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Kingston's aviation empire: From industry firsts to Airfix heroes


Re: Spitfire

Which means you must have gone to exactly the same school as myself!

I posted on my chosen social networking site almost exactly the same thing, with the added 'Epic Fail, Tim McCann, Epic Fail'. History would have been much more interesting for this budding engineer, if it had been mentioned, and I could see the factory whilst eating my chips, at lunch time!

Panasonic PT-AT5000E LCD projector


Re: > £3000???

£3000 is a high price, but one that I considered worthwhile. I have the earlier AT4000E which cost £2,500 retail a year or two back.

This gives me a device that creates a screen that is just shy of 3m diagonal in full HD, at a lower noise than any of its competitors when it was released. I can watch pretty much any movie I choose in the comfort of my own home, with cheap beer and snacks, on any format or source (DVD, Blu-ray or streaming from my media PC) in 7.2 sound (with my Onkyo AV amp). Allowing pausing of the show when the lady needs a comfort break, no concern or cost of baby-sitters and not least of all none of that crud that comes with sharing space with sweet wrapper scrunching, chattering hoi-polloi with big hats.

Last time we chose to visit a cinema, we shelled out over £50 for two, with snacks, fuel, parking... The picture and sound was worse, the chairs less comfortable, queues there, along with noisy f***ers.

I would recommend looking into it. How much would a 110" LCD or plasma cost?

That said, I would bother with 3D, it's sh**

NEC goes out on a limb with arm-tap gadget control



You have never heard of, use, or own a headset, wired, or otherwise...

Or do you use a dick to phone?

Hollywood eyes Blade Runner replicants


Kill it dead, with its own arm...

Then the rain will come, to hide my non-existent tears


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