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Bixby users. Yes, both of you! Samsung's unloved voice assistant now works with its unloved DeX desktop mode


Re: Grr...

I used to hook my S8 up to TVs and monitors when I was away before I changed job as work would never provide a laptop (!) and I found the tablet and keyboard not to my taste (each to their own).

I bought a cheap hub from a large online retailer for £21 back in 2018 and it works just fine. If you want to use DeX mode you need to use a phone charger to power it but you can add a full-size keyboard if you really want! Haven't tried it with my Note20 but I'm sure it will work.

The brand was called "Goodex" and looked a bit cheap and tacky, but spend more time looking at the screen and not at the hub, so that doesn't matter.

I like DeX (not sure who the other person is though) but also hate Bixby.

Amazon flings open doors to Android Appstore in Europe


Bloated app size

Looked at this before it was available in the UK and the app size itself was only a few megabytes. Installed the official UK version and it suddenly becomes 25mb?! What possible reason is there for that when the official Play store is less than 10mb?

I know all the new phones and tablets have loads of space but the older ones don't! Means that I won't be using this as it can't be moved to the SD card either.

Three pushes UNLIMITED data to PAYG punters


3 coverage

Some people mentioned GiffGaff's coverage being on O2, and that being bad. Personally, where I live, I agree and disagree.

I had been with Three pretty much since launch and I promoted them to friends and family based on my good experience with them.

I get next to no 3G coverage through GiffGaff round and about where I live and work (Lincolnshire) but I get solid 2G coverage, quite often EDGE. I was with Three PAYG but left them after they dropped 2G backup leaving huge swathes of the county without any signal. This was after protracted 'customer service' from their Executives Office who promised my phones unlock code for weeks on end but never phoned back until I really started to have a go at them. They all-but admitted over the phone that they aren't bothered about you if you live outside of a major city.

I know it is horses for courses, but I'd rather have virtually total coverage rather than a phone that only works when I am at home (have a landline for that...)

GiffGaff's offers are great and I am 100% happy to have joined them from Three. After the abysmal customer service I got from Three, I wouldn't go back now if they paid me.


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