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More than half of Windows 8 users just treat it like Windows 7


Re: I prefer simply not to buy it.

Yes definitely. Also, if you really want to justifiably despise something, you must masochistically immerse yourself in its filth as I have been doing with my new laptop for a month now. There's no telling what I'll be capable of by the time Win8.1 is released.

HP: webOS will still run PCs and printers


Hewlett Printers?

Cos that's all they'll have left. Good job those ink cartridges have a healthy profit margin.

Scottish TV news pumps goatse link


Goatse for Sport

I used to keep copies of goatse, tubgirl and lemonparty on my phone to 'surprise' obnoxious celebrities with. My proudest catch was Noel Fielding. I stopped doing it because I realized it arguably qualified as assault.

Beeb rolls out global paid iPlayer app in €urope



I'm not a fan of BBC3, but I understand that some people like it. If no-one watches it, they take it off. Except for Songs of Praise, which the Queen makes them show.

Google vanishes 'DroidDream' malware from citizen phones


I love my n900

It's a shame that maemo/meego doesn't seem to have a future anymore, because you'd never get this sort of rubbish going on in that. Could you all please run out and buy one quickly while you still can?