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Star Trek saviour JJ Abrams joins the dark side: Star Wars VII


Wouldn't Mind

If Abrams gave up on the Star Trek franchise instead of a 3rd Trek, I would love to see one based on Enterpirise which was underated but now that its over people are taking a second look at.

Gone fishin' with Nokia


Microsoft will bail them out

There is NO way Microsoft is going to let their exclusive carrier of WP7 & WP8 go down the tubes

US Navy buys Linux to guide drone fleet


Great now I feel safe

1) Why is the USA still using Windows XP ( the counseled should be fired) since we have Windows for legacy PC's

2) don't they have to release the source code even if they didn't

it wouldn't be to hard to find security holes or submit a back door

the disgruntled worker and we will see them attacking the USA

Microsoft crowd-sources next Win Phone apps using Android


Windows everywhere

I think after windows 8 is launched Android, IPad, and iPhone are gonna give Wii U a run for its money.

Google ads banned from Facebook apps


Microsoft's adsense is also missing

its not just a Google thing which leads to the conclusion that they both are taking their times for writing up legal agreements with Facebook.