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Microsoft to Apple: 'Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small'


Rules are Rules

As an employee of a law firm, I can verify that documents submitted for filing with the courts are under strict regulations with regard to typeface size and style, in addition to margin widths, document length, and even extending to line-height and number of lines allowed per page. If Apple lawyers made inappropriate choices with regard to these elements, then Microsoft is correct to point them out to the court, and the court would be obliged to either dismiss Apple's documents outright or require resubmission of same with the accepted formatting. Every lawyer doing business before a court knows, or should know, what it's document filing requirements are.

iPad 2: Apple forced to make carrier concessions


Missed It

You said: "Apple has always been about consumer led tech. ie What works for the average Joe - not what the geeks like."

Reality says: "Apple has always been about consumer led tech. ie What bling appeals to the wealthy - not what the geeks like."

Fixed it for ya. You said it ("consumer led"), but you missed the target market completely.

Apple makes toys for rich people. Period. Of course, in an article about tablet computers, anyone who would purchase such a thing clearly has too much money, so any discussion of tablet computers and anything else made by Apple must, by definition, be applicable only to the wealthiest among us.

Let's hear no more about "average Joe" in these comments, shall we? They are at work right now trying to put food on their family's table, not figuring out how to throw away that "extra" $700 on a new gadget.



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