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Vote now for the WORST movie EVER


Not really the worst movies ever

While I doubt anyone's going to read the 282nd comment...

If you were to re-imagine your poll as the "Most Hated Movie Ever", it might better suit your methodology, and not have lead to so many complaints about the shortlist.

Condom compartment hidden in iPhone case


Re: Um...

Discreetly done :)

LastPass resets passwords following possible hack


@G C M Roberts

Your credit card expiry date is 08/11.

Nokia talks Pure typographic cobblers


Bit unfair...

...to butcher their work with your misaligned Whalesong cut'n'paste job, however much fun it is to poke fun at them there highfalutin design types.

Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis


Re: Religion is the conrnerstone...

Irish Donkey, your extrapolation from belief in evolution to amoral behaviour is a common fallacy that has been widely discredited.

See Chapter 6 of Dawkin's the God Delusion for a criticism of that argument.

For a broader look at possible codes of ethics including those that do not depend on religious belief you could do worse than reading Rachel's The Elements of Moral Philosophy.

You're welcome :)


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