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Expert: EU Microsoft competition fine could reach $7bn

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And again...

when are Apple going to be forced to comply with a similar measure for OSX?

Skype so sorry for sending that saucy IM to mum instead of pash


Re: Gah

Yeah, seems to have fallen prey to the common problem of more and more unnecessary features being added every version, just "because".

Look at the bloated mess Adobe Reader is these days, god knows why it's so hard to just leave things alone.

Microsoft 'didn't notice' it had removed Browser Choice for 17 months


And at what point...

will Apple be required to do this too with OSX?

Microsoft pops preview of 'biggest, most ambitious' Office yet



Clippy is coming back - "In Excel, for example, the computer will suggest the best kind of charts and tables, and suggest automatic filling of cells based on past content."

"It looks like you're creating a spreadsheet. Would you like help?"


30-year-old global temperature predictions close to spot-on

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Strange really isn't it, given that the climate models produced years after these 20 couldn't predict shit. I think the word is "fluke".

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time


"It's a beautiful example of how you do science," Cox said. "The collaboration of serious people at CERN who've proved published their results and it's gone to peer review. I can see the headlines now if it's shown to be a measurement error, it will be: 'Look at these idiots'. But that's not the point. This is how science proceeds."

Except climate science, where an assumption is made and then only supporting evidence is searched for.

UK, Dutch cops cuff 5 more in Anonymous-LulzSec raids


Much ado

Anyone with half a brain will realise that this is just a token roundup of a bunch of spotty teenagers who jumped on the LOIC bandwagon.

What it won't do is make a damned bit of difference to those people who are actually performing hacks of websites such as the Sun who are adept at covering their tracks, but what it will do is probably reduce the effectiveness of any future DDOS attacks, since a great many people who would have taken part before this sting will now think twice.

Chinese coal blamed for global warming er... cooling


"the level of scientific understanding was low."

"we still don't really have a solid handle how this big old ball of rock and water works but we'll keep you posted if anything comes up"

Correction: "we still don't really have a solid handle how this big old ball of rock and water works but we'll still carry on basing billions of dollars worth of industry crippling taxes and regulations on it, and wasting further billions on inefficient ineffective renewable energy technology instead of using cheap massively abundant fossil fuels"

Google Instant Pages: Search sites rendered before you click


Re: Instant Exploit!

Not sure to be honest, depends if they're also going to execute javascript in the background as well as rendering the page, or suspend its execution until you click the link

UK.gov to miss another deadline on privacy

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@Your Retarded

Thank you for succinctly summing up the situation. This entire thing could be cleared up by just educating people to block 3rd party cookies.

Oh, and I'm guessing the username is ironic?


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