yards and neighborhoods today - what else is a country to do?

As for the perps, let's just have Intel make their MPUs match the wickedness of the Microsoft operating systems and enable them to detonate on command - call it the RED screen of death. Ought to fit right in with the next version of the Patriot Act too.

Any resemblance of this parody to state policy is a frightening coincidence.