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Uncontacted rainforest tribe caught from the air

Richard Rayner

someone forgot to colorize the third person in that pic.

and since a comment is required to accompany my title, here it is!

Vista volume activation cracked

Richard Rayner

um, isnt this like. very old news?

seriously, this has been going on since June 07, probably long before then.

Manhunt 2 banned

Richard Rayner

not really a big deal is it.

i'm all for choosing what i want to play, but my understanding of banning the game was that you just cant sell it here.

so surely that doesnt make the game an 'illegal substance', it just means you have to go out of your way to get a copy. the cops arent gonna bust into my house if they see me playing it through the living room window surely?

if this stops the above mentioned scene where a mother only realises a game in not suitable seconds before she buys it, then i'm all for it being banned for sale in shops. Thats the sort of suitation that explains the problem all too well. (message to mothers, and fathers i guess, you should be more ashamed of people being mashed with a chainsaw, than bonked wherever with a dildo)

if i wanted to play it, i'd find a way to get it, if my child wanted it, it'd be much more difficult for him to obtain it, but it stops casual buying.

therefore if my understanding of this is right, then i'm happy its been 'banned', its the right desicision. aside from the torrent people which cant be controlled, the only people playing this game legitimately now will be people who are probably old enough to get a hold of a copy anyway.

funny tho, the law only 'protects' or serves those who obide by it....but that's for another comment.


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