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'They took away our Cup-a-Soup!' Share your tales of bleak breakout areas with us


No pool for you

I worked for a web company in the early 00s who were trying to be more hip and trendy so bought a pool table for the kitchen area.

No one ever played it because the boss would just hear you and come to tell you to stop slacking off.

Not really sure why he bothered buying it.. company didn't last long.

Foldables herald the beginning of the end of the smartphone fetish



None of these phone UIs work well on the current size of phones, dragging down to see your notifications? all the interface elements at the very top and very bottom where you have to juggle your hand to reach? i really hope that there's some innovation in this area soon and we don't just see the current OSs on bigger screens offering the same flawed user experience.

UK's Openreach sends full fibre to Coventry


Be careful what you wish for

I live on an estate which has only FTTP, no conventional copper, and once you're out of your year's cheap offer, the lowest package available from any of the available providers is ~£50 a month!

Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Re: no bluraydrive

Buy them from the itunes store?

Apple changed shape of Galaxy Tab in court filing


if you make the bezel a bit smaller...

Then the Compaq TC1000 was clearly infringing back in 2003!

MacBook batteries susceptible to hack attacks

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Can you imagine it? a virus that fulfils the Hollywood dream of permanently shutting down computers! Yes i know this exploit is a long way from that.. but imagine! (Would need to play some kind of countdown/evil face laughing first or the likes)

Nokia WinPho handset resurfaces in factory flick

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this will be..

..Massive.. especialy if they make it in pink.. pink Nokias were always good sellers

Mole says Apple A5 chip runs too hot for iPhone


Blast from the past....

Wasn't the G5 too hot for laptops? maybe a switch to intel phone chips on the cards now then? :-/

Ten... wireless speakers


other options...

You could also consider Sonos? it's a pretty slick wireless implementation for around the home.. or for something simpler I have a Sony SRS-BT100, great sounding and works with any Bluetoth A2DP device..

Apple's 'App Store trademark': A farce of Jobsian proportions


iApp store

should have called them iApps from the beginning.. iApp store goes better with iTunes store..

Dixons Advent Vega

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Screen is a deal breaker

To say the screen is a bit poor is an understatement. it's diabolical, even in landscape to get the right angle to watch anything at is a mission, and you can forget readng those pdfs on it.

I had one for a while and easily installed the custom rom and had a play about, but you just can't get over some very poor hardware decisions, regardless of how cheap it might be.


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