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W3C reveals plan to finish HTML5 and HTML 5.1

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Re: What, XHTML is forgotten already?

"Which is the major WTF moment for me, but they wanted to keep the standard 'simple' for all those people migrating away from geocities obviously."

No, they wanted to stop website from returning a yellow screen of XML death just because some web author somewhere forgot to close a break tag. Whilst XHTML is great it's not at all suitable for publishing content on the web.


Re: I wonder what the DOCTYPE will be

I think the idea was to do away with version numbers. It will have the same doctype as will all future versions. The thinking being that HTML is a living spec or something which can accomodate for future changes without making older pages break. No idea if this is good, bad or irrelevant....

Microsoft announces Office 2013, Office 365 pricing


Re: An honest question

100% forward compatibility with documents you receive from your enterprise level clients in five years time?

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Re: Pricing is superb

Not weird at all.... they've seen the way Apple make a fortune through iTunes and want a bit of the same pie (actually of a different pie). And if you ask me, as a professional freelancer, paying $100 a year for access to Microsoft's entire office suite whenever and wherever I need it is a pretty good deal. Of course if you're just using it to write letters to your parents, then just stick with Open Office.

Windows 8: Life in a post .NET world – speak your brains TODAY


Re: It's the Ribbon all over again

In fact I fully agree with Tatsky above. For the casual user (most Windows users) the ribbon aids discovering functions much more than a normal menu. It's also great for learning shortcuts as pressing the ALT key clearly displays a letter over each button. So to insert a table you simply press:





in that order without having to hold down multiple keys. This is so much easier to use than various CTRL-ALT or CTRL-SHIFT shortcuts. I am far more productive with the Ribbon than without it.

Fair enough for power users it means re-learning a load of stuff. That, unfortunately, is the lot of the power user. For the casual user, the Ribbon is great.


Re: Is this about language or about control?

Fully agree with your analysis.

But the reason Microsoft is going down this route is because it has been so successful for Apple and Apple appear to be going down that route for their laptops. Obviously these gated communities are a bad thing for the consumer/end user, but Apple have shown the way.

I can clearly see a time in the next 5 years where you don't buy Office anymore. You simply pay a yearly licence to use it. Nor will there be different versions of Office (2010, 2012 etc). The software you use will simply upgrade as long as you pay the licence. For Microsoft this will be great: guaranteed yearly revenue from 100s of millions of Office users. Further with no way to stay on Office 2003 their support headaches might reduce. And far less pirated software. For some entereprise users this might also be good: all their clients will have the same software! For the end user/consumer: not so sure. Could be good if the licences are not prohibitive and you are a regular Office user. Perhaps MS will throw in a free Surface with your first year's subscription! But in the long run it again means lack of real choice.

Hate the Windows 8 touch UI? Try Kinect-like finger shaking instead


Re: I am all for greater R&D on input devices

"I want my Minority Report interface in the next 10 years."

Do that 12-15 hours a day for a few weeks and your shoulders will be solid as a rock...

UK.gov blacklists Fujitsu from future contracts - report


Re: But who *will* bid for HMG's barely spec'd super-mega projects with 4 yr supplier selection?

Perhaps they *might* like to consider breaking the work down into *smaller* packages and not using this "£10m/yr over a decade equals £100m. We can't have *any* one on the bid list with a net worth of less than £100m" b***cks.

Absolutely. I'm convinced a committed bunch of freelancers or micro-SMEs (or whatever the term is for a 5 staff company) could do a better and significantly cheaper job than most of these over paid consultancies. In a 5 man shop EVERYONE is committed 100% of the time. In big coorporations you're paying overheads for things that simply don't need to be. Too much talk going on, not enough real work.

Zynga plays BLAME GAME with Facebook as stock tanks 40%


Re: Captive Users

Yeah, but Google will be around for many years yet. Decades even. I don't see Facebook disappearing in the next 20 years.

As for "nothing is too big to fail": As we all know now, the banks are definitely too big to fail. So there are some things in that category.


Re: Captive Users

I don't agree that FB users will move on. It's too big for that now. It's like saying Google can be supplanted in search. Theoretically yes, in practice no. On top of that FB has become the defacto authorization mechanism on the web. So many sites now require a Facebook account. FB is firmly here to stay. That doesn''t mean it's valued at stupid amounts or that they can profit as much as they hope from their users.

But Facebook is big, real big. And most of it's user base don't have the privacy concerns that the more technical readership of TheRegister does. In fact Facebook has replaced Google as their starting point to the web...

