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FAIL: Windows 10 bulk patch produces INFINITE CRASH LOOP


I keep all my essential data on external hard drives. Bit of a hold over from when I was carting films/music from place to place and it easier/safer/more reliable than carting the whole tower over. So even now, I keep as much as I can on *not* the system disc.

But I am talking from 2 laptops (one is 2-3 years old, the other is coming up to its 6th anniversary and just about runs windows 10 (but better than windows 7 on it)), a linx tablet, and my main desktop (along with another laptop in the house that isn't mine).

But as others have said, this happened to Windows 7 just last year (which I somehow avoided getting caught in... *shrugs* I was on Windows 8 then, so I guess that is how I missed it)

But yeah... Somehow I have this knack of avoiding a lot of the issues that other people seem to stumble into every 10 seconds or so... I have no idea how, maybe my name should be Lucky.

But then I would get dragged behind the toilets and shot.


This update worked fine for me. Then again, I somehow have avoided all problems that other updates have had over the years... and yeah, I am one of those who updates when they are available.

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop


Nexus 7, 9 and 10 are tablets. The Nexus 4, 5 and 6 are phones.

Different range of products, even though they might be under the same "banner" name.

Australia deflates Valve with Steam sueball


As far as I am aware, they are charging Australian customers in Australian Dollers; so someone would have to think that there would be *some* Australian laws that they would have to comply with. So even though they are a foreign company, they would still have to follow *local* laws.

Valve can *quite easily* block the sale of games to Australians if they so desire. And if they are including local sales taxes into the price of the game, then I would say that they *should* be following consumer laws as well...

Hollywood star Robin Williams dies of 'suspected suicide' at 63


RIP Robin Williams

You brought many a smile to this guys face over the years... and cheered me up when I felt down and lonely.

Carphone Warehouse, Dixons embroiled in £3.7bn merger rumour


So now DSG is trying to get back into the phone market after they sold off The Link back in the tail end off 2006.

Guess it just goes to show how it was.

Yes, I worked for The Link, and as a slight tech nerd, always tried to have to hand information about the phones/hardware that I was selling. Give a good service, get the customers back for more stuff.

HP sticks thumb in Microsoft's eye, extends Windows 7 option for new machines




This shows that they never stopped selling Windows 7 PC's, and in fact are selling *fewer* models than they were just a few months ago

So much for a "back by popular demand*

Apple prepping 4K resolution 12.9-inch MaxiPad – report


*gets out the napkin*

Going from their *current* maximum resolution (2048x 1536) to 3840x2160 would be a markup of about 2.5 more pixels to be shifted.

Going up to 7680x4320 resolution is roughly 10.5 time more pixels.


WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters


Re: Surely ISPs are all for this really.

Virgin Killer if i remember correctly

Guild Wars 2 game review


Conjecture on this one... yes the timing is very *close*, but it isn't fact that they killed CoX for Guild Wars 2.

If they did, then why did the closure announcement for CoX come *after* the launch of Guild Wars 2 and not before hand?

Microsoft sets the price for a Windows 8 upgrade at $40


The cost is the same, it doesnt matter if you are upgrading from XP, Vista or Win 7

*HOWEVER* If you are wanting to change from 32 bit to 64bit (or Home to Pro), or something along those lines... the upgrade route *might* not be valid.

Not entirely sure on that one though


Re: So the real cost for non Win 7 users is..


According to the article the cost is the same if you run Win Xp, Vista or Win 7

GiffGaff goes titsup again in 'leccy cable gaffe


Seeing as one of my friends has just started working for Giffgaff i asked him what the problem was.

His response was:

" burst water main has killed power to our MVNE :( "

And as the MVNE is "a company that provides services to mobile virtual network operators, such as billing, network element provisioning, administration, operations, support of business support systems and operations support systems, and provision of back end network elements, to enable provision of mobile network services like cellular phone connectivity." (thanks wikipedia) it does make the problem appear worse...

The fact that they do use an MVNE actually means that Giffgaff can run with lower *internal* overheads and focus more on their brand, customer loyalty and marketing, whilst the MVNE does the back end work.

Tesco heralds 2011 as YEAR OF ANDROID


San Fran

Agreed... picked up the San Fran just after christmas (now THAT was a problem getting the black version), but have found that GiffGaff are good for the data costs as well..


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