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Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table

Daniel Kay


I've noticed somewhat of an alarming increase in the number of people getting caught mid-coitus with inanimate objects... Perhaps enough to warrant a new section for the site - El-Sex-Offenders-Reg?

Crack a puzzle, win a WWII Enigma machine

Daniel Kay

...and no-one suspected...

...that the apparently incoherent ramblings of amanfromMars, when run through a series of complicated decryption algorithms, would hold the secret of eternal life...

Korean cyber junkies march off to bootcamp

Daniel Kay


heh, sounds like a propa good'un - I'm all for that! *grins*

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

Daniel Kay

Rule #1 is...

Don't ever try to find the hidden meaning in a posting from amanfromMars - many a good man has lost his mind attempting to discern the meaning of life from his indecipherable ramblings...

BOFH: In search of the lazy atom

Daniel Kay

Heavy Electricity

heh, couldn't help but remember the "Heavy Electricity" episode of Chris Morris' delightfully crude series Brass Eye when reading this...

My mind is awash with images of Bernard Manning screaming "It's a fucking disgrace!"


David Bowie to appear in Doctor Who?

Daniel Kay

'tis a Crystal, nothing more...

Anyone who remembers his appearance in Labyrinth will know that he's surely too busy playing with his crystal balls to make an appearance...

Hackers blamed for Illinois agency server hack

Daniel Kay

RE: Hackers blamed for a hack?!

...and there I was thinking that Fishermen were to blame...


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