Sysadmins! There's no shame in using a mouse to delete files


Re: Things move in GUI's.

regarding the friendly tree accidental drag and drop issue: Usually CTRL-Z will undo this in my experience.

Apple's new Safari snubs older Macs, drops Windows version


Re: Scraping the Windows version is odd

Apple expect you buy a Mac for your testing...

Skype: Nearly half of adults don't install software updates


If ain't broke...

If ain't broke, don't fix it.


Study: Users prefer Google+ over Facebook


Re: Sounds right

"I think it may be the signal to noise thing."

Well, yes, if only you and your best mate are in your circle on G+ then there won't be much noise. My Facebook stream on the other is full of "spam" from friends of mine who are serial posters. I've had to turn off their updates. It's also full of spam from updates to groups I follow. Facebook need to come up with a better way of dealing with this. Unless I have missed something.

Mozilla shoots down Thunderbird, hatches new release model

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Re: Overlap...

Very true.

I have about 3 Gmail accounts for myself and about 20-30 created for various projects I use. I never log onto Gmail for any of these. Guess what? I access them through Thunderbird.

Apple wins US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Re: Fandroids at it again....

You're confusing design with function. Apple may have 1001 functional patents which were truly innovative stuffed into their iPad. But how on earth they got a design patent on their iPad is beyond. Me it is simply not distinctive AT ALL. You put a Coca Cola coke bottle next to a Tesco coke bottle and they are quite different. But what Apple have come up with just rather non-distinctive.

The Truth is the USPO patents everything and asks questions later. It's good business for them!


Re: A ban based on a design patent??

Double D'oh.

My thoughts exactly. How on earth did Apple ever get a design patent on such a generic non-distinctive design. It's not like there is no prior art of tablet like gadgets that are rectangular with rounded corners.

Patents are supposed to require a creative non-obvious step. How is the iPad shape anything other than ordinary?

If I were Samsung I would start shipping my thrid quality processors to Apple. That'll shut them up.

Facebook fesses up to Face.com face finder financing

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Re: Photo-blinder?

Not so many Barrack Obama's in this world though. And will the HR department's profiling app know which Kevin Johnston is which when it tries to determine what you were up to when you were a student?

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface


Re: Apple

Yeah but them rounded corners are obviously breaking Apple's patents.


Re: HP and Dell?

Except that Samsung probably manufacture half the components in this piece of kit.

Bye, bye Apple. Now Facebook's the global app kingmaker


Re: Not this developer

Why do you care whether you pay your shiny pennies to Facebook, Apple, Google or even Microsoft (ha!) as part of app promotion? They are all just companies trying to maximise their profits. They are all equally evil, bad, good, innocent, corrupt thieving monopolies - or whatever.

(Or are you giving your apps away completely for free?)

Facebook IPO plunge sparks tidal wave of lawsuits


Re: Rules of investing

These might be the rules, they are not however the laws governing investments. Once again it seems like the large investment banks have simply ignored and broken the laws. They do this all the time. Every. Single. Day. They are so full of gangsters it is shocking. They caused the current crisis through lies and deceipt. Yet not one of them is in jail.

If you get caught walking down the street with an ounce of marijuana you go to jail. Yet top execs and investers are known to be snorting cocaine as if it were a decongestant and not one of them has had face a court about this.

The financial world is worse than any mafia on this planet. They should ALL be in jail. They are not because doing so would involve too many politicians and others in positions of power.

Better go and live in the Republic of Wadiya...

iPhone 5 in ICE CREAM SANDWICH photo riddle


How about torture?

You do realize there is anecdotal evidence of employees being mistreated (tortured?) at Foxconn for such things as loosing prototype material...

Report: Microsoft tried and FAILED to offload Bing on Facebook


Re: Given they paid $1Billion for instagram

Perhaps Instagram was loosing LESS than Bing???

Can Windows 8 bag Microsoft 20 more years at the top?


Re: Amazing they're still around!

They missed the boat because they are too tied to the desktop, and specifically backwards compatibility. If instead of trying to bend Windows into a phone/tablet OS they had developed a brand new OS they might have been better off.

The other, real, problem, is that they are just not "cool enough" for early adopters. Even if they had delivered a decent smartphone a few years it would have failed because the early adopter consumer types had already sold into the Apple empire. I mean Balmer vs Jobs? Gates was at least a techy at heart even if he lacked the charisma of Jobs. But Balmer? How did he last more than 2 years in that position? He should have been fired the moment the iPod came out and Windows had nothing to counter.

In my opinion, I think MS need to think a couple of steps ahead now. Forget about iPads and smartphones. Instead focus on what comes after that. Because in 5 years time tablets and smartphones will be commodity items that every man and his dog owns. No one will care whether yours is an iPhone, S2 or Lumina. It'll just be a gadget. Microsoft actually have lots of interesting projects on the go but they never seem to understand how to market them.


Re: benefits of filthy lucre

He has stated he intends donate 95% of his wealth to charity. Whether he will actually do so and in what way, is another matter.

Nature ISN'T fragile nor a bossy mother-in-law - top eco boffin


Re: What a stupid, stupid person.

Totally agree with this bit:

Sure, worrying about how we might damage the ecosystem might be relatively modern. But so is our capacity to do so on a massive scale.

It's the scale of things that's changed in the last 50 years.

Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs


Yeah, just what I was thinking! How many crashes in ten years time will ascribed to Twitter notifications?

Browsium rescues HMRC from IE6 – and multimillion-pound bill


Why IE8???

Given that they moved to Windows 7, why are they stuck on IE8, when IE9 has been out for over a year??? Why oh why are they paying so much taxpayers cash to upgrade to 3 year old techonology?????

Complete and utter fail.

Could tiny ebooks really upset the mighty Apple cart?

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Re: Single opinion

Yes, they protect the little book stores. Which is the whole point of the laws. There's far more little bookstores in Germany than in the UK where in most cities you only have Waterstones and Bord... oh wait, just Waterstones in fact.

Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade


I actually think Google have a long way to go before they can claim there myriad of services are truly integrated. Connected perhaps, but not integrated.

Wilst they've made big strides in this recently it's still far from perfect. I have use many different services from Google, but other than a common login many of them are completely separate. Language settings being one REALLY annoying "feature" that Google as simply yet to solve.

Resellers: Microsoft price hike was 'demanded by Euro country bosses'


Probably because the Pound seems to be devaluing all the time. You can't devalue by 25% and not expect imports to go up by roughly the same amount.

Is it really the resellers that are complaining? Probably. But MS are also loosing 25% of their revenue compared to 5 years ago when you look at the $/£ exchange rate. Of course MS would rather blame the resellers than themselves.

Revealed: Apple's plea for fairness in mobile patent war


Can you patent a regular shape?

Can someone please confirm to me that Apple is indeed suing Samsung because of the rectangular shape of the Galaxy Tab?

This is all I have heard about this case and it seems absurd. Since when can you patent a regular shape?

Microsoft ad campaign savages Google over privacy


It's not about adblock

All those going on about AdBlock. That's NOT the point. The point is the information they collect about you and who has access to that information.

Given an 18 month search history it is quite possible to determine EXACTLY who that person is, including where they live, their name, phone number and so on. This happened a few years back when AOL "accidentally" published their "anonymous" search data. Some old biddy in god knows where was rather taken aback when a reporter contacted her saying she'd searched for "viagra side effects" on the 16th March 2008 or whenever. The reporter determined all this purely from the search history, not IP addresses (which had been anonoymised) or anything else.

Galaxy drives up profits for Samsung



He did say brilliant and not bright. Similar, but not the same.

Apple takes smartphone lead


It's about platforms not companies

On the other hand, that's also because Apple won't let anyone else sell an iOS based phone. Why? Because they would eat into Apple's market share rather than Android's. So whilst it is true that it is one company against many companies, the issue is really about platforms and therefore about Apple vs Google.

Google are doing to Apple in the smartphone business what Microsoft did to IBM in the desktop business. The difference in this battle is not Google/Microsoft. But Apple/IBM. Apple has a large enough consumer fan base to be able to stay the course. I firmly believe Apple will loose quite a chunk of their market share in the coming years, whilst still growing and increasing profits. The market is still in its infancy.

Apple CEO: 'Amazon Fire didn't dent our sales'


"really, really south Florida"?

I thought that was Cuba?

(Not many iPads there I imagine)

Microsoft copies Google with silent browser updates


@Zippy the Pinhead

No it doesn't - not by default, although it has got this capability. Opera Mini on the otherhand does, but that's the whole point of Opera Mini!

Microsoft beaten down 16pc on software sales to NHS

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And there's so much more to it than just the end user

Well said Sir!

There's so much more to running an IT infrastructure than simply the cost of the software. In fact I would guess the NHS has done the Math (well being the NHS this may not be true) and decided that as an overall part of it's IT budget paying for Software or getting it free - doesn't make much difference.

It's not just retraining the end user in using Libre Office. What do you do with all the trained up MS network admins who then have to retrain to use Linux. It costs thousands (millions even) for the NHS just to keep these guys trained up in MS tech. They need their costly certificates as you can't let an uncertified admin anywhere near a network with patient information on it.

Then there are the 3rd party suppliers. It's not for no reason that the NHS is still stuck on IE6. All those extra Active-X plugins JUST WORK. Move to any other browser (even IE9) and they need to be retested.

Then there is the web infrastructure which in the NHS almost exclusively uses .Net and Sharepoint and so on.

The list goes on and on.

And don't for a second think that an organisation the size of the NHS, with the purchasing price is paying anywhere near the published price of the software. I would expect discounts of over 50%.

In fact the only crime the NHS is performing is that they are paying for MS software at all. MS make so much money out of 3rd party suppliers to the NHS that the NHS should be getting their software for free!

New account of Flight 447 disaster published


nice Fairytale...

but not the truth. It was basically the avionic on this Airbus that landed the plane safely. Which is not to discredit the pilot for acting appropriately, but this landing was as good an advert for fly by wire as there will ever be. It's just that people need a real hero, like a pilot, not some boring, faceless, aerospace engineering team.

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'


Why are Androids "safe"?

See title.

Can anyone explain to me why an Android based phone would be safer than the ones mentioned in terms of this sort of spying?

Mozilla promises more speed with Firefox 9 beta

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Totally agree re: address par suggestions

I've often landed on completely the wrong site because of the way it prioritises often seemingly irrelevant URLs.

Immigrants face £49k wage minimum to stay


Utter rubbish

So a CEO on $100m a year is like 3000 times more useful than the workers who work in his company? You really believe that there is anybody on this planet who is even 10 times more useful than someone else?

Pay has nothing anymore to do with usefulness, responsibility or ability, especially not at the CEO level. It is purely do to with how much you can screw out of your employer.

Microsoft cuts Azure storage pricing



"Without the bandwidth charges there is no way to compare the costs - they could just as well be free and charge the earth to read and write"

Yes and no. Depends what your business model is. If you running an online backup service for example, then bandwidth costs won't come into it much (how often do users download their backups).

Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil

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No, it's a mobile device


"Its a telephone, if you dont like it, dont buy it."

No it isn't, I can't install Angry Birds on my landline phone.

About the last thing anyone does on a smartphone is make a phonecall in the traditional sense. Not saying they don't make calls, but updating your Facebook page, reading your Twitter stream and uploading photos is not making a call.

Apple wins for now: no Galaxy 10.1 in Oz


Copyright or Patents

What I fail to understand in this whole saga is that Apple are essentially suing Samsung because their tablet LOOKS too much like the iPhone. How can you patent the look of something? Shouldn't the case be about copyright?

I would really appreciate someone explaining the patents that are being applied here and what they cover. God save us all it is boils down to Samsung's tablet essentially being black with rounded corners or what have you.

Facebook suggests sharing everything all the time


Reinventing the blog???

Isn't the timline, like, just a blog of your life events. No need to do that on facebook. Use Wordpress or whatever for the same effect. Sure, it might not look so professional (unless you're a graphic designer), but it's definitely more you than a facebook timline.

Googlenet runs on '900,000 servers'



re erm: "Plus Google needs people to be alive for their model to work."

The Matrix then, perhaps?

Microsoft kills Windows Vista SP1 support


It wasn't when it was first release

XP only became good after SP2. What you are really saying is: " I like the way my XP works and don't want to change that so I won't upgrade". This is fine, but you can't say that W7 should function the same as XP. It's 10 years younger, things move on. I've upgraded all my systems to W7 and it rocks. It is also fast and lean as you put it. It runs just fine on my 5 year old cheapo Dell laptop which still has the sticker "designed for XP, Vista capable" on it.

Servers: My place or yours?


re: trust others with your data

Actually: do you trust yourself to do this?

Are you a security expert? A network specialist? If not, do you hire someone? And do you trust them MORE than an outfit how specialises in just this.

Of course it's all about trust. But if I'm going to trust someone with MyData I might prefer it to be an experienced hosting company than the little shop down the street, let alone myself